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Thread: How to not miss Practice?

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    Exclamation How to not miss Practice?

    I've googled an found nothing,
    So I just got 2k17 ( kinda late to the party I know )
    but i've been having the coach text me saying im missing practices.
    When I'm hitting the practices an ( Justice ) is playing with me working on shots..
    Than i'll leave and I'll have the coach text..
    Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong - sigh.

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    I only get that message if I miss a "scheduled Team practice" not the optional ones that you can do every day. No reason to miss a scheduled one if you are trying to make your guy better, those are the only practices that allow you to upgrade your offensive consistency and more importantly your free throw skills

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    Team Practices is what your coach is reffering to when he sends you those Texts. Dont miss those, it will effect minutes played. I made sure i hit every team practice after i got my first text

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    If you select ask out to sim with vc which only appears once you reach the 3rd quarter but only if you either lead or trail by 11 points then you can move on to the very next day if it's an off day. Now if you just select sim game which is on the pause menu until you reach the other criteria, then you will simulate to your next game day whether it be a day after or a week after. So be careful. What I recommend doing is when you have back to backs don't even play the first game. If you skip it your stats will be relative to your stats when you actually play whereas when you just sim out you'll finish with 10 points and 2 assists. If you ask out to sim it has the same effect as skipping except if you have an off day right after you'll actually get to participate in that off day. Finally when you reach the stupid limit of 95 overall (sooooooo stupid) you won't get in trouble for missing team practices.

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