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Thread: Staying with CIV 5 ( Civ 6 in 2018 "or not" )

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    Staying with CIV 5 ( Civ 6 in 2018 "or not" )

    I am having a great time playing CIV 5 for the last several years. Mostly I play against the "very bad guys" Japan, Germany, and others set with in the very hard play setting #6. I use a standard size map and use conquest as the only way to win. Playing as England is hard at the start but becomes easy at the later game. Aztecs are easy at the start but harder at the end.

    Playing with no "do over's" makes it a real challenge. Playing about 3 hours a day takes weeks to work through the game to a
    win or lost outcome.

    Then I switch to one of the other CIV Players but keeping the other group and replay another game.

    So far that end's up being almost a years worth of fun entertainment.

    Just my 2 cents worth!

    The "old Greezer"

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    I've downgraded to Civ IV, Beyond the Sword. (game works great, don't even need internet)

    Got tired of CIV 5's "Winner is determined by who was winning before the game refused to continue" (LAN / team multiplayer)

    ((still can't find proof CIV 6 works on LAN/team MP))

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