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Thread: [8th Gen] NBA 2K18 Wishlist

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    How to Make 2K18 A Better game

    1. My career should not be online period. Stop with that cloud saving crap no one like's it.
    2. My career should be balanced. Why when I up the difficulty do my cpu get stupider.
    3. My career should scale. What I mean by this is when you play regular gams it should always be on normal but when you play like rival games or TV games or the playoffs it should be either hard or superstar. Hall of fame in the finals.
    4. My career NO VC. This was a dumb Idea to begin with so kill it like it was cancer because it is.
    5. Go back to money and skill points. I want to earn a 20 million plus dollar contract like in the old games and spend it on shoes and clothes and dunks.
    6. My career have a badge XP meter. Example-If you want long range shooter you have to hit 30 threes to get bronze, and when you hit one it pops up in the right hand corner 1 of 30 left to bronze Long range shooter see simple.
    7. My career Hall of Fame goals are now called G.O.A.T(Greatest Of All Time). Yeah time for some new accomplishments please and these actually matter. Example- Scored 30+ points in 50 consecutive games.
    8. My career Longevity in the story or dont have one at all. Lets face it in about 2 seasons the story is over so either stretch it out or dont have one at all.
    9. My career can the myplayers get some love. I hate it that when I break a record my guy doen't even get recognized for it come on 2k.
    10. My career Gear and accessories should not be online. Thats stupid why do we have to buy headbands and arm sleeves thats just stupid.

    Thats all I got for now but trust me I'll be back. Oh and if anyone wants to add to it be my guest.

    I'm baccccck now let's talk about gameplay.

    1. CPU godlike speed. I was literally under the basket when out of knowhere the CPU comes flying in like the freakin flash that has got to stop on day 1. If a CPU chases me down in the next NBA 2k I will be getting my money back with the quickness.
    2. Pg blocking shots. Yeah Isaiah thomas block me a 6,6 SG that better not happen next game......EVER.
    3. Terrible passing still in the game from 2008. Yeah you guys still haven't change the passing system from oh say 2008. Why do i pass the ball to a guy thats standing in one spot then all of a sudden he's diving right in front of the CPU who then steals it. broken fix it use all that VC money your sucking out of people.
    4. No more 2k tv No one watches that garbage ave your money for I dont know better server.
    5. CPU perfect shooters. yeah this one is beyond broken im guessing because of the shot meter the CPU can always time it perfectly but good god even no name bench riders are splashing its not even funny anymore.
    6. Shot clock cheese still exsists WHY???????????
    7. Better rookie ratings. Why is this one so hard rookies should not even be close to superstar ratings. rookies should be 60 min 70 max no more no less.
    8. Better ball physics. I've seen more ugly CPU shots go bouncing in then I care to name so just fix it.
    9. Better dribble mechanics. They are so stiff its mind numbing fix it.
    10. CPU sticking defenses. This one is when the CPU is Guarding you and they literally suck you in how can someone game testing this not have told you heck how come you guys havent figured it out FIX IT.
    11. CPU Steal rate. YEah FIX ITTTTTTT.

    Im done But ill be back going to eat spaghetti
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    I read your other threads about what a joke mycareer is in offline mode and I couldn't agree more. they made the offline version not even close to being playable. However I don't agree with your premise that mycareer mode should only be offline. my favorite part about this game is being able to play mycareer mode (against computers) and have the progress in that make my guy better for online play. I like it because it gives everyone a chance to make their guy good rather than with other games like FIFA where your online character can only be made better by playing with him online which means if you aren't good at the game you have 0 chance of progressing your guy and getting him good. Being able to play career mode against the computers to grind out stat upgrades or badges makes it so anyone (who plays enough) will have the opportunity to make their guy good simply by adjusting the gameplay difficulty to what suits that particular player. That's why I like the game, specifically for this aspect of actually enjoying playing the game against the computers which I cant say for a lot of other games.
    However back to your point about the game being useless when you are not connected to the internet, it makes no sense to me. the offline Version should be exactly the same as the online version, so if people who originally don't find themselves interested in taking their player to the online realm have an opportunity to do so if they grow into liking the game as the year goes on. there should be no reason that the offline career mode shouldn't still get u VC (whether u use it or not) or let you upgrade your badges and all of the other things you've mentioned that get cut out in the offline version. I think 2k should rethink this in future editions of the game so that if someone from the get go commits to only wanting to play single player, a few months down the line after they spent hours getting their guy good they can use their guy online and not have to restart if they suddenly find themselves interested in playing online .

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    Thank you MostWantedi3 I appreciate your comment's. Glad I'm not alone in this because it is without a doubt just bad business. The most popular feature of NBA 2K is My career and they screw it up. Now Me and you disagree about online but that's a debate for another time. All I want is the same experiance offline as the people online without having to download something every time I boot up a game. I wish I could get someone from 2K to actually read this but hey that's me being more optimistic than I should be.

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    1. The obnoxious turnovers needs to be dealt with alongside all the double teams
    2. We need to have the offensive off-ball movement from 2k15 back in the game since the right thumbstick isn't used for anything when you don't have the ball
    3. No more Jay z songs
    4. No more moments where the CPU become ghosts on offense and go right through me and my teammates
    5. Get rid of that annoying unnecessary step-back my teammates do when they're wide open and then they miss
    6. Get rid of the "hold ball too long"
    7. Get rid of my teammates spending 20 seconds just standing there with the ball, me constantly calling for it and them not passing it only to have it passed to me in a bad spot with 0.6 seconds to shoot
    8. Stop giving lines to the ASSISTANT coach, his voice is very irritating
    9. Fix the shot meter: I'm sick of filling up the meter for a shot/layup only to have it not be green and/or not go in, it completely negates the purpose of having a shot meter
    10. Don't patch jumpshots especially ones that belong to high quality shooters in real life such as Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, it makes no sense that great shooters have terrible or inconsistent shots
    11. Fix the load times: I should not be able to start up the game, make breakfast for a 6 person household and come back only to see it's still loading. That is purely unacceptable
    12. Make the myteam boxes and packs a bit cheaper, those prices are absolutely ridiculous
    13. Make the myteam odds a little better or have less trash cards after players reach a certain level
    14. Make the upgrades to our myplayers actually matter
    15. Fix the court spacing it feels too cluttered and small
    16. If you bring back dynamic duos let us make our own partner like our brothers or something
    17. Do something about the game speed. Start it at 65 because any slower and the players move like molasses
    18. Never make another Denver again. Ever.
    19. Don't have players consistently missing in their hotspots when they're wide open

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    I would mainly just like to see more colleges and games like conference tournament games, rivals, entire ncaa tourney, etc.

    As others have said, make upgrading your mycareer player less of a grind in repetitive practices and more versatile.

    Make all of your potg, potw, potm awards visible on your walls.

    Better hairstyles as others have said.

    I actually like 2k17's story better than 2k16. It was a huge improvement.

    Make it possible to choose whether you get drafted or have to scrap your way through the d-league or a euro league.

