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Thread: A wish for mycareer.

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    A wish for mycareer.

    Something I just thought of as a suggestion for mycareer is the ability to schedule your own hangouts with other players instead of having to wait for them to ask you. You choose from a list of options on what to do with the player, then choose what time, and have it added to your calender. Something else that would be cool is the feature where nba analysts talk about your performance in a game, and maybe even Chris Smoove could make a video on you. There could also be a feature where you could choose to have a dynamic duo or big three. (Basically OJ but without justice or with three players). Also, please improve the pack luck.
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    Like that idea I would also like to be able to answer the interview question in my own words by either speaking in to my mic or typing in text that would make it fun

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