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Thread: Any good teams without stars?

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    Any good teams without stars?

    I'm tired of playing PG for the Nuggets in MyCareer. I want to request trade to a different team. I don't want to join a team with big stars cause I don't want to get overshadowed, but I don't want to join a bad team. Anyone have some recommendations? I'm a shot creator and three thrower.

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    Well stars are the reason teams are good so your asking for something hard. Game wise a team like Minny or Dallas should fit

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    is justice young still on your team??

    i dont know when you started your MyCareer but if you started it recently and you have justice on your team.. you can request to be traded to the Sixers.... You, justice, ben simmons, okafor and embiid..nice young core..

    or orlando.. or new orleans with you justice, anthony davis as the core.. or sacramento with you, justice, rudy gay and demarcus cousins...

    if you dont have justice still.. then those places are still good.. but its just a better backcourt with you and justice

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    My PG is having a good time in New Orleans

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    Trust the Process and head to philadelphia

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