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Thread: WWE 2K17 Feedback Project: GAMEPLAY

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    I really dislike how downloaded superstars are in a separate player selection. Integrate them with all the in-game superstars. I would, however, like to see women separated from men to make player selection easier/quicker. In tag matches, I'd like to see a "quick selection" feature added to quick-select a tag team by name.

    This is long overdue, so PLEASE increase the maximum number of superstars in the ring at a time from 6 to 8!

    When the referee gets knocked down, he needs to stay down for a longer period of time. There is not even enough time to escape the ring, grab a weapon and use it on the opponent like on TV.

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    Now that you can explore and fight around them, a load more interactive items around the stage and crowd area. Electronic area and tables by stage floor, logo signs on stage, climable sections in crowd and stage for diving off or fighting on etc.

    To be able to pick up, use and do free directional moves on, the bottom part of the Steel Steps.

    Improve announce table finishers as there are a lot more extra moves in the game where you stick to the same area on both the lift and the landing, which won't cause warping issues.

    Lastly, it'd be great if I can have a six man match using all custom made content(CAWs, Championship, Arena etc.) without it slowing down incredibly as soon as anyone exits the ring. It slows down enough already with just 2 CAWS in a created arena.

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    Women's royal rumble! You already have over 20 females so have the 10 and 20 man rumble unlocked and if we reach 30 women with created wrestlers unlock the 30. 6 pack challenge match (elimination and non elimination)

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    Yes hello 2k, I have some recommendations for WWE 2K 18: Can KANE 97-2001 retros be in the game, put parking lot brawls, The Shield retros for Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. May you put in Undertaker 1996 to 2001 attires. Also for the undertaker put the ministry of darkness, John Cena Dr of Thuganomic attire.

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    can we please have the option to change camera angle in the the rumble match

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    -I think the first thing that needs to be looked at is the plethora of bugs and glitches that have cropped up in 2K17. If the game plays reasonably well with bugs few and far between, all the other work put into the game will be worth while. Nobody wants to play a bug riddled game.

    Chain Wrestling

    -As a technical wrestling fan, I squealed like a school girl when chain wrestling was announced for 2K15. But in 2K17, chain wrestling had stopped growing and was actually chopped back a bit. I was glad to see manual chain wrestling added back in a patch, but there's still a few things that I'd like to see done:

    Currently, if you have the "push back" to the corner or ropes twice, chain wrestling will end automatically, regardless of the stamina of the wrestlers. I'd like to see chain wrestling only end once stamina goes below the first bar, as it was previously.

    More holds, transitions, etc would be great. There's plenty of working holds that I'm sure could be modified into chain holds. Some new moves could include an armdrag into an armbar, this could also be triggered occasionally when wrestlers do the international spot (aka being thrown into the ropes off a headlock) as a reversal or continuation.

    Selectable chain holds and transitions would be great, as well as proficiency in chain wrestling having an effect on holds. Those who are more proficient in it could have the potential to reverse sections of the international spot into other holds, as I mentioned above, or they could have access to more transitions and holds. All of those should be selected in movesets, to customise each wrestler's chain wrestling abilities and knowledge to better fit them.

    Basically, please don't neglect chain wrestling. I know many people don't care for it, but many others love it and want it to be expanded. Those who don't like it should (and I believe already do) have an option to simply turn it off and not have to see it, but for the fans who want it, they should be able to experience an even better chain wrestling system in future.

    General Gameplay

    -Actually reaching for the rope break when dragging yourself to the ropes.
    -A 5 count for the attacker to break the hold, instead of it being instant.
    -More moves that have the ability for the receiver to drag themselves to the ropes.
    -Running strikes to grounded, seated and kneeling (though not as often) can be hard to hit properly, they either miss or are replaced by a stomp or kick.


