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Thread: 2 biggest problems with 2k17

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    2 biggest problems with 2k17

    The first problem I have with this game is that they made caps for player caps ☺☺☺.... Ok so you want to give into all the crying about 9' PG's with 99 everything I get it it's unrealistic but the answer is not to set a cap that makes your MC player a bum. I was fine with the archetype build even though it limits player development. (Hall of Fame MJ added to his game over the years which is what made him the greatest!!! just watch some games and you'll see what I mean) But not only did you lock us in then you capped the cap by not allowing players to progress above 125 att improvements???? I'm told that I MUST play My Park in order to unlock a few more upgrades again I don't mind playing against online player in fact I want to but the lag is soooooo bad it gives me a headache just trying to get a game and I have an open NAT and a wired connection problems not on my end IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN 2K servers!!!! average height for an NBA point guard is 6'3 and is around 190 lbs if you make caps at least do the average and please fix your lag problems or you might just lose gamers for me if there was another option in basketball I would go with them.

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    There's a thread for this already...
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