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    It seems like when your opponent does a charge your player is drawn to him like a magnet. I have the Stick going opposite of the player and then it goes into the for a charge.

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    I've seen this also. I've also been called for charging against opponents who are moving. One was actually in the air. In the meantime, I'll get into the charge position for a good 1-2 secs only to be called for a foul.

    The foul calling in this version, at least in mycareer, is pretty awful. I've been called for a foul while standing behind one of my own players who went up for a shot block without me making any action to stop the shot or anything, for example. I'm not sure why they changed the way fouls are called but in past versions it was a LOT better.

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    My career and pro-am this is broken! I have been involved in some ridiculous charge calls that have gone both ways.

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    It seemed easier when my defense was maxed out. I was about to do it like I did last year. Wait for your teammate to get screened and jump the lane, position your guy and try and draw the charge. Or time it right as they're coming across half court. Also seemed to be pressure sensitive with the button...meaning don't press and hold the button or it'll be a block. Almost like you need to release it just before contact.

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