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Thread: No more soft lob pass?

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    No more soft lob pass?

    So the Y button used to be this nice soft lob pass used to feed the guys in the paint. Now it's a 'Skip pass' which throws to the player farthest away from you? ☺☺☺? This is the kind of cross court pass your coach would make you run horses until your tongue fell out, if you threw it.

    Pretty obvious the dorks at 2k never actually played even high school bb. They've only seen a little on t.v.
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    yea that is a killer

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    Turnover every time.

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    It's like playing with middle school kids that don't know what they are doing lol. I play with the Lakers and they refuse to pass me the ball while I'm cutting they wait for me to stop and the defender to d-up b4 they attempt a bad pass

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