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Thread: THIS is COOL, did not this was here. Lot's to ask!!

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    THIS is COOL, did not this was here. Lot's to ask!!

    I will try to read all of the post ( in due time ) to see what is going on. Loved CIV 4 , and I thing I have all of the disk ( will soon search for them ) and have lost interest in CIV 5 over the years. I may look at Civ 6 in about a year or so!

    My main question about Civ 4 is does it have ranged weapons now like the battle ships range of "3" spaces?

    Thanks " The Old Gezzer" , I will hit 80 on my next birthday ( "been playing Civ for a very long time ).

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    Nope, Civ4 doesn't have any idea of actual range. Ranged units just use different combat stats, but will still attack the square next to them.

    Regarding that, if it's regular Civ4 you're after, this is the place for threads and questions:

    If you're after Civilization 4: Colonization (the remake of the original Colonization game) then you're in the right place.
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