    -I don't know where to put this so I'll put it in a few sections, but PLEASE keep all the old school arenas in the game! 2K17 has one of the best selections of arenas in a WWE game to date, especially with the recent HOF Showcase additions, it would be a shame to lose them.
    Last edited by Strawnie; 02-21-2017 at 12:04 AM. Reason: Added new suggestions, the new replay I made below can be removed if needed but please leave this main one.

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    Intentional Disqualifications: It's where you get yourself disqualified and beat down an opponent.
    Also add back the old grapple system from 2K14 because at least with that i dont end up using the same move over and over again.

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    It would be nice to hear more sound effects just like we hear on actual WWE programming. Tag Team tags would be a good example. A smacking of the hand sounds should be heard when we make a tag in the game. Also, once you guys update things 1 year, you should leave it in all of the other games. The sound effects for the weapons use to be good & louder & we could barley hear some of the weapons ( the steel chair & the tossing of the steps) in #WWE2K17. Thanks.
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    Basic Actions

    Some of the simplest actions get overlooked and can really make the gameplay feel much better. Here's some basic actions we should be able to do:

    - Wake up taunts while holding a weapon
    - Pull opponents out the ring when they are standing, kneeling, or laying down near ropes
    - Pull opponents out the ring when they are laying under the bottom rope
    - Drag opponents by both arms or both legs
    - Push opponents out the ring when they are laying near the ropes
    - Slam the opponent's face into the steel steps when dragging them to it
    - Run the opponent's face into the ring post when they are standing on the apron
    - Toss opponents out the ring when dragging them near the ropes, instead of the strong irish whip being the only way to throw opponents out the ring.
    - Take the opponent up/off the stage by dragging them up/down a set of stairs connected to the stage, instead of having to wait for the opponent to come up/down themselves.

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    Superstars coming out from BEHIND THE CURTAIN & actually walking all the way through the curtain & going backstage instead of dissappearing would be really nice and realistic to see.
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    I would also like to see the Superstars come out from behind a curtain or something. Also would like to see a change with how Superstars come out during a call out promo. Just about every stage I have setup for my shows, the wrestlers will clip through a part of it which looks real weird/bad. Since these parts are all presets from the developers, it'd be nice to have them work realistically on a visual level.

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    Continuing from earlier

    -Actually reaching for the rope break when dragging yourself to the ropes.
    -A 5 count for the attacker to break the hold, instead of it being instant.
    -More moves that have the ability for the receiver to drag themselves to the ropes.
    -Running strikes to grounded, seated and kneeling (though not as often) can be hard to hit properly, they either miss or are replaced by a stomp or kick.

  13. 8 wrestlers on screen at time so we can have a survivor series match and a more realistic royal rumble.
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    Every year submissions are taken out of Ladder, Table, and Last Man Standing and I don't see why. Submissions have been performed in those matches in real life many times.

    I play MITB matches a lot, and I really hate how I can't perform my finisher if I play with certain wrestlers just because their finisher is a submission, especially wrestlers like Sasha Banks and Bret Hart, who only have one finisher, a submission.

    We could either do the submission mini-game, or the wrestlers could just lock the hold in for a good 5-6 seconds to do the damage.

    This is needless limitation that needs to be removed.

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    - Mixed Tag Team Matches / Intergender Matches

    - Mixed Stable, Mixes Tag Team Entrances (Sanity e.g.)

    - Bring back more match types (like Beat the Clock-Challenge / Buried Alive-Match / Career-Ending-Match / Special Referee Match / Inferno-Match / Lumberjack Match / Three Stages of Hell / Casket-Match / Ambulance Match / First Blood Match / Backstage Matches with more „Backstage Arenas“ (like parking Lot, Street, Basement, Arena Entrance )Please look back to Smackdown Here come he pain game. That was perfect...

    -Royal Rumble: Overhaul the superstar Entrances. (you should see them running or going into the arena)More Elimination Spots. Let us play the Rumble in a custom Arena too.

