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Thread: NBA 2K18 Wishlist

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    [B]It would be really cool to see live scores and live video highlights from ESPN / TNT / NBA TV. I'm not sure but I thought I saw live scores when I first started to play NBA 2K17 but not sure if this is still working or not.

    I would also like to see a Next Generation Animation System that will constantly allow animation updates that will create a different gaming experience every game played so that every game will be different than the other. It will be cool to see different animations used in every game.
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    How to eliminate Online Quitters: 2k Disables all Online features for anyone who quits any online feature 3 times in one day for 24 hours.

    It makes no sense how people play these modes and quit over 1 or 2 little mistakes at the beginning of games. Which happens almost every time especially in All Star Team Up.

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    2017/18 wishlist

    This is my wishlist of things that I would like to see in this or in the next NBA2k

    My Career

    Add blocking celebrations like Mutombos finger, lebron's head movement from game one or two against the Pacers, etc
    Add the possibility to use goggles in the NBA games

    Change the arqueotypes or go back to the way the player was improved before, I get why you made them but the attributes are way to limited. For this, I would like that there would be like a type of points or marks max that you can use to upgrade your player like the ones that are now but, instead of being a max amount that it can be improved like for example that an arqueotype can only improve playmaking to level nine tops, that as the attributes are improved further and further, that it costs more points and of course also VC and, that it also depend in the arqueotype. For example a sharpshooter needs 3 points and 3000 VC to upgrade 3 point shot to level 10 and it costs 5 points and 3500VC to upgrade defense to that same level. With this, the arqueotypes would still matter as it would be easier to upgrade the attributes more related to that arqueotype but gives more freedom for us to create our player and maybe it prevents the creation of OP players. I hope that I made my self clear, I think it is a good idea.

    Take out the double team in NBA games after you play really good after some tome of the game, I know it is for stopping people to make big amount of points every game but, the game turns into making passes to the open man in most cases and that is it. also, it makes no sense that if I am already guarded by Kawhi that another person comes and makes a double team

    My Team
    More offline modes, sometimes I have low internet conection and still I want to play myteam games but I already pass domination and challenges so I have nothing to do

    reduce pack prices or increase a little the ods of having good pulls

    Take out the thing that does not allow to trade right away a player that has just been traded, I know it prevents to make big amount of trades but it is too much time to wait between trades
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    Really don't understand why 2k consistently makes the All star weekend stuff exclusive to season modes only. An Online 3 point shootout and Dunk contest would be popular as hell if they'd make it happen.

    Just letting people go to the mode. Select who they want to use and then compete against each other. There's no reason why they can't do this.

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    What i like to see in future mycareer

    I have played mycareer since it was introduced into the 2k series and their were features that were implemented through out its life that could of been expanded on and brung back would greatly improve mycareer going foward. For me the big issue with mycareer since it hit next gen has been the lack of longevity after the work of the story ran its course. So the additions i would like to see comeback also had cutscenes attached to them as well so that will also keep the mode alive after the story is done which is what alot of people

    Revamped reintroductions:

    Mentors- i believe 2k15 this was added. Would love to see this comeback but this time around maybe with the connections system you implented that can activate or give us the option to pick them as a mentor if that connection is a teammate and depending on how we play on court together we get a timed boost in play. Also after our first yr we can become eligible to become mentors for rookies or younger talent on roster which can improve their play increase their minutes or over stats over time

    Social media- the ability we were given also in 2k15 was responding to endorsement opportunities and write to other nba players as you unlocked them. The feature within that i would like to see be brung back is the ability to form big 3's. It was a option but wasnt effective and didnt do anything. Bringing the ability to form big 3s through social media from other nba players throwing the idea through tweets or being persuaded from nba connections you have acquired.

    Agents- a nice addition would be to give us 3 preset agents to choose form each have strengths and weaknesses and what the goal they look to accomplish for what best suits the player. Example would be the overview of what you guys have for each team owner in my gm but cater them to agents. And also since we have to deal with vc we can level them up with vc or pay to replace agent with another.

    Performance/objectives- this is a older 2k addition but the ability to see how we do against are position match up during the game. We were given a bar and it gave us the indication who was winning the match up and seen a boost in play as the meter filled but depleted when momentum changed. Within that we were given objectives based on our position per game to complete but since we now have vc we can those completed objectives into extra vc instead of affecting team grade.

