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Thread: Bug reports

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    At same time Tamar and Robert the Bruce betrayed me, so two emergencies happened.

    I accepted both, but look at the result. I am at peace with Rober the Bruce now?!

    Tamar accepted emergency against Robert.

    Robert and Trajan accepted emergency against Tamar.

    Screenshot attached showing this. It is obviously a bug, I got peace with Robert who betrayed me and who is target of emergency.

    Here is link to civfanatics where I posted screenshots:

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    I have a positive cashflow but each turn I'm still at 0 and my army is being disbanded.

    I traded with another civ to get some money and see what was actually happening, and I'm losing 9 gold per turn and can't figure out why.

    Screenshot here:

    ETA: I kept playing and at some point it started functioning normally again. I was thinking maybe an enemy spy was siphoning funds, but I never got a notification of such, and I thought that was a one-time hit to the treasury, not a secret draining of funds over many turns.
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    I was playing a game on settler difficulty as Gorgo vs AI Monty. Captured his final city and... won a culture victory?

    I attached my last two autosaves since I'm not sure if it autosaved after I won the victory. I used my archers to lower the city defenses and captured it with the hoplite.

    No mods; base game + aztec DLC + rise and fall active.

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    Two melee units occupy same tile, no moves left.


    Longtime civ gamer here! Started with Civ1 on Amiga..

    I am playing steam version of Civ6 with R&F expansion, all DLC's and some mods when this strange thing happened.

    I was moving a unit, and it ended up to an occupied tile with another unit. And now i have 2 military units occupying same tile, and both have 0 moves left, and game prompts me to move a unit. Impossible with no moves left.

    This has now happened two times during this game. I can reload a save game and continue gaming.

    Screencopies of the bug and my game settings and copy of save-game are here:!AsuNU_TtEKHrvMBvxeDSrRl5yXzZsA

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    []Catherine voice is not in french.
    The line:
    "You really should start paying attention to what's going on around you. There are games being played here on so many levels."
    She's definitely not speaking French. It's Spanish or Portugese.

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    Starting in the Information Era provides more governor promotions than can be used on a single city turn one. In other words, I *have* to found a second city before I can move to the second turn, but since I have already moved my other settlers, I can't do that even if I wanted to (and I don't because I want to found my cities much further away). This means that my game can't be advanced any further, since I can't go to the next turn (as far as I can tell).

    Link to save:

    (you can easily reproduce this by starting a game in the information era, founding a city, and then moving all your other settlers to use up their movement; the game can't be advanced once you do this)

    Mods used: none; using Aztec DLC and Rise and Fall expansion.

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    Stuck in strange sorta war state with ally Tamar.

    Sorry if this is a little long but its rather odd and confusing so im giving as much detail as i can.
    So at the end of my turn i was in this state.
    -My Alliance and friendship with Tamar was on its final turn.
    -I was allied with Robert as well.

    I hit end turn and this is what (i think) happened.
    -My Alliance with Tamar ends.
    -Pericles (cause hes a jerk) declares a joint war with me with Tamar and Robert joins on my side due to alliance.
    -A Georgian archer fires on a scout of mine.
    -As soon as that attack went off Tamar offered to redeclare friendship which i accepted. Take note that while i got the war declare screen with Pericles i never got one with Tamar.

    Rest of the waiting went by without problems. And when it was my turn again this was the situation.
    -I was at war with Pericles and friends with Tamar and talking to her gave no option for peace.
    -I was able to reup on our Alliance that she accepted.
    -However even if it was saying i was at peace and allied with her my scout could attack the archer if i wanted like we were at war (When i tested to see if i could actually attack i did and did not give me the "this will trigger war" prompt).
    -Robert was also at war with both of them.
    -While i could trade with her through the diplo screen i could not send trade routes to her cities or any city-states she was suzerain of.

    I kept playing on and she was not at all aggressive with her military units except one time i ran a builder right next to that same archer next to the scout and she capped it. I then ran a swordman over killed the archer and took back my builder. I eventually peaced out with Pericles however Robert and Tamar are still at war.

    Moving forward i noticed another oddity. While units that were already on the map during this turn were able to attack her units any unit that was made after that turn could not. Im kinda trying to show that in this pic here.

    You can see my 7 prov is stuck in the cities ZoC however it cannot fire on the city as it was created after the turn where things went wonky. The city fired on the ship between turns and i could run that scout from earlier to attack the city.

    I have about 10 turns left in my current alliance with Tamar but i kinda wanted to take a break as i have been playing a bit. Ill play more later on and report back if the alliance ending or Robert/Tamar peacing out with each other changes anything but i still wanted to post this all up when the odd events were still fresh in my head.

    Oh quick edit to mention that i have zero mods enabled.

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    Units stacked after city conquer and cannot end turn.

    Playing as Shaka. After conquering Hattusa from Aztec (Rocket Artillery then Modern Armor for city capture), I opted to Liberate the city. The newly enforced borders moved my attacking units back as per usual, however a rocket artillery, modern armor and drone were pushed to the same hex. They are still listed as active despite having no moves left. I am unable to end the turn without deleting one of the units.

    A few autosaves and the final situation:
    The units in question are two hexes below Toronto in the final labelled file.

    No mods. Rise & Fall. Win 10 Home.

    Many thanks, loving Rise & Fall

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