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Thread: burial at sea part 2 Suchong math equations

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    burial at sea part 2 Suchong math equations

    Hey, I just played burial at sea part 2 when i stumbled over Suchongs math equations.
    All equations are based on the drawing in the left upper corner.
    Everything is fine til the last row.

    But now I have some questions.
    we calculated yp and the derivations. What is the meaning of alpha in the last row, left side?

    Another thing, that bothers me is the phi=w*t*strange stuff (top of the board).
    the derived yp terms are only correct, if you assume phi=w*t (without strange stuff)
    If you calculate, substitute as given, and assume phi=w*t, you get to the second last row and get the strange term mentioned above.
    If you look closely, you can see, that this term shows up three times on the board, with EXACTLY the same writing of the variables and operators. So obviously this term showed up once in the second last row and then was copied two times, to make the board look more complicated(?) The same goes for the derivations of cos, sqrt(x) and sin².
    Not cool!
    Im trying to understand this, and you make my life much harder by just copying stuff where nothing is written.
    And why do you even want to know the acceleration (second derivation) of yp, depending on phi?
    What is this drawing modelling?
    Why do you need this for a letuce time-dimension-travelling machine?

    And if this is the peak of suchongs Scientific career, well, it's basic algebra every engineer learns at university.
    And on the botten right side, it says "mit z=k²-sin²phi"
    "mit" is german. In english it should be "with".
    Why is suchong speaking/writing german?
    Is it possible, you just copied some mathematical stuff from a german exchange university student and put it into your game?

    greetings Martin

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    I doubt the forumlas are "real" quntum physics. They are just there for looks. In universe the formulas almost certianly were copied from someone else. Jeremiah Fink (who stole them from Lutece). As it's copied from Fink I actually don't see the german being in there as all that strange because at the time (early 1900's) a large portion of the important physicists were German. Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrödinger just to name a few. If you look in Comstock's office on the Hand of the Prophet you will see a blackboard with formulas written on it as well. Would be no big surprise it they were the some ones. sm

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