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Thread: Patch 1.08 Questions/comments

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    Patch 1.08 Questions/comments

    I see that today a new patch was released, I have been unable to find any information about it on this website. I have heard that some of the big things in the patch are that they "fixed the game freezing on logo screen" and that player can get to 99 overall now. I'm curious if anyone has played yet and can confirm if the logo screen is indeed fixed. I was also wondering if the fix allowing players to become a 99 means that players wont have to play park/ pro am walk on in order to rank up above a 95 (meaning you can do it from career mode)? Also I was wondering if someone could post the details to this patch.


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    It took forever to load MyCareer the first time after the update. Not sure if the logo freeze has been fixed. Only time will tell as it didn't happen every time.

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    I'll make a full thread later about it, but I found a post in the 2K Knowledge Base.
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