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Thread: Why 2k give sheltering to the cheaters? FULL CHEATERS AT PARK´S AND PROAM...

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    Thumbs down Why 2k give sheltering to the cheaters? FULL CHEATERS AT PARK´S AND PROAM...

    1. Why nba2k series continue without anti-cheat `program? (Nba2k knows about the cheaters since 2k15)
    (games like Fifa from EAsport company has anti-cheat since FIFA15)

    2. What wait 2k for fix it ?

    3. what do you want nba2k some players legits for sparring of all-cheaters? myb when you add anti-cheat program then nobody buy that game.

    4. Since 2k15 to 2k17 not learned nothing about the online game... really?

    5. What do you think((2k) what prestige has the game for online? 00000
    5.1 How many cost build a game like 2k17?
    5.2 How many cost an anti-cheat program? you need meditate... i think so.

    6. Nba2k17 was a sales success, yeah if its the truth, but how many players could you lier for next-year?

    7. 7 of 10 players who bought the game, dont play alrdy. The cause; CHEAT ENGINE and LIMNONO TRAINER


    8 Steam has 7681 discussions abut nba2k17 /// 4812 is about the cheaters, Let me congratulate you again...

    9 2ksupport .... omg

    Hello again xxxx,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I understand your frustration well and I apologize for any inconvenience you have encountered because of the behavior of other players. Unfortunately I can not give you any specific solution for this. I suggest leaving your comments on the forum for more visibility:

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,

    Martha H.
    Support 2K

    9.1 what s 2ksupport then?

    to end; the game nba2k17 is 110/10 but the online is 0/10
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    In the end neither 2ksupport nor 2kforum can give a solution, I have it clear for next year I prefer a mediocre game like nbalive EA but be sure that no one can use Cheat Engine because that great company is updated in online games and has a program Anti-cheat from nbalive15

    Nba2k series creates a realistic game year after year but it is devalued because parks, proam and my team are full of cheaters.

    I will not throw my money away in the nba2k18, if this game does not guarantee the security that players can not use traps or programs like cheat engine or trainer´s

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    Saddens me to say this, but by buying a 2K title for PC you signed up for as developer accepting cheater and not giving a rats ass about it

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    It was not always like this, at 2k16 many of cheaters was banned , but they could back thx "steam and his share family" then 2k could close this way for back in 2k17 but 2k doesnt do nothing for now ....

    2k16= 1 bought =10 games onlines with share family of steam(the cheaters could back 10 times)
    2k17= 1 bought = 1 game online (if any player were "ban" then couldnt back with 2nd 3rd or ,,,, accounts of family steam.)

    but as i said, everybody knew it at the being (octomber) (octomber= 10% cheaters) then as 2k does not do nothing for now, everybody doing cheating because no one want be sparring of cheaters (February 90% cheaters)

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    Unfortunately they don't seem to care or punish people. Almost daily a report cheaters to 2k, and every single day the same people are there doing the same stuff. The behavior of 2K is outrageous. Not only the ignore paying customers, they seem to have no interest in anything else other than getting your money.

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    many pleyers will not buy that game for next year(iam one), if they not add a anti-cheat....

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    Their response to everything is to take it to the forum where no one in an official capacity ever responds to anything.

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