    Have career lists like points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, 3pm, etc. up to like top 100.

    Custom arena music.

    More realistic tattoos and just more tattoos.

    Better and more realistic facial hair.

    Improved face scanning. It was a cool addition and could be even better.

    Incorporate the Olympics into mycareer like in FIFA, time appropriate, of course. Maybe randomize the locations.

    That's all I can think of right now. And yes this is only related to mycareer, but that's all I really play.

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    1. Another feature that should be in 2k18 is scores from around the league/country while playing a season/mygm/mycareer game. Say if I am the Lakers, and I want to know an update of the GSW/Orlando game; I should be able to SEE that on the 2Ksports scrolling marquee at the bottom of the screen. This is something that has NOT been in any of your games that is certainly something that NEEDS to be in the game. This also means that you would have to give each game its correct STARTING TIME instead of just having the DAY of the game.

    2. Allow the Mascots to have fun IN the seats of the arena. Mascots do more than sit around the perimeter of the court; they run into the stands, mess with fans, and are part of the whole basketball experience. Please give them more duties.

    3. Pre-Catch Post Defense: Here is something that is really in need of getting upgraded. We need to have the OPTION (in defensive matchups) to set how we would want to play a player in the post. Someone like Dwight Howard I would want to FRONT them BEFORE they catch the ball so they won’t catch the ball close to the basket for an easy score. The options should be
    Front (defender has back to offensive player BEFORE the catch; remember though AFTER the catch is made the opp)
    Play Behind (defender has chest to BACK of offensive player BEFORE the catch)
    ¾ Force to Baseline (defender is denying the post player the ball; “baiting” the offensive player to make a move to baseline IF and WHEN he does catch the ball)
    ¾ Force to Middle (defender is denying the post player the ball; “baiting” the offensive player to make a move to the middle IF and WHEN he does catch

    4. Shadow players and knowing who not to guard
    Tony Allen: the opposing SG will simply refuse to guard Allen on the defensive end. He cannot shoot, finish or get open off the ball for a drive that would likely end in a missed FG attempt, no matter from where on the court. The opposing player doesn't double-team Zach Randolph, but shadows him, as in completely ignoring Allen and moving to whichever side of the court Randolph is on, whether or not it's the same side as Allen. This is likely a more difficult concept to pull off in a video game, but would still be nice and make games more difficult

    5. All the players in the game seem to run off screens at the same speed, some players in real life run off screens with a sense of urgency while others don't. So there needs to be an off-ball speed rating for how fast players run off screens. There's a difference between how steph curry runs off screens compared to how jj reddick runs off screens

    6. I think flagrant fouls need to be much more responsive, it's impossible to intentionally foul on the fast break when you're trailing in NBA 2K17 which is a very normal situation in real life and leads to a lot of flagrant fouls or clear path fouls

    7. After saving replay give me the ability to enable commentary which occurred in that specific play when I watch that replay. Some people want to create mixes with commentary enabled so give them that option

    1. When going for rebounds players should yell like they are fighting hard to get the rebound (The Little Things)

    2. Saving ball from going out of bounds, they had it in 2k2 i believe, I remember always saving balls with antoine walker. Press a to pass to a teammate, press b to try throwing it off the other team, back to call a timeout.

    3. During loading screen pre-game turn it into a shootaround session where we can choose one of our starters and shoot 3 shots and if we hit the most of them we can start off the game with a slight ratings boost to that players shooting rating. All this will take place while the game is loading just like the competition did it in 2009/2010

    4. Tuner Share where people can share their personalized sliders online. It would be cool to download SimWorlds slider set without having to manually do it

    5. Fade out in game scene shots on guaranteed game winning shots just like the replays but this is live in game. The camera angle will pan out as soon as you hit the game winning shot with a perfect green release, giving you that wide-angle floor shot once you hit the perfect green release, maybe add a little slow motion effect to this idea aswell. Have the camera zoom in a little on that wide-angle floor shot to get the smooth release point and the ball leaving the players hand too. Another idea is zoom in game scene shots when a play results from a guaranteed layup/dunk from a fastbreak. The camera will zoom in on the moment, I don't suggest adding slow motion effect to this because it could be a little cheesy

    6. The game should have an intentional miss from the FT line. An intentional miss in real life is trying to miss a certain way in order to grab the rebound in a close-game situation. I think it would be really useful if done right and in a way not easily abused

    7. To make the presentation even more better while the game you're playing is at halftime show a live look of the other games that the CPU are currently playing

    8. flagrant fouls (should be a button for hard fouls for when a player is driving in for a layup/dunk i.e. Turbo and X).
    Edit: NBA won't allow it but still a cool idea

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    I feel like they need to add a few more legend teams to the game. I feel like adding the 2012 Bobcats and the 1973 Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers would be great additions to the game. It would be fun to play as the worst two teams in NBA history against some of the best like the 1996 Bulls and the 1986 Celtics. I know its not a game-play change but this could bring some people a lot of joy playing with or against these teams.

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    To be honest the whole East vs West only option in All Star Team Up needs to stop. I get that they're trying to make it relate to an NBA All Star game but it shouldn't and should instead be about the All Stars competing against each other period. They could give us the option to mix the players from both Conferences together for fun match ups such as Bird and Magic teaming up, Jordan vs Lebron, etc.

    All Star team up needs more players period. You have great players in the game like Joe Dumars who I partitcularly would like to use who can't be selected in the mode and it sucks.

    Also We need more legends players. I love the usual ones we've been getting in the last couple of years but it's just time for more. I want to see Grant Hill, Chris Webber, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller.

    I also want to see new teams added to the legends list. I want to see the late 90s Washington Bullets with C-Webb, Juwan Howard and Rod Strickland.

    It's a crazy thought that all the stuff that went down in 2008 with Boston getting the big 3 and LA getting Paul Gasol is about to be 10 years ago and we need that in the video game. We need those Gasol and Kobe Lakers teams to go up against the big 3 Celtics, we need the Barkley led Suns in the games. Those deep Indiana Pacers teams with Miller going up against the Knicks, and give us the early 2000s Sacramento Kings again but with C-Webb on the floor this time.

    Get Rasheed Wallace on the dang Pistons and Trailblazers already. Also what's the deal with no Fisher on the Lakers?
    I don't know what the deal is with 2k making these deals but they need to get that done man.

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    Can you please add the MVP Derrick Rose Bulls team!!!

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    If 2k can't get a whole team they should just add as many elite players as possible to a talent pool such as:
    2011 Derrick Rose
    2009 Kobe Bryant
    2009 Pau Gasol
    2002 Ray Allen
    2009 Brandon Roy
    2007 Gilbert Arenas
    2008 Ron Artist
    2007 Antawn Jamison
    2002 Peja Stojakovic
    2002 Chris Webber
    1997 Grant Hill
    1993 Charles Barkley
    1998 Reggie Miller
    2003 Michael Redd

    Making these players available for both offline stuff and online All star team ups, etc would only make the game more fun.

