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Thread: Small event bug

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    Small event bug

    New small event (the one for 4hours) has just started. Mission 8-7, that blue weapon have been already droped but I haven t done it yet.

    Yesterday, 1st small event, 2 green weapons were available, I tried both many times. After a while they appeared done on the map. But I didn t drop them and also couldn t find them in my inventory.

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    Same for me... I hadn't played any event yet at the time but the weapon was marked as if it had already dropped... very disappointing

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    Since the new Event has started, Mini event works well and it s possible to get the drop

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    ACT 1: Unlocked by default
    -ACT 2: Unlocked by completing mission 2
    Mission 2: Complete quest [BRIDGE BATTLE Rank D]
    -ACT 3: Unlocked by completing mission 80
    Mission 80: Collect 50 Rider Emblems
    -ACT 4: Unlocked by completing mission 26
    Mission 26: Defeat 30 Spellbooks
    -ACT 5: Unlocked by completing mission 50
    Mission 50: Clear Rank C quests 10 times

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    Same for me.

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