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Thread: Game stuck at logo screen when trying to load game

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    yea haha I posted yesterday how relieved I was thinking the patch worked (because I played the past like 4 days with no logo screen) and I hop on last night and what do you know, I'm clearing reserve data then watching credits lol. at least I have the old faithful technique to actually play the game it remains tried and true

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    I can't play this game. Xbox 1 , stuck on Paul George loading screen. 37 mins and counting.

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    I was told by 2K support that the 10-15 minute freeze at the beginning of the game is just a part of the modern gaming experience. When the game freezes, it's an intentional design feature programmed into the game - I kid you not. The intentionally designed a game with the explicit and express purpose of making gamers wait. In other words:

    - 1988 = Putting a game in the console, waiting 60 seconds for it to boot up, and immediately start playing, making your customers happy
    - 2017 = Waiting 15 minutes for a game to boot up, random and strange form entries (why my b-day every time I play?), frustrating and confusing customers

    I think it's safe to say I'm done with this game, and I wouldn't recommend it to others. Good luck.

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