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Thread: CIV 5: Amazing game, some detractors

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    CIV 5: Amazing game, some detractors

    CIV V is probably one of the greatest games released but there are a few issues that make it just not fun.

    - Liberation? There is basically no incentive for this otherwise neat mechanic. You give a city/capital back and there is no benefit from this other than not having to deal with it. Shouldn't this work like a city state where you are extended some diplomatic bonus from NPC's for this?

    - Bargaining Sucks. They have +3 cotton, no other civ's have tradable items, you offer two of yours and nope. This is an old chestnut complaint but come on now.

    - Big bad one states Totally ridiculous. These are the civ's with one or two cities that totally overwhelm the game. The rival NPC's rarely do anything about them and by the medieval period they have robots walking around.

    - Roads NPC hate them. I'm not sure if it is because it slows conquering or they're too busy sending them around the map for no reason but ☺☺☺.

    - Alliances Why isn't this an option?

    - Boats Auto boats all around the map and not sure where they are? Why isn't there unit return option?

    - Barbarians Why aren't they a unit?

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