    - Overhaul the weight detection. It still isn`t there where it should be.
    No light weight can lift super heavyweights. No Kalisto can move a Super Heavyweight in any direction. That simply can`t happen. Maybe you can create a new superstar attribute like „Weight Lifting.“ The higher, the more weight can be lifted. But restrict those attribute for Cruiserweights or little Superstars to maybe 50 or so.

    - more Interaction with the crowd. Let us take their merchandise belts or fan - signs for example.
    more crowd interaction during the entrances. High Five with fans (Face), destroy fan signs (Heel)

    - Bring back the Rope Break Feature, where you can decide, if you let your opponent go or not. You had it in the SD vs RAW Games...

    - More interaction after a match (e.g. if you`re attacked, security could be coming out)

    - Bring back the original Hogan Legdrop including his pose.

    I am writing these suggestions for one of the biggest Wrestlinggames Communities in Germany. This are wishes from about 6000 wrestlinggames fans in Germany...Thank you for listening.

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    Submission system: Currently it is distracting as you're controlling a little graphic rather than concentrating on what's going on in the ring. One of the earlier games (Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain or SvR'06) had a great system which, while it utilised the dreaded 'button mashing', it meant that you could reverse a move like the figure-four leglock and have an opportunity to make your opponent submit instead (or he make you submit!).

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    I love the rollout system but I think it could be balanced better. It works perfectly in triple treat matches, but I believe that the more superstars are in a match, the more time they should spend outside the ring. Especially in MitB match, it's actually quite rare when there are just two superstars in the ring which makes rollout system quite pointless.
    Also, I think that getting up earlier should be limited (2 times per match) instead of giving a debuff. As an example, I'll refer once again to MitB match. The fact that superstars have limitless ability to "wake up" makes the match fairly annoying and very long.
    It would also be cool if we could decide when we want to get up after the bar is filled. It could lead to some surprises, especially when playing with friends.

    I hate auto-reversals that were introduced in one of the patches. It kills the whole logic of having limited number of reversals when you can just wait for your character to reverse the move for free.

    Tag Team Matches:
    I miss hot tags but the way they worked in the past was very "ugly" and outdated. My idea is that the superstar that is tagged in with a hot tag should be given a comeback sequence. If said superstar doesn't have a comeback in his/her moveset then they should be able to perform a generic one.

    As far as I know, WWE rules say that the pin can be broken up only once per match. Second attempt may result in a DQ. That should be reflected in the game.

    Elimination Chamber Matches:
    Pinfalls should take place only inside the ring, just like on TV.

    Steel Cage Matches:
    They should be rebalanced as well. This matches can be won even without hitting a finisher because climbing the cage is very easy, while it doesn't take much to leave your opponent laying on the mat for a longer time. I think that the simpliest solution would be to decrease the time it takes for a superstar to get up when opponent is trying to escape the cage.

    Hell in a Cell Matches:
    In WWE TV, tables play a huge role in Hell in a Cell. There should be a way to set up a table inside and outside the ring. If the lack of space between a ring and a cell is an issue then maybe they could be set up in the same way as ladder bridges?

    One thing that bugged me for years now is how easy is to throw someone off the top of a cell and how little impact it makes on a match. In my opinion it should end the match or at least be an OMG move. Better yet, whether the match ends or not should be determined by durability of a certain superstar. For example, Shane McMahon can survive one leap, Mankind can survive even two, but if it happens to Bo Dallas - match is over (or that superstar is eliminated if it's multi-man match).

    That's it. I apologize for every grammar mistake I made. English is not my primary language, but I love WWE games and I want it to be even better.

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    Suggestions/ work in progress

    Many more ideas. But wanted to get something on here before the deadline.

    Gameplay mechanics and then move suggestions

    Main focus on older wrestling and puroresu

    Gameplay Mechanics:

    No long omg animations. Still have them, but also let players do the moves on there own. Ex/ all the running dives without the long animation that includes the throw out to the ring.