    Attributes- really didnt like the archetypes in 2k17 but i do understand why it was implemented. I believe having archetypes and the current or revisited caps for each but with 2k14 individual attributes broken down so we can choose where we would like to put are vc to our players but still being in line with the caps set for archetypes attributes would be a balance gamers would be welcomed.

    Story/cutscene- i believe 2k14 was a decent blueprint to how mycareer should be in terms of flow of content. Setting up the theme sells the story or direction so less drawn out story more precise cutscenes would be very beneficial imo. Many people arent as as compelled to the story as much as they are the cutscenes dealing with things on the court or potential awards. I feel the missing link is the decisions you make off court doesnt affect on court in vice versa and cutscenes illustrating that would take things up a notch and could be strecthed throughout seasons instead of a drawn out story that last barely the first season.

    Rivalry- 2k14 jackson ellis rivalry and games put me in a competitive space each time we met. Seeing a rivalry system implemented would give meaning to games and individual player matchups. I think the easiest way to get it running is through the same conference seeing that u play your same conference opponents the most. A rivalry or rivalries can be brewed by out playing opponents or provoked by media through social media stemming from your play on the court and potential to be the best in your position or entire league.

    Sorry for long thread i have more ideas and i dont do threads but i thought i try and share some ideas for a game i grew up with.
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    I'll just list items in no specific order.

    Passing needs to be improved, even when i use "directional passing" i experience passes going the opposite direction of where i'm pushing the analog stick. If games like fifa have been able to avoid issues like this since the nineties, you should be able to make one that works too in 2017.

    Difficulty settings other than just in match. When playing MyGM it becomes painfully easy to build an extremely overpowered team with minimal effort. For instance i managed to have a starting lineup as the lakers with Bledsoe, Russell, PG13, K. Farried and D. Howard in my second season, while having the first and third draft pick and my worst bench player having 77 overall. I lost interest in the game mode after this, but tried simulating up to the third season, where i now had a roster where 9/10 of my players were 80+ rated. There's also not a single team that you can't make the playoffs with in the first season, simply by releasing 1-3 players and signing a few free agents on minimum fee contracts and then simulating the rest of the season. So in less than 5 minutes literally i'm able to create a title contender with any team in the game, that's just not fun.
    I'd use MyLeague instead, but i don't like constantly being offered to cheat or edit my way to victories, and then there's the whole part about MyLeague being so bugged you could almost call it "Early access".

    Player Potential for generated players. This needs to be toned down ALOT. Right now the potentials are so high that several rookies become all stars in the first season, and by the third season there's barely any reason to use the actual players, since the 19 year old rookies are just so much better. I play this game to play with the nba players, not these generic players that look nothing like real people.

    All star weekend modes available outside the leagues. Do i really need to explain this one? The person who made the decision to hide it away like this must've been high as a kite or drunk as a skunk, cause it makes zero sense.

    Remove Archetypes or separate them from the singleplayer aspect. As a guy who like MyCareer but would never dream of playing it online, it seems bloody silly to have these archetypes limit my game. I wanted to build a Jordan, a Bird, an Iverson and so on, but instead i'm barely able to create someone that deserves an nba starting spot. Something as simple as a "yes or no" option on if you're making an online player when making your career could fix this.
    I can honestly say that if Archetypes aren't removed or completely revamped so the game doesn't try to limit my fun, i won't be buying this game next year.

    Giannis Antetokounmpo. I don't know who or what the thing in the game you call Giannis Antetokounmpo is supposed to look like, but it's definitely not the Alphabet/The Greek freek that's playing for my Bucks. Considering he's most likely gonna be a potential mvp candidate next year, could you PLEASE put some effort into making him look just a bit like he does in real life? If not, just give us the model you used in 2k16, that was still ten times better than the monstrosity you currently have him using as a body ingame.

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    Can you please add a fatigue setting on "blacktop" mode from main menu. Is pointless to play blacktop with friends and you cant turn fatigue off. Games last long and since there are no substitutes the players get super tired towards the end because we also put score to be 31 or even 40. Thanks. Im sure an update can add the "fatigue" setting in blacktop. It was available in 2k16 i dont know why it was removed

    Can you please add a fatigue setting on "blacktop" mode from main menu. Is pointless to play blacktop with friends and you cant turn fatigue off. Games last long and since there are no substitutes the players get super tired towards the end because we also put score to be 31 or even 40. Thanks. Im sure an update can add the "fatigue" setting in blacktop. It was available in 2k16
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    I would like to see major improvements made to the MyGM mode.