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    [B]It would be really cool to see live scores and live video highlights from ESPN / TNT / NBA TV. I'm not sure but I thought I saw live scores when I first started to play NBA 2K17 but not sure if this is still working or not.

    I would also like to see a Next Generation Animation System that will constantly allow animation updates that will create a different gaming experience every game played so that every game will be different than the other. It will be cool to see different animations used in every game.
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    How to eliminate Online Quitters: 2k Disables all Online features for anyone who quits any online feature 3 times in one day for 24 hours.

    It makes no sense how people play these modes and quit over 1 or 2 little mistakes at the beginning of games. Which happens almost every time especially in All Star Team Up.

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    Pc nba2k18

    Dear 2K
    Regardless your in game anti cheat engine (I seriously doubt that you have one)cheating has taken pandemic proportions.
    I'm sure that your tech team can make good and efficient anticheat engine...
    No need to ban cheaters, they pay for a game, but you can make them to play only with other cheaters. My suggestion is to make "Prison" park courts, and "Prison" ProAm (let's say one court 1v1v1; one court 2v2 and two courts 3v3). Prison ProAm no audience, just naked walls. You get idea what I have in mind. If they want to get out from "prison" they should pay fine, let's say 100 000 vc or more ofc and all atributes reset, so they can start play legit. Just an a idea. No ban, no wasted money on game, just few more hours to play or buying vc. If someone end up in prison three times he/ she rly deserves ban.
    For Xbox and PS those courts could be just another park faction or something like Ante up mode.
    Thank you in advance in the name of legit players from PC community.

    Kind regards
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    2017/18 wishlist

    This is my wishlist of things that I would like to see in this or in the next NBA2k

    My Career

    Add blocking celebrations like Mutombos finger, lebron's head movement from game one or two against the Pacers, etc
    Add the possibility to use goggles in the NBA games

    Change the arqueotypes or go back to the way the player was improved before, I get why you made them but the attributes are way to limited. For this, I would like that there would be like a type of points or marks max that you can use to upgrade your player like the ones that are now but, instead of being a max amount that it can be improved like for example that an arqueotype can only improve playmaking to level nine tops, that as the attributes are improved further and further, that it costs more points and of course also VC and, that it also depend in the arqueotype. For example a sharpshooter needs 3 points and 3000 VC to upgrade 3 point shot to level 10 and it costs 5 points and 3500VC to upgrade defense to that same level. With this, the arqueotypes would still matter as it would be easier to upgrade the attributes more related to that arqueotype but gives more freedom for us to create our player and maybe it prevents the creation of OP players. I hope that I made my self clear, I think it is a good idea.

    Take out the double team in NBA games after you play really good after some tome of the game, I know it is for stopping people to make big amount of points every game but, the game turns into making passes to the open man in most cases and that is it. also, it makes no sense that if I am already guarded by Kawhi that another person comes and makes a double team

    My Team
    More offline modes, sometimes I have low internet conection and still I want to play myteam games but I already pass domination and challenges so I have nothing to do

    reduce pack prices or increase a little the ods of having good pulls

    Take out the thing that does not allow to trade right away a player that has just been traded, I know it prevents to make big amount of trades but it is too much time to wait between trades
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    Really don't understand why 2k consistently makes the All star weekend stuff exclusive to season modes only. An Online 3 point shootout and Dunk contest would be popular as hell if they'd make it happen.

    Just letting people go to the mode. Select who they want to use and then compete against each other. There's no reason why they can't do this.

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    I wish you could stop and ban all cheaters (or give them endless diarrhea). But because you can't, maybe you can monitor when cheat engine is used, and place them in their own parks and proam games like xXxSamuraixXx suggested.

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    I have only one wish.


    After three consecutive years of cheating, I think 2k should finally do something to prevent this game turning up to be a freak show.

    ....something like this



    Cheaters using 9 park badges? Cheaters using 10 HOF badges? Using CE to upgrade caps to 99.

    It is very easy to identify them and plenty of proof to ban them.

    Just send Steam or Valve to block their accounts. Is that so hard to do?

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    What i like to see in future mycareer

    I have played mycareer since it was introduced into the 2k series and their were features that were implemented through out its life that could of been expanded on and brung back would greatly improve mycareer going foward. For me the big issue with mycareer since it hit next gen has been the lack of longevity after the work of the story ran its course. So the additions i would like to see comeback also had cutscenes attached to them as well so that will also keep the mode alive after the story is done which is what alot of people

    Revamped reintroductions:

    Mentors- i believe 2k15 this was added. Would love to see this comeback but this time around maybe with the connections system you implented that can activate or give us the option to pick them as a mentor if that connection is a teammate and depending on how we play on court together we get a timed boost in play. Also after our first yr we can become eligible to become mentors for rookies or younger talent on roster which can improve their play increase their minutes or over stats over time

    Social media- the ability we were given also in 2k15 was responding to endorsement opportunities and write to other nba players as you unlocked them. The feature within that i would like to see be brung back is the ability to form big 3's. It was a option but wasnt effective and didnt do anything. Bringing the ability to form big 3s through social media from other nba players throwing the idea through tweets or being persuaded from nba connections you have acquired.

    Agents- a nice addition would be to give us 3 preset agents to choose form each have strengths and weaknesses and what the goal they look to accomplish for what best suits the player. Example would be the overview of what you guys have for each team owner in my gm but cater them to agents. And also since we have to deal with vc we can level them up with vc or pay to replace agent with another.

    Performance/objectives- this is a older 2k addition but the ability to see how we do against are position match up during the game. We were given a bar and it gave us the indication who was winning the match up and seen a boost in play as the meter filled but depleted when momentum changed. Within that we were given objectives based on our position per game to complete but since we now have vc we can those completed objectives into extra vc instead of affecting team grade.

    Attributes- really didnt like the archetypes in 2k17 but i do understand why it was implemented. I believe having archetypes and the current or revisited caps for each but with 2k14 individual attributes broken down so we can choose where we would like to put are vc to our players but still being in line with the caps set for archetypes attributes would be a balance gamers would be welcomed.

    Story/cutscene- i believe 2k14 was a decent blueprint to how mycareer should be in terms of flow of content. Setting up the theme sells the story or direction so less drawn out story more precise cutscenes would be very beneficial imo. Many people arent as as compelled to the story as much as they are the cutscenes dealing with things on the court or potential awards. I feel the missing link is the decisions you make off court doesnt affect on court in vice versa and cutscenes illustrating that would take things up a notch and could be strecthed throughout seasons instead of a drawn out story that last barely the first season.

    Rivalry- 2k14 jackson ellis rivalry and games put me in a competitive space each time we met. Seeing a rivalry system implemented would give meaning to games and individual player matchups. I think the easiest way to get it running is through the same conference seeing that u play your same conference opponents the most. A rivalry or rivalries can be brewed by out playing opponents or provoked by media through social media stemming from your play on the court and potential to be the best in your position or entire league.

    Sorry for long thread i have more ideas and i dont do threads but i thought i try and share some ideas for a game i grew up with.
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    I'll just list items in no specific order.

    Passing needs to be improved, even when i use "directional passing" i experience passes going the opposite direction of where i'm pushing the analog stick. If games like fifa have been able to avoid issues like this since the nineties, you should be able to make one that works too in 2017.

    Difficulty settings other than just in match. When playing MyGM it becomes painfully easy to build an extremely overpowered team with minimal effort. For instance i managed to have a starting lineup as the lakers with Bledsoe, Russell, PG13, K. Farried and D. Howard in my second season, while having the first and third draft pick and my worst bench player having 77 overall. I lost interest in the game mode after this, but tried simulating up to the third season, where i now had a roster where 9/10 of my players were 80+ rated. There's also not a single team that you can't make the playoffs with in the first season, simply by releasing 1-3 players and signing a few free agents on minimum fee contracts and then simulating the rest of the season. So in less than 5 minutes literally i'm able to create a title contender with any team in the game, that's just not fun.
    I'd use MyLeague instead, but i don't like constantly being offered to cheat or edit my way to victories, and then there's the whole part about MyLeague being so bugged you could almost call it "Early access".

    Player Potential for generated players. This needs to be toned down ALOT. Right now the potentials are so high that several rookies become all stars in the first season, and by the third season there's barely any reason to use the actual players, since the 19 year old rookies are just so much better. I play this game to play with the nba players, not these generic players that look nothing like real people.

    All star weekend modes available outside the leagues. Do i really need to explain this one? The person who made the decision to hide it away like this must've been high as a kite or drunk as a skunk, cause it makes zero sense.

    Remove Archetypes or separate them from the singleplayer aspect. As a guy who like MyCareer but would never dream of playing it online, it seems bloody silly to have these archetypes limit my game. I wanted to build a Jordan, a Bird, an Iverson and so on, but instead i'm barely able to create someone that deserves an nba starting spot. Something as simple as a "yes or no" option on if you're making an online player when making your career could fix this.
    I can honestly say that if Archetypes aren't removed or completely revamped so the game doesn't try to limit my fun, i won't be buying this game next year.

    Giannis Antetokounmpo. I don't know who or what the thing in the game you call Giannis Antetokounmpo is supposed to look like, but it's definitely not the Alphabet/The Greek freek that's playing for my Bucks. Considering he's most likely gonna be a potential mvp candidate next year, could you PLEASE put some effort into making him look just a bit like he does in real life? If not, just give us the model you used in 2k16, that was still ten times better than the monstrosity you currently have him using as a body ingame.

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    Can you please add a fatigue setting on "blacktop" mode from main menu. Is pointless to play blacktop with friends and you cant turn fatigue off. Games last long and since there are no substitutes the players get super tired towards the end because we also put score to be 31 or even 40. Thanks. Im sure an update can add the "fatigue" setting in blacktop. It was available in 2k16 i dont know why it was removed

    Can you please add a fatigue setting on "blacktop" mode from main menu. Is pointless to play blacktop with friends and you cant turn fatigue off. Games last long and since there are no substitutes the players get super tired towards the end because we also put score to be 31 or even 40. Thanks. Im sure an update can add the "fatigue" setting in blacktop. It was available in 2k16
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  21. My nba 2k18 wish list make 2k go to another level!!

    Hello to the great community of NBA 2K my name is FunkyFlanders!! I am here to show and tell the DEVS all of my great ideas to make this stagnate series go to the next level. I am a avid NBA 2K player and I am also a coder so I see where all these issues are.

    My 2K18 Wishlist

    To the obvious issues here the main things that are just breaking this game from the core.

    1. Freezing on the multiple loading screens - This should be the easiest one to fix since this can simply just be coding errors that they just can't seem to resolve on this game. Starting from the logo screen, it should't take up to 20 minuets to get past this screen there are no excuses over 15 updates almost and it's still happening. Freezing on the Paul George screen is also another issue many have complained about to. Hire some top of the line coders to get this figured out for 2K18 this should fix most of the freezing issues in your game.

    2. Load Times - I have over 30 days pushed into NBA 2K17 I feel like 15 days of this is simply just waiting to load in and out of a court, my park, pro am, simply just everything takes forever to load in this game its ridiculous. Instead of doing these crazy loading screens with cars going back and forth, loading the same social media bs for your player just keep it simple with a stand still photo of a player (good art) should help the load times. This is mostly a coding problem also.

    3. Servers - I know it costs a whole lot of money to make a high end video game like NBA 2K but after a couple years of selling 10's of millions of copy's of the 2K series you guys HAVE to upgrade your servers by 100%. The amount of lag has been decreased a little but it is a very big part of this game still. There are a lot of factors that play into lag it can be the person has bad internet etc. etc. etc. People with fiber are still lagging in this game and that is not good. We should be learning 3 different release settings on 3 different modes (my park, pro am, career) This is all created by LAG. You guys are diving head first in the new E-League pro series without putting up very good servers. If this is not changed before 2K18 comes out the E-League series will be a DISASTER.

    4. Loading into different game modes - There has to be a better way to load into your favorite game mode. Say if a park player who only plays my park wants to just hurry up and jump into a couple games of my park before hitting work it shouldn't take 20 minuets just to load up to his favorite mode. The 2K Dev team can create a algorithm that basically learns what you like to do the most. In the example basically have a quick link on the home screen that is a 1 click and a quick load in to play park - this can be learned for all game modes if someone also like Pro-Am or My Team also. Have it learn your players and let it be more personalized per player playing.

    5. Teams decided in My Park - The 3 and 4 circle hop on spot is not working for my park. It is creating to many problems with the system trying to understand who is playing and who is not. This is causing freezing issues on top of the already laggy My Park you basically just waste 20-30 minutes because now you are stuck on the court. Cut down on the number of players that are aloud in a park load in. instead of having 44 people max in a park load in cut that number in half and only allow 24 and cut the number of courts in half also maybe only 6 courts 4 courts of 3 VS 3 and 2 2 VS 2. This will fix part of the lag and bs that happens in my park because it's just a overload of information. This will funnel in better quality games, less lag, and more time spent on the court and less time loading, being stuck, or lagging.

    Things that need to be added to make NBA 2K18 a way better game!!

    1. Animations - The animations in this game can be 100 times better. You just really don't know what you are going to get at the hoop every time you drive to it. They took a step this year with the left and right dunking which is very good. Most of these animations go on for way to long making some hilarious things I've only seen from NBA 2K17. You guys have to Mo-cap way more Animations for basically everything in this game. Lets just start with the simple things. When lebron drives to the hoop and gets shoved he always hits the deck tumbles and or slides. It is rare someone falls or slides on the court after getting hit really hard. Put in some animations where after they take a hit they fall to the floor, slide on the court, or go tumbling into the cameras. The one ANIMATION I WANT TO SEE which is unbelievable they have put in is when your player hits the floor 1 or 2 of your teammates come over and help you up almost every single time!! Put it in the game it will bring authenticity into your game. You want to feel that you got bodied in the controller and still made that shot. bringing in over 200 simple animations after falling to the floor, hitting the deck, running into the cameras, chasing a loose ball, jumping for a ball going out of bounds to save it, getting the ball and bouncing it off the opposing player, multiple diving animations (not just 1 for everyone) ETC. Make us feel the contact going into the paint, Make us feel the contact if you get fouled going up or into a shot. Sometimes you get called for it sometimes you don't but let us feel it. Bring some physics into this new game, I want to see people losing there footing, getting thrown off balance. If there is a mismatch make it where it is a huge mismatch and easy bucket. This will bring a level to the game that everyone wants to see.