    Top rope face outwards (moonsaults). No longer go to the apron and face the ring just to spin around and then do a backwards dive.

    N64 free doomsday pickup

    Move Suggestions:

    Muta moonsault

    Handspring elbow and counters

    Macho double axe handle were he falls to his knees afterwards

    Doomsday moves

    Springboard moves of guardrail

    Minoru suzuki moves. Piledriver. Rope submissions.

    Minor Suzuki’s Hair! No design needed on the shaved part. We can use the Paint Tool to design our own.( I know this is not the right section)

    Crossbody dropkick reversal

    More free open animations

    King Kong knee drop from corner

    Western lariat

    Apron moves

    Suplex over the top rope to floor

    Frankensteiner. Off of ropes. Standing free grapple (
    Cactus elbow. Running

    Second rope moves into the floor. Cactus elbow. Sunset flip

    Diving weapon strikes. Cactus funk

    Stinger splash

    Bret superplex

    Gut punch


    Second rope elbow

    Summerslam roll over sharpshooter

    Finisher / special zone. Multiple finishers multiple positions.

    V trigger. Bicycle knee

    New dragon suplex

    Emerald flowsin

    Burning lariat

    Counter a strike with a strike

    Counter a running strike with a strike

    Mushroom stomp

    Running powerbomb over ropes

    Springboard phenomenal forearm to floor

    Springboard clothesline

    Rocker double fist drop

    New hart attack clothesline (Right Arm)

    Hart Foundation backbreaker elbow

    Hart Foundation reverse power slam ( Think vs Brainbusters at Summerslam)

    British bulldogs head butt. Davey has opp.on his shoulders and then Dynamite jump off

    British Bulldogs Gorilla press head butt

    Classic entrances and themes. Unlockables.


    Bret chest bump

    Flair roll up. Run to other tb

    Chair throw

    New rainmaker clothesline

    Steiner bulldog. Steiner ddt

    Steiner clothesline with crowd pop

    Dr. Death backdrop.

    Any and all special moves that are in No Mercy & Virtual Pro Wrestling 2

    Tokyo dome aisle long ramp. Earlier WCW SHOWS

    Top rope dives into crowd

    Running dives into crowd

    Avalanche Nail In The Coffin. Vampiro

    Can unlockables in game

    Classic Entrances (Ex/ Gangrel, Four horseman entrance etc)

    Old wcw studios arenas

    Old logos ( Classic Rumble…Survivor Series)

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    Please note that my original post is compiled of notes; as I wanted to get something on here before the deadline. A much more detailed version can be provided if ever needed.

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    Being able to have the weapons or objects that the Superstars bring to the ring (Sting's bat or The Big Boss Man's night stick) during the matches would be really cool. They should set them in the corner like they do during their entrances & they should stay their so we can use them as weapons. That would be cool and realistic.
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    I Would Like to see more backstage areas added, this was my favorite added feature next to the new table finishers.
    The Return Of GM Mode. I miss this mode so much.
    Inferno Matches.
    6 Man Tag TLC With Pinfalls And Submissions instead of climbing the ladder.
    Interacting with the objects placed on the stage in Create An Arena, Such as tables.

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    Stomps to head, arms and body be reversed by the grounded wrestler with a leverage pin (e.g. Small Package, Inside Cradle) or a submission or a Tripping Leg Sweep

    Limit Ring Escape to 1, 3, or 5 times depending on ability lvl to stop with so much stalling outside the ring.

    Pins should become increasingly difficult and change the spot of the kickout meter as more damage is done. Have an option that after X amount of finishers are hit on same opponent it is an auto pin-win. I see people kickout of 5 or 6+ finishers too often.

    Have TENDENCIES for wrestlers like Fire Pro wrestling. Some wrestlers should use springboards and top turnbuckle dives more than heavyweights. Undertaker should strike and brawl more than a technical wrestler. It may be programmed into their individual CPU but this is needed for CAW’s

    Be able to use Resiliency to get out of Submission moves.

