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Thread: Borderlands 3 Wishlist

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    -Larger variety of grenades
    -Larger variety of ammunition
    -Larger variety of armor
    -More turrets varieties
    -More vehicles and modifications
    -Customizable sidekicks
    -Create A character
    -Large weapon modification option
    -Large variety of landmines
    -Large variety of turrets
    -Enemies who aggressively seek you out
    -Larger number of enemies in certain areas
    -No forced online or multiplayer modes
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    More character customizations would be great.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Wolves Not Far View Post
    More character customizations would be great.
    Definitely a must!
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    I would love to have a way to skip "Cinematic introductions" and waiting for npc's to finish up dialogue before you can actually proceed in the quest. It's fun to see the cinematics few times, but watching the same cinematic for 50th time sure does take a toll and is a huge turn off. Otherwise the game series is great.

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    For the Love of Guns, third person option.

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    it would be great, when it would come with unreal engine 5. more skill points, or fastercto get them. the charters should look more like in part 2, like in the presequel.
    part2 is srill my favorite, in 4k and all grafik settings ar maximum or overwritten, it still looks better. especialy later addons .

    there don´t have to be great changes. just a " proudly" part3, with ue5 or the latest. in the time whenbit comes, as great as part2.
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    I wish for the song 'Dangerous' by Bigdata ft. Joywave to be present in this game! index=422

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    4 player splitscreen!

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    I'll be happy if you do a game, not a service like Diablo 3 and Destiny. I really like to play the history without the need of internet. I'm from Brazil, and there's is a lot of places without a good internet connection. Can you keep the lan option too? I play a lot with my son at home.

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    A legendary or unique amp shield that add's alot of elemental damage to your shots

    A legendary grenade mod that acts like a a.o.e and a mirv grenade at the same time that does all elemental types of damage. Name it natures wrath, or something like that

    A dead space easter egg shotgun that shoots like the line gun from dead space

    If your keeping lazer weapon's do a spliter and continuous lazer hybrid

    A rocket launcher named the compass that shoots rockets in 4 different directions after the original rocket explodes. Bandit manufacturer
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