    2. Do away with defending half court - I understand that 2K is in love with curry and the way he shoots from very long distance. You guys adding it to the game has completely killed NBA 2K17. You shouldn't have to guard almost half court all the time to keep people from raining super deep 3's it is completely fake and ruins the game defense for everything. Bring it back all the way up where the REAL 3 point line is and defending that just like in NBA 2K16 where if you were just a LITTLE past the 3 point line it was like I don't think that goes in or it rarely does. It will make all the pro am/my park games way better and a lot closer in score and gives the teams with REAL knowledge of the game a upper hand. You can keep the Limitless badge in the game but only save it for 97, 98, 99 overalls. I can understand you unlock the badge after getting it and grinding your ass of to get it. Everyone pulling up and just hitting almost half court shots on my park, pro-am, my career has just ruined the defense system for this game.

    3. Have a defensive block system algorithm - I know everyone remembers when lebron got all the way up and blocked a player on the Spurs in the playoffs. We all thought he was going to get dunked on and he ended up blocking him. We need a defensive system in the game where if your a center or a power forward you can go all the way up to stop getting dunked on to get a crucial block. Everything will have to be based on the height, size, weight, and type of players that are both going up for the one blocking and the one dunking. This can bring some very interesting things to the table including getting dunked on and getting a amazing block. Including if you are late jumping up to block and the dunker is in the air already, dunker doesn't get a good lift because there is no more boost, etc. Put a system in place to give the defensive player a way to have some really good defensive highlights. Once you put it into effect there can be hundreds of new things that can happen. (I have a slasher, and stretch big) Would love to see this system putback dunks etc.

    4. Change the archetypes or let us customize our strengths with NO LIMITS but make it harder - The archetypes are a good change for NBA 2K I do like them because it gives you a certain contribution to a TEAM. It cuts out most of the demi-god set ups which is very good. My only problem arises when you make a archetype and they buff it mid season it ruins your set up. For example with NBA 2K17 the stretch big was very overpowered in the beg to mid season of NBA 2K then they buffed it. I would say don't give the stretch big shooting ability of a sharpshooter but give it 3 to 4 bars lower then a sharpshooter and maybe add some bars for rebounding or another slot. I can also see just scraping away the archetype and letting us upgrade our players how we like. If they were to go back to the this will have to slow down the progression of how fast you can make your player better.

    5. Badges - I personally think they can cut a lot of the expression badges because they simply just don't do anything also since they give you emotes you can do now. Now since you can cut most of the expression badges i think you can add upwards of 25 new badges to get. For example (Smarts) can be one ball going out of ball has the mindset to try to hit it off of the opposing player to keep the ball. Can also hit the ball off the guy covering him out of bounds if he turns his back to him. If they keep the archetypes they should let us be able to get hall of fame badges for every badge still. The way to make it where not a lot of people will have Hall of fame everything is to multiply the numbers to get gold and hall of fame by the X5 and X10 you can even go higher to X10 for gold and X15 for Hall of fame For Example charge card have to get 3 charges to get it. someone who wants hall of fame that can't get more then bronze has to get 3 for bronze X5 for silver (15) for Silver X 10 for gold (30) and X 15 for Hall of Fame (75) that way if you put the time into your my players you will really make him better. Limitless badge unlocked when your a (97 overall sharpshooter or stretch big) you would still have to meet the deep requirements also.

    6. Simplify the game!! - Madden 17 did this perfect this year!!!! It gives you the hold down B button to skip all the halftime shows, cut scenes, all the presentation stuff and gets right to the action!! It would speed up 2K so much and let us have more time on the court instead of having to listen to the same commentary over and over. If you don't want to skip it you don't have to hold down the B button to skip it and actually watch it. Include this and the game will be very simplified.

    7. No loading screens or simple quick loading screens - I know having no loading screens in a game is VERY hard to do. If the devs can figure out a way to limit loading screens it would give us more time to actually play the game. For example we are in our My court we should be able to have the GYM (weights) in the same facility as our my court to improve our my player not by a lot but little by little. If we want to do drills we can call up our coach to do extra work and he comes to your my court just like other players walk in and do some drills to make your my player better. Cone drills, shooting drills, etc. etc. this would cut out some of the loading screens and time. load in and load out multiple times during a season you would prob save 5 days of just loading screens in a season. If you guys are going to stick with loading screens keep them very simple don't have them moving just have a regular picture of a player not moving. It should help. Team practices you should have to travel to the facility and they should have to be mandatory where you can't skip them. If you do you get suspend a game etc. etc. fine your pay.

    8. Give players more emotion - If I dunk on someone and I want to stand over them and receive a tech I should be able to do it. For Example you Dunk on someone and choose to stand over them and taught them you can spin this 2 ways of game play 1. It will give your team a short time boost for doing a big clutch play and showing toughness during a crucial time the crowd gets really into it if your at home or it takes the air out of the home team 2. your getting blown out and do it it can lead to your team mad you chose to get a tech and not care about the team. Give the players more emotion during the games, talk ☺☺☺☺ to each other, play more physical etc.

    9. Blow out Pro Am - NBA 2K17 was a good start but it can be so much better. Start with bringing back the REAL stadiums like NBA 2K16 did. We don't want to play in a high school gym looking place that is no fun. Bring back the huge big stadiums. Make more tiers for the scoring system (rookie, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro, Elite, etc.) Take into play all the losing and winning streaks if you go on a 10 game winning streak tell us and the team your facing it can boost the rep of either squad if they win. You need to have rules in this rookie teams play rookie teams intermediate plays intermediate but pro can play elite etc. Give us the stats of other teams if we played them before give us ALL the stats from last game. Give us the 1 on 1 match up stats when you go up against that person again. It can bring a rivalry, maybe tempers flare easier, techs given out more etc. Let us start with just the basic stadium with barley any people showing up but let us customize everything from our court to our jerseys from the start. As you gain popularity and continue winning you can do song intros, have it were people dance, they do handshakes, people can hold up signs, start giving out blappers, change the scoreboards, music, sounds, etc. Let us do single introductions, or team introductions. The half time reports and final game reports can be a lot better also. We want more STATS! ALSO we need PRO AM Badges just like my park badges but for PRO AM it will be a nice kicker for pro am players. Add more sponsorships for VC etc.

