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Thread: Civilization 5 hapiness

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    Civilization 5 hapiness

    I played Civ 5 before I purchased the complete package and didn't notice any problems with gameplay then. But now I picked it up again with the Civ 5 complete and now I have problems with population hapiness around 1500. I already had a problem with getting enough gold early on but solved that problem.

    Now I can't complete or continue a game because around 1500 I have more then 10 unhappy people what starts continuous revolts. Don't ask me how to raise a sizable army now with so much unhappiness.
    It doesn't help enough to build colosseums and circusses to decrease unhappiness, neither trade agreements.

    Does anyone know how to solve the unhappiness bug as it makes the game unplayable.

    Also I don't like the city garrison which seem to have almost no effect on city defence.
    The solution of putting a ranged unit in a city is not satisfying as the city has already ranged defence.
    It should be a defensive unit with full effect on city defence.

    Please make this game playable again as the concept looks great..

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    I've never had any issues with happiness in civ 5, make sure you building things you need and going for social policies like the one that makes monuments give you +1 happiness. Policy effects usually have the biggest affect on hapiness

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    When Ideologies come into play (after 3 factories built or reaching the Modern Era), Civilizations that have suffered a high Tourism influence from other players while generating little culture themselves will suffer Happiness penalties in case the Civilization that is influential over them picