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Thread: Looking for a Sapphire Allen Iverson for a reasonable price MyTeam

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    Looking for a Sapphire Allen Iverson for a reasonable price MyTeam

    Hi I am looking for a sapphire allen iverson in MyTeam to buy for a reasonable price. Message me on PSN weazyritzstrket if your interested.

    can somebody tell me why the retards in the auction house are charging the same amount of MT as the ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ amethyst.

    still looking for a ai NOT OVERPRICED GOD DAMN
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    yo man I'm from philly and I wanted a sapphire embiid 86 overall, I had to pay a lot for it. Obviously I want an AI card as well just like everyone else. Since there isn't a lot of these cards (on Xbox one it looks like one guy just bought them all because there are like 6 or 7 on the market for the same price upwards of 40k) obviously the price of the cards are going to go up. No one is just going to give u the card for a "reasonable price", so keep dreaming my man.

    and yo dude the kids are charging the same amount because most likely one guy bought up all the cards while they were "reasonably priced" and when he owns every card he dictates what he deems reasonable...
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    Well... What's reasonable for you..?

    and hold on... why.... would anybody want to sell it for significantly less than what it's being sold for by everyone else.... I concur with above comment ^, keep dreamin breh lol

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