    10. Getting hot or cold tiers for pro badge - I think it is random when you get your pro badge. I have had it where only one play in someone dunks the ball and my pro badge is activated. I say show us a way for us to know how close or far away we are from getting our pro badge. Do tiers of Red and Blue No color under your player for just starting out the game then have 3 different shades of red and 3 different shades of blue you do something good it's a very light red play really good Defense it goes to a darker red set a nice screen and then score the ball goes to a even darker red and eventually to your pro badge. say you throw a turnover you go down a shade of red and if they score off of it you might go down to 2 shades of red or maybe even neutral color. Same for going cold and colder and coldest.

    11. We need new parks - We need 3 new parks it will be very refreshing for the fan base. Have it to where you can load perfect into all 3 parks and instantly play and not lag out or get stuck on any of them. READ loading screens

    12. Have Pro AM Ante up - Have a team that loves to talk trash and you want them to put there VC where there mouth is everyone agrees on a VC amount per player say 1000 VC per player X 5 players your putting up 5000 VC if you beat this team. It makes where you have something to lose not just another L or W on your record. You can have it to where it is randomly selected team and pick the VC or you just lost to a team you know your team can beat load both teams into a server pick the VC amount and play again for a record.

    13. Pro AM progression bar or overall progression bar - Pro Am games get lost in there own area. Nothing counts towards your progress in anything. I think adding progression to a NEW Pro Am progression bar or a overall progression bar to make your player better needs to happen. Whether it unlocks new stuff for your player, pro am, or my career it needs to count for something.

    14. Crowds - The atmosphere needs to be better. If it's a tight game and a call goes for the other team you need the crowd let the refs have it. you need to feel the emotion in the game.

    15. Fix player models - Some of the player models was just simply just not good this year if you can try to scan more players in do a TEAM a week and just knock them out. Have a team just for this.

    16. Sweating physics - They need to be changed this year everything looks the same. by 1 min in its the same.

    17. Realistic - When people slide and hit the floor have people come on the court to dry the court.

    I have many more ideas and I haven't even got to MY TEAM yet. If you guys would like to here more I would be glad to share them.

    Marky Flanders we OUT!!
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    2k18 whishlist

    I've been a long time NBA 2K gamer and have been impressed with the constant improvements 2K has added each year with the game. Although the improvements made with gameplay and graphics are great there is still in my opinion some things that need to be improved. Below I've created a wishlist of some things I think 2K should improve on.

    1.) in GM mode I would like to see the logic of players knowing and accepting their role improved. I've been playing with the Houston rockets in GM mode and to many times throughout the season players like Eric Gordon and Lou Williams complain about their roles coming off the bench. These players are great players coming off the bench and I need them to know that in the game they are more valuable being in the sixth man spot on my team.

    2.) I would like to see players who are older I.e Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul etc. become more focused on winning a ring as they get older. Too many times in the offseason players like Carmelo Anthony resigns with the knicks with a bad roster. I think players as their career advances should look for the best team with a roster thats one piece from contending that can also offer a great salary.

    3.) More CPU three way trades. I have yet to see a CPU team make a three way trade.

    4.) please please please bring back the NBA D-League. I hate drafting players that are good or have potential to be good but I release them because I find a better player only to see them retire at 28yrs old because an NBA team won't sign them. NBA D-League is much needed.

    5.) like the madden series could you guys please make the all-star weekend setting a progressive thing. Madden has a different site for the Super Bowl every season and I would love to see that logic in 2K.

    6.) Graphics are already great but I'm a detailed type of person. I would love to see players on the bench waving towels and jumping up and down on exciting plays. Also could we have it to where players are just more more active on the sidelines period with ball boys passing towels and handing players jumpsuits.

    7.) Technical Fouls. I know 2K is a kid friendly game but I would love to see more physicality from player I.E pat beverly, Russell Westbrook in big games/rivalry games.

    8.) More/better questions from the press and more/better options for responses to question from the press.

    9.) PA announcers in arena. It would be nice to get each arenas PA announcer to record some lines in 2K18.

    10.) last but definitely not least. Please have some type of logic where in the NBA draft I could find a player who have been slept on that can make a big difference on a team. I would love to find a potential superstar in the 2nd round of the NBA draft.

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    1 fix the server. Too many connection problems for online play. Too long to load the game as well.
    2 stop with the demotions in myteam. Once you reach a certain level there is no need to go back down. One of my main reasons for getting demoted is server issues. i get disconnected and receive the loss. This has happened over 30 times.
    3 game would be more enjoyable if it was competitive. leave the more advanced players in the diamond levels. It's not fun for the experienced player with the most expensive team or the novice playing with reward players

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    I would like to see major improvements made to the MyGM mode.

    1. The attributes and tendencies for the draft prospects are atrocious. Every season I have to spend hours adjusting the numbers because they make no sense. Why would a top rated prospect have a shot tendency of 40 or 50 or 60??? Why would contested and off dribble shots rate better than open shots??? Whoever is in charge of automating this process has failed tremendously. I see things like guards defending the post better than the perimeter. These things make absolutely no sense.

    2. Injuries are way too common and frequent and some don't even make sense. Broken thigh? How do you break your thigh in basketball? And why are so many players out for weeks at a time during the course of a season? I understand injuries occur but nowhere near this frequent. Also, towards the end of the season you rarely see injuries in real life but on this game some star always misses the playoffs because of a late injury. It makes the competition much worse.

    3. Every team ends up over the cap with no money to spend in free agency. Quality players are left unsigned during free agency because every team is over the cap. Why are players who are rated anywhere from a 77-82 making over $20 million per season. It's insane.

    4. The dunk contest. Horrible. Sometimes the math for the dunks doesn't add up correctly. How does that happen? Also, ties don't mean anything. Whoever is listed first at the end of the competition wins. It's mind boggling.

    5. Gameplay is very good and I'm mostly satisfied with it, but I have one huge concern. At times certain players do not perform as well as their ratings suggest they should. The perfect example is Lebron James, but he's only one of many. When I play against Lebron he is passive and will never shoot the ball many times. The best player in the league right now is a small forward who is rated 97, shot tendency is 99, touch tendency is 99, and averages 25 points a game. When I play against his team he may shoot 5-7 times. This cuts down on the competitiveness and fun. I want to win games but blowing teams out every game is boring.

    I understand the game mode most users play is MyCareer and MyPark, but don't forget about those who like to control the franchise year in and year out. Please make some logical changes to MyGM increase the fun and competition.

