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Thread: NBA 2k18 wish list

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    NBA 2k18 wish list

    I only have one request, and that is that the announcers can read my last name, which is Herring. I'm tired of having to use Harrington. It doesn't sound right. Please make the able to read Herring. Thank you

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    well i think that's kind hard, cause it'll be kinda difficult to add the last sanme of every person in the world, since there's a lot of players but i kinda feeling you, just grab a cool nickname to be used on the game and it'll be alright

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    Pc nba2k18

    Dear 2K
    Regardless your in game anti cheat engine (I seriously doubt that you have one)cheating has taken pandemic proportions.
    I'm sure that your tech team can make good and efficient anticheat engine...
    No need to ban cheaters, they pay for a game, but you can make them to play only with other cheaters. My suggestion is to make "Prison" park courts, and "Prison" ProAm (let's say one court 1v1v1; one court 2v2 and two courts 3v3). Prison ProAm no audience, just naked walls. You get idea what I have in mind. If they want to get out from "prison" they should pay fine, let's say 100 000 vc or more ofc and all atributes reset, so they can start play legit. Just an a idea. No ban, no wasted money on game, just few more hours to play or buying vc. If someone end up in prison three times he/ she rly deserves ban.
    For Xbox and PS those courts could be just another park faction or something like Ante up mode.
    Thank you in advance in the name of legit players from PC community.

    Kind regards
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    I wish you could stop and ban all cheaters (or give them endless diarrhea). But because you can't, maybe you can monitor when cheat engine is used, and place them in their own parks and proam games like xXxSamuraixXx suggested.

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    I have only one wish.


    After three consecutive years of cheating, I think 2k should finally do something to prevent this game turning up to be a freak show.

    ....something like this



    Cheaters using 9 park badges? Cheaters using 10 HOF badges? Using CE to upgrade caps to 99.

    It is very easy to identify them and plenty of proof to ban them.

    Just send Steam or Valve to block their accounts. Is that so hard to do?

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