    1. The attributes and tendencies for the draft prospects are atrocious. Every season I have to spend hours adjusting the numbers because they make no sense. Why would a top rated prospect have a shot tendency of 40 or 50 or 60??? Why would contested and off dribble shots rate better than open shots??? Whoever is in charge of automating this process has failed tremendously. I see things like guards defending the post better than the perimeter. These things make absolutely no sense.

    2. Injuries are way too common and frequent and some don't even make sense. Broken thigh? How do you break your thigh in basketball? And why are so many players out for weeks at a time during the course of a season? I understand injuries occur but nowhere near this frequent. Also, towards the end of the season you rarely see injuries in real life but on this game some star always misses the playoffs because of a late injury. It makes the competition much worse.

    3. Every team ends up over the cap with no money to spend in free agency. Quality players are left unsigned during free agency because every team is over the cap. Why are players who are rated anywhere from a 77-82 making over $20 million per season. It's insane.

    4. The dunk contest. Horrible. Sometimes the math for the dunks doesn't add up correctly. How does that happen? Also, ties don't mean anything. Whoever is listed first at the end of the competition wins. It's mind boggling.

    5. Gameplay is very good and I'm mostly satisfied with it, but I have one huge concern. At times certain players do not perform as well as their ratings suggest they should. The perfect example is Lebron James, but he's only one of many. When I play against Lebron he is passive and will never shoot the ball many times. The best player in the league right now is a small forward who is rated 97, shot tendency is 99, touch tendency is 99, and averages 25 points a game. When I play against his team he may shoot 5-7 times. This cuts down on the competitiveness and fun. I want to win games but blowing teams out every game is boring.

    I understand the game mode most users play is MyCareer and MyPark, but don't forget about those who like to control the franchise year in and year out. Please make some logical changes to MyGM increase the fun and competition.

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    You guys say you want to bring out the most authentic basketball game every year and yet the 1 thing that pisses me off for the last 2 year is this speedboosting b.s. I've played every 2k that ever released and i can say this is by far the fakest one I ever played. Yes theres other things that need to be fixed but im mostly a park player and i have to deal with this crap every day. It literally takes no skill to play nba 2k17. I dont get why you guys take it out last year and then bring it back this year. All it is on mypark is players speedboosting no matter what. You have playmakers speedboosting against centers because they dont have the right skills to get a bucket. No one in the nba dribbles like this so why is it in game. 95% of the people in the 2k community plays the exact same way like nobody is different. This game is so frustrating i broke my phone because of it. You guys really need to get rid of this year and dont bring it back next year because i cant take another year of this. I want a real basketball game. If i wanted something unrealistic i would play nba live. This is the only thing i ask for to remove speedboosting thank you

    The animation when you drive it automatically puts you in the post animation needs to be gone. When you driving to the basket and make contact with the defender and the ball just drops out of your hands needs to be gone as well

    Once again speedboosting is fake and its not realistic at all. You guys gave us the ability to make our own dribble combos yet people speedboost all game long.
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    If mc is supposed to be a simulation of the nba then we should be able to add/subtract weight and add height as nba players do all the time. If a 6'3 gaurd enters the league at age 18 he hasn't stopped growing and if a player has been in the league for a few years and wants to drop in weight so he can be faster (lebron james). We should be able to do the same think to our my player