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    You guys say you want to bring out the most authentic basketball game every year and yet the 1 thing that pisses me off for the last 2 year is this speedboosting b.s. I've played every 2k that ever released and i can say this is by far the fakest one I ever played. Yes theres other things that need to be fixed but im mostly a park player and i have to deal with this crap every day. It literally takes no skill to play nba 2k17. I dont get why you guys take it out last year and then bring it back this year. All it is on mypark is players speedboosting no matter what. You have playmakers speedboosting against centers because they dont have the right skills to get a bucket. No one in the nba dribbles like this so why is it in game. 95% of the people in the 2k community plays the exact same way like nobody is different. This game is so frustrating i broke my phone because of it. You guys really need to get rid of this year and dont bring it back next year because i cant take another year of this. I want a real basketball game. If i wanted something unrealistic i would play nba live. This is the only thing i ask for to remove speedboosting thank you

    The animation when you drive it automatically puts you in the post animation needs to be gone. When you driving to the basket and make contact with the defender and the ball just drops out of your hands needs to be gone as well

    Once again speedboosting is fake and its not realistic at all. You guys gave us the ability to make our own dribble combos yet people speedboost all game long.
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    If mc is supposed to be a simulation of the nba then we should be able to add/subtract weight and add height as nba players do all the time. If a 6'3 gaurd enters the league at age 18 he hasn't stopped growing and if a player has been in the league for a few years and wants to drop in weight so he can be faster (lebron james). We should be able to do the same think to our my player

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    NBA 2k18 wish list
    1) On ties ups, be able to wrestle it away. Button smash to grab control of the ball. It always ends up in a jump ball. Fight for rebounds. Saving the ball/diving for it needs to improve.
    2) improve collisions/physical play. Better physics. Physics should rise a little more and cut back on animation when it's not needed. Or make better situational animations. Pulling jersey or block dunks at the rim. Less clipping of ball through players. Better player models body wise
    3) improve the percentages of easy chip shots going in. As well as off the dribble shots after space has been created. No shot should be completely impossible but crazy shots should be rare
    4 Small/Small pick and roll. Multiple off ball screens.
    5) add altercations/ more emotions. But cut back on post make celebrating. Maybe add a celebration button we can control. Add referee interaction. Stare downs. Trash talk. Ejections.
    6)variations on jump shot foul
    7) more dribbling packages. Elite players should be able to find creases and split the D. Better layup aerial movies as well that we can control
    8) add elite home crowds. Maybe Jurassic park/ believe land can be included more live shots of the city. Along with celebrity fans. Continue making the crowds feel more life life. Crowd has got better. But still doesn't quite capture reality. Add specific PA announcer and sayings from crowds and celebrities in stands!
    9) add Lebrons patent fadeaway jumper. Or scoop layup. Running hook. You guys go all out on making Steph realistic. What about Kyrie's ball handling and finishing? It's unparalleled. Players need to play and feel more like themselves. Iso moves need improved.
    10) better directional passing!
    11) add trade exceptions along with 4 team trades!
    12) add the D league. Or WNBA and All star weekend mode! Maybe add horse and similar games to blacktop
    13) More post up moves.
    14) elite defenders should be able to pest dribblers in more ways.
    15) Keep improving IQ of players. make CPU players have the IQ to also go away from the pick. I feel like cpu IQ is still not truly realistic especially on offense
    16) Body type for our players. New haircuts!! Allow us to wear a mask and equip headbands to Legit roster!
    17) Multiple blacktop courts. Theatre mode where we can watch games highlights of the history of the NBA! Maybe have stat comparisons from each era a place where a basketball junkie can get unlimited knowledge as just a cool tidpit for the game
    18) Posterizers on ally oops. Dynamic duo badge. Add more badges period
    19) more realistic spacing. Players run well behind the three-point line sometimes.
    21) Add the 2012 Pacers, 2012 Thunder, 2016 Cavs, 10 Lakers, Brandon Roy Blazers, Reggie Pacers, Chuck Suns, 07 Spurs, add more historical teams and players
    22) When a player gets traded or signed on a different team their picture needs to be real and not their gamer picture. It’s annoying
    23) Trades need to get more realistic. Add more options as GM/owner
    24) Make My career solely about basketball and not the family drama. Add buying a crib or driving, flying to games. Takeout Assistant coach from mycareer from exhibition games and everything. I want the real coaches if he stays leave him in his mode only. In mycareer be able to play In mycourt during load times. Make a female customizable player. More options for your myplayer appearance
    25) Add historical game replays that we can play through. Maybe buy NBA Jam/Playgrounds and incorporate that as a DLC or another game mode for 2k
    26) Add Chuck to commentary. Add more commentary and more variations of halftime or pregame shows
    27) Add the Olympics
    28) Add more in game coaching change abilities, plays, schemes, etc 2017 was excellent here
    29) Improve in game gameplay. Keep making it feel more realistic. Going out of bounds is too easy sometimes.
    30) The game seems to be near perfect already from a hardcore basketball fan. Just keep pouring your hearts into it, and make it better and as realistic as possible! I think 2015 and 2016 2K did somethings better. 2k17 did improve on some things but I feel like 2k18 needs to blow us away again

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    Refine the fatigue system

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    This is the worst wishlist, there are actually real game issues that need to be changed as I stated in my wishlist thread "change gameplay online"

    I've already stated my issues with the terrible online options for in the NBA 2k17 wishlist, Titled " Change play now online for 2k17 and 2k18.

    Here's the other real issues with 2k. The game is too animated, they focus too much on the gameplay of my court then the actual real game. The actual real games cater to my court when it should never be that way, example, all of the fancy dribbling with the analog, the way the players move, the jumping in the air movements that are unbelievable, and many more, all of these shouldn't be in the actual real game.

    let's be clear, I'm not saying real game shouldn't have analog dribble, what I'm simply saying is most of the gameplay for the real game is exactly like my court, which is bad.

    Last but not least, get rid of the shot meter, as real 2k players we should be shooting off of actual skill knowing when to release the shot our selves, not by help.
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    Please make playing with bigs less frustrating. Makes no sense that every time i get the ball in good post position that anyone can come by and strip the ball at their leisure.

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    Customization: MyCareer and MyPark

    2k is probably a million dollar corporation, but essentially with the caliber of MyCareer and MyPark, there isn't much of a difference between the characters. I think there should be more hairstyles and the ones that are present could be fine tuned. I suggest looking at urban haircuts on YouTube or Googe. Also being able to make the body how we want, similar to WWE or GTA/Saints Row. Please take this into consideration.

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    For MyCareer:

    1. Put an easier level of difficulty in MyCareer for people like me who just want to enjoy a basketball game.
    2. Be more realistic and fair. When bench players are your opponent AI, they play like a superstar and make all shots. But when a superstar is in your team, they play worst than a bench player.
    3. Missing a shot is natural. But you made it unnatural by missing wide open jumpshots 90% of the time. Not to mention the layups. This doesn't happen in NBA 90% of the time.

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    Please add a slider for computer assisted picks frequency

    Please get rid of the guy thats in every time out in every single game who interrupts the announcers talking and says ok guys your doing good keep up the good work lol that dude so lame.

    Please donate money to the retired players association and add charles barkley to the game. Please add Kristen Ledlow too bc shes cute

    Please add awesome lebron slams and passes, and awesome kyrie dribbles and layups lol one day 2K will be this real.

    Quote Originally Posted by cheeseworldps View Post
    This is the worst wishlist, there are actually real game issues that need to be changed as I stated in my wishlist thread "change gameplay online"

    I've already stated my issues with the terrible online options for in the NBA 2k17 wishlist, Titled " Change play now online for 2k17 and 2k18.

