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Thread: Bad sportsmanship

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    Bad sportsmanship

    Getting limited minutes for quitting a game is stupid. I rarely quit a game. I quit one time tonite to play online with a friend and get the message and can not play with him. Stupid rule. Sometimes in the game things happen and you have to take care of something. For example kids. Sometimes you should quit because getting beat by 30 with someone who cheeses the whole game is not fun to play. I don't mind getting beat by 30 as long as the person I am playing is actually playing basketball by calling some plays.

    How about banning the person that is beating you by 20 and in the fourth quarter with 0.5 seconds to go calls a timeout. NOW THAT IS BAD SPORTSMANSHIP. Or the person you goes to the pause screen with 3 seconds to go in the fourth quarter beating me by 15 AND takes the pause screen all the way down to 5 seconds before coming back to the game.

    All I really play is online games. AND THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH ONLINE PLAY:

    1. Only games you can get is with Tier 1 team
    2. Can not create your playbook
    3. Having to create your game plan in the game (crash boards, push pace, get shooters open etc.......)
    4. Cheese playing
    5. Bad defense
    6. You name it I am tired of typing........

    Really not sure about 2k18.

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    Yea dude good post, that has happened to me on numerous occasions as well. Lets say I get into a pro am walk on game and my team is a bunch of morons , matched against a team of kids who don't just jack up contested 3's, in the blink of the eye my squad is down 15. At that point I have the choice, finish the game out which isn't going to be fun and we are ultimately going to lose or quit out and risk getting that ban. Great point about the time outs towards the end of the game also, I swear 90% of the people playing this game turn into children when things aren't going their way if they could take the ball and go home so no one would be able to play they certainly would.

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