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Thread: Why does my shot creator suck?

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    Thumbs down Why does my shot creator suck?

    I can't figure out why in the ☺☺☺☺ my shot creator can't shoot. I will kill anybody in the park with my 6'5 point forward but my 6'8 shot creator can't make ☺☺☺☺. Open, guarded, standing still, moving, it doesn't ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ matter. Bout to b done with 2k and it's stupid ass ☺☺☺☺. It makes no sense whatsoever.
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    Yeah my shot creator sucks as well. I heard they nerfed them... after I spent ages making on with all HOF badges and the pro badge. I will games at the park with the right people but I basically use him as if he was a point forward. No standing shot open or not. Dunks and moving mid range only. Started making a sharp shooter but i'm wondering if an athletic finisher would be more fun.

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    We all should be used to 2K the dictators. You'd think the emphasis would be to make the game better and make customers happy? You know...the people who actually make the game millions. Without consumers to buy the product, you have nothing. They don't actually's all about the Benjamin's. They nerf archetypes so people will buy more VC to build their guy up faster in hopes to have a great (80) rated guy. They give you bits and pieces of things we want just to keep us from losing it and just enough to get us to buy the next product. Genius! But VC I'll never buy. $60 is all you get from me...Heck I didn't even buy this game, I got it for a gift....lmao!

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