    Here's the other real issues with 2k. The game is too animated, they focus too much on the gameplay of my court then the actual real game. The actual real games cater to my court when it should never be that way, example, all of the fancy dribbling with the analog, the way the players move, the jumping in the air movements that are unbelievable, and many more, all of these shouldn't be in the actual real game.

    let's be clear, I'm not saying real game shouldn't have analog dribble, what I'm simply saying is most of the gameplay for the real game is exactly like my court, which is bad.

    Last but not least, get rid of the shot meter, as real 2k players we should be shooting off of actual skill knowing when to release the shot our selves, not by help.
    They need to remove online, there is way too much trolling and glitching. Online does not even exist on PC either, I have tried port forwarding and even enabling DMZ on my router and still never able to find players and I'm sure there is a lot of ppl in the same boat as me.
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    Thumbs up Nba 2k wishlist from a 40 year old

    Hi everyone. First time I have ever posted or joined a forum. Love 2K ball like I used to love EA sports nhl 91 to 95 however I notice personally a big drop off in excitement from 2k 13 and prior. I appreciate all of the extra work that has gone into the game and I am not here to beat a dead horse. So, my wish is to have a quick option that eliminates all of the long loading times for playoffs and season. When I put in 2k11, 12 or 13 and do playoffs I can finish a game pretty quickly and get back to my busy schedule without feeling like I lost immersion and that to me is excitement.
    Back in the day nhl 94 had such simple things like hot or cold for players and the ability to play shortened games where you could edit both user and computer team lines. For example: I could do 5 min periods (shortest setting) best out of 7 series and for game one I would have both teams first lines play each other. Then for game 2 I could have both teams second lines play each other. I would go through all of the lines and spare players this way and although short the whole experience was exciting and immersive. it would be so cool if I could play game one of Raps vs Bucks with starters and then game 2 with bench and keep that going. Sometimes simple is better. Also, pls bring back old gen legend artists, they got it right. 2k12 had era specific tv presentations and it was just AWESOME!!! Someone pls tell this middle aged NOOB if he is wrong or right here. Cheers and happy gaming!

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    This is probably gonna be unpopular but in MyGM id like to see them bring the option to trade for anyone using VC and draft picks like they had 2k14. We saw Cousins pretty much stolen by the pelicans this year so its very possible. I mean it is just your playing so might as well have the players you want. Superteams seem to be the trend so why not be able to make your own. Maybe even as your MyGM level increases i dont mind if thats part of it. I liked being able to start in the offseason and especially the draft! i hope that option is back for nba2k18.
    Would like to have the option to be able to trade guys freely without waiting. I understand that some people want it to be challenging to acquire star players, but again go trade for John Wall or Anthony Davis in 2k17 its pretty much impossible. I understand why, but it is a game so i want to have that option when im playing a solo franchise. Sometimes i wanna play rebuild, some times i wanna play dream team. I just want the option as the only player i dont wanna edit rosters. I wanna be able to do it myself dont mind an outrageous VC cost, and loss of draft picks.

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    Welcome to 2k fourms where 99% of the community only care about my park and pro am so stuff like this will probably keep getting the cold shoulder.

  37. #77
    Oh, lol. Thanks for the heads up about it. I was hoping 2K staffers would see it but like many, I suppose wishful thinking. Thanks for the reply. Nice Pippen card btw

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    Jun 2017
    Hello devs of nba2k18..

    There only 1 true wish to become true on this new game of the series, and I think a majority of the players what this mode as well exists on nba 2k18, there it is:

    1- Matchmaking with myPlayer (created on MyCareer) that can be: 1vs1 , 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 (with friends or without)
    The ideia is to reduce the time of the players around the world searching for slots on the pitch of myPark.. I think that will be so intuitive and pratice for the players. Please 2K devs make this mode happen in nba 2k18


    ngthmR- (PS4 player)

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    Not a problem mate and thanks. Nice to see a fellow old school gamer around here who values the simple things we could do on those older games.

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    Ok so this might be long but screw it.

    This year i didn't have much of an issue with he story itself but there were things that can be added to make it better but UNDERSTAND we know every player isn't lebron KD or Jordan but the point of this game mode is to create the next once in a lifetime player so let us be just that.

    Put BACK the GM meetings when they would ask if your getting along with players as well as who to go after in free agency. This would let you feel like your input counts.

    Let me be able to customize the gear of existing NBA players. It was done before idk why it was taken out. What if i make a free pair of Lebrons, If I'm in MyCareer i can't equip him with them or if I want to change his sleeves or anything.Also and this is KEY!!!! How can I be the best player or even a superstar in the league and I'm THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD wearing my sneaker?? Keep players loyal to their brand but let me customize with in those restrictions.

    They took out the college recruitment scenes which i don't mind but can we get a proper courtship sneaker brand wise. Think season 1 Ep 5 of Survivors Remorse when the Nike rep gave a cocky/confident speech as well as displayed an billboard as a way to persuade dude to sign with them. Lets have that with like 3 big brands and make the decision harder I.E. if you sign with Jordan they probably give u the most money and don't start you with your own sneaker just access to all the jordans, Nike gives you a decent amount of VC but they give you ur own color way of a sneaker, adidas offers good money but you get your signature off the bat.

    While I'm on sneakers lemme add this! NEW DESIGNS!!We've had the same overlays and midsoles for about 3-4 years now.They actually took some out. Add new ones as well as specific things restricted to specific brands I.E. Nike flywire is only available to Nike. How about the jordan 11 patent leather design as well as outsole be somethings specific to Jordan.
    This would bring new life into the sneaker creator as well as gives us the chance to make some dope kix! ALSO the sneaker shapes seem so weak. resign those cuz sneakers like the Kds and Kyries have a great shape.

    Add a secondary archetype that only allows us to upgrade badges to silver (not with Vc) I think it would enhance play as well as make a wider variety of different players.

    Something new and fun which would be dope is that since we can redesign teams why not have one of the perks of meeting with the team owner the opportunity to design a new alternate jersey. Let us be able to use new images or let us be able to change the logo colors to match the new jersey.

    What if i wanna make someone lanky like KD Or muscular like Bron? this has been complained about for years now.

    Add matchmaking to Pro Am.
    Have lots of friend who talk trash and sometimes we just wanna split up and run against each other.

    Make events feel eventful. The all star game and the finals should have distinctive feels to them and should include different intros. Right now to see a team introduced you have to do play now. Why not have that same sort of thing all year round for home games something different for the play offs and something completely different for All Star Weekend.

    Let the commentators record audio about your character going passed our rookie season. It would be great to be known as a vet eventually or even the best player in the league.

    Look fam I'm never getting to Superstar 4 in this game cycle so that means i can't be 99 now? like how? what if i don't even like park?
    figure out a way to balance the career and park playing styles so when I'm in mycareer i can be that once in a lifetime player but still be able to keep online competitive.


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