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    NBA 2k18 wish list
    1) On ties ups, be able to wrestle it away. Button smash to grab control of the ball. It always ends up in a jump ball. Fight for rebounds. Saving the ball/diving for it needs to improve.
    2) improve collisions/physical play. Better physics. Physics should rise a little more and cut back on animation when it's not needed. Or make better situational animations. Pulling jersey or block dunks at the rim. Less clipping of ball through players. Better player models body wise
    3) improve the percentages of easy chip shots going in. As well as off the dribble shots after space has been created. No shot should be completely impossible but crazy shots should be rare
    4 Small/Small pick and roll. Multiple off ball screens.
    5) add altercations/ more emotions. But cut back on post make celebrating. Maybe add a celebration button we can control. Add referee interaction. Stare downs. Trash talk. Ejections.
    6)variations on jump shot foul
    7) more dribbling packages. Elite players should be able to find creases and split the D. Better layup aerial movies as well that we can control
    8) add elite home crowds. Maybe Jurassic park/ believe land can be included more live shots of the city. Along with celebrity fans. Continue making the crowds feel more life life. Crowd has got better. But still doesn't quite capture reality. Add specific PA announcer and sayings from crowds and celebrities in stands!
    9) add Lebrons patent fadeaway jumper. Or scoop layup. Running hook. You guys go all out on making Steph realistic. What about Kyrie's ball handling and finishing? It's unparalleled. Players need to play and feel more like themselves. Iso moves need improved.
    10) better directional passing!
    11) add trade exceptions along with 4 team trades!
    12) add the D league. Or WNBA and All star weekend mode! Maybe add horse and similar games to blacktop
    13) More post up moves.
    14) elite defenders should be able to pest dribblers in more ways.
    15) Keep improving IQ of players. make CPU players have the IQ to also go away from the pick. I feel like cpu IQ is still not truly realistic especially on offense
    16) Body type for our players. New haircuts!! Allow us to wear a mask and equip headbands to Legit roster!
    17) Multiple blacktop courts. Theatre mode where we can watch games highlights of the history of the NBA! Maybe have stat comparisons from each era a place where a basketball junkie can get unlimited knowledge as just a cool tidpit for the game
    18) Posterizers on ally oops. Dynamic duo badge. Add more badges period
    19) more realistic spacing. Players run well behind the three-point line sometimes.
    21) Add the 2012 Pacers, 2012 Thunder, 2016 Cavs, 10 Lakers, Brandon Roy Blazers, Reggie Pacers, Chuck Suns, 07 Spurs, add more historical teams and players
    22) When a player gets traded or signed on a different team their picture needs to be real and not their gamer picture. It’s annoying
    23) Trades need to get more realistic. Add more options as GM/owner
    24) Make My career solely about basketball and not the family drama. Add buying a crib or driving, flying to games. Takeout Assistant coach from mycareer from exhibition games and everything. I want the real coaches if he stays leave him in his mode only. In mycareer be able to play In mycourt during load times. Make a female customizable player. More options for your myplayer appearance
    25) Add historical game replays that we can play through. Maybe buy NBA Jam/Playgrounds and incorporate that as a DLC or another game mode for 2k
    26) Add Chuck to commentary. Add more commentary and more variations of halftime or pregame shows
    27) Add the Olympics
    28) Add more in game coaching change abilities, plays, schemes, etc 2017 was excellent here
    29) Improve in game gameplay. Keep making it feel more realistic. Going out of bounds is too easy sometimes.
    30) The game seems to be near perfect already from a hardcore basketball fan. Just keep pouring your hearts into it, and make it better and as realistic as possible! I think 2015 and 2016 2K did somethings better. 2k17 did improve on some things but I feel like 2k18 needs to blow us away again

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    Refine the fatigue system

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    This is the worst wishlist, there are actually real game issues that need to be changed as I stated in my wishlist thread "change gameplay online"

    I've already stated my issues with the terrible online options for in the NBA 2k17 wishlist, Titled " Change play now online for 2k17 and 2k18.

    Here's the other real issues with 2k. The game is too animated, they focus too much on the gameplay of my court then the actual real game. The actual real games cater to my court when it should never be that way, example, all of the fancy dribbling with the analog, the way the players move, the jumping in the air movements that are unbelievable, and many more, all of these shouldn't be in the actual real game.

    let's be clear, I'm not saying real game shouldn't have analog dribble, what I'm simply saying is most of the gameplay for the real game is exactly like my court, which is bad.

    Last but not least, get rid of the shot meter, as real 2k players we should be shooting off of actual skill knowing when to release the shot our selves, not by help.
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    Please make playing with bigs less frustrating. Makes no sense that every time i get the ball in good post position that anyone can come by and strip the ball at their leisure.

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    Customization: MyCareer and MyPark

    2k is probably a million dollar corporation, but essentially with the caliber of MyCareer and MyPark, there isn't much of a difference between the characters. I think there should be more hairstyles and the ones that are present could be fine tuned. I suggest looking at urban haircuts on YouTube or Googe. Also being able to make the body how we want, similar to WWE or GTA/Saints Row. Please take this into consideration.

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    For MyCareer:

    1. Put an easier level of difficulty in MyCareer for people like me who just want to enjoy a basketball game.
    2. Be more realistic and fair. When bench players are your opponent AI, they play like a superstar and make all shots. But when a superstar is in your team, they play worst than a bench player.
    3. Missing a shot is natural. But you made it unnatural by missing wide open jumpshots 90% of the time. Not to mention the layups. This doesn't happen in NBA 90% of the time.

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