    Can only tap someone out if Submission is a signature or finisher.

    IF reversal bar limits are taken out go back to control scheme of L2 to reverse strikes, R2 to reverse grapples, and L2+R2 to reverse finishers so people don't just spam R2 non-stop.

    IF reversal bar limits are left in (I personally like them) then once reverse button is pressed have there be a 1-2 second cool down so you opponent can't just spam the reverse button - MUST IMPROVE ON ONLINE LAG to work.

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    Overall, this year's gameplay has ultimately seen a major improvement. The graphics are a lot smoother, your wrestler doesn't move like a stick-man; too many improvements to list!

    However, there are various glitches which ruin various gaming experiences. During a one-on-one match, particularly (but not predominantly) in my career, your wrestler seems to 'crash' whenever walks towards the turnbuckle to perform a taunt. Your gaming experience is ultimately ruined as your wrestler is just in the corner of the ring frozen!

    Also backstage the same thing happens when your opponent Irish whips you into far railing - your wrestler just freezes.

    I'm not sure whether this information is useful or not, but it's also worth mentioning that in 'My Career mode' (sorry for mentioning this, wasn't bothered enough to write it somewhere else), the crowd's reaction during the broadcast's intro is determined over whether your star is face or heel. So, for example, if he's a heel, the crowd will BOO throughout the show.

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    The commentary has been awful in the Next Gen installments. First and most important thing, re-record ALL of the commentary. All of it. No more King yelling about divas, no more Cole explaining how Summer Rae has 3 finishers (I mean...what?), no more bored sounding JBL saying "it's the finisher". Re-do the lot. If you listen to the realism of the commentary on FIFA, for example, WWE games are embarrassing.

    Secondly, the submission systems, both of them, are far too difficult. If a wrestler has a submission finisher, they should not have to slap it on three times before they get a tap out with it, unless there's a rope break or it's a guy like Big Show.

    Thirdly female wrestlers need a weight detection system. Sasha Banks should never ever be vertical suplexing Nia Jax. They need their own weight classes, so 100-120 ibs cruiserweight, 121-165 ibs heavyweight, 166- super heavyweight.

    Fourthly, the targeting system in multi man matches is terrible. Money In The Bank is almost unplayable because of this. If I point my wrestler to someone, they should not turn around and try and grab someone completely different.

    Finally, the mini game for ladder matches needs refining. It's good that there's some challenge, but it's way too time consuming, and aside from Jack Swagger that one time at Mania 26, it does not take anyone upwards of a minute to unhook a briefcase or title belt.

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    more move positions......and more move slots for existing positions (4 running strikes instead of 2 like No Mercy etc...)

    less canned animations. I don't want to do a move and sit there and watch a cutscene. I want control

    Add Chyna and let men and women wrestle each other. U can't have Chyna just facing women. She was the IC champ. She was in the Rumble

    Bring back the Ultimate Control Moves concept

    I want Apron Tag Taunts. the A.I claps and does stuff when he's on the apron as ur tag partner. Why can't I do any of that stuff?

    Let me do the Collar & Elbow Lock Up mini game whenever i want in a match.

    there needs to be a "Leaning against ringside apron" position. Many times in wrestling an opponent is whipped into the ringside apron. In no mercy u can whip ppl into the ringside apron. In this game it just whips the opponent into the ring

    Better animations for tossing someone out of the ring. No Mercy had a normal animation. In this game we have to do an Irish Whip and it does look as good.

    Running Barricade moves. I think this was in one of the old SmackDown games??? Like when Jeff Hardy would run on the barricade and do a diving clothesline off the barricade to a ringside opponent.

    Bring back the Blue cage. This was always an option in match creator. But we lost match creator...and the ability to choose what cage we have

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