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Thread: Stance Socks in MyCareer

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    Exclamation Stance Socks in MyCareer

    I'm in my rookie season in mycareer and in NBA games no teams, including mine, wear the team themed stance socks, they just wear the plain white when at home and plain black on the road and it's really annoying. How can I fix this?

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    All teams don't wear the team socks that are in the NBA store. My Spurs only wear the simple gray socks and the Christmas socks, not the ones I bought from the store. Teams like Minnesota, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Boston and some others wear the correct socks. Some are a solid team color like the Warriors, Raptors, 76ers etc. The stance socks seem to only work with the standard uniforms. Alternate, retro and flex don't get designer stance socks.

    Maybe next year they'll give us the ability to swap socks with whatever uniform set we want. Cause it is called "MYCAREER", not 2k career. I would even like the ability to set up my team in customized shoes of their brand and accessories. Cause some of those team based shoes are ugly as heck!

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    What really sucks is black socks and shoes on teams with navy blue. Especially the wizards who's colours are red white and navy blue for the colours of the American flag not red white navy blue and black. Navy blue and black are not meant to go together you can't tell the difference from far away and it just looks plain gross. They also don't have the proper blue for the Knicks and 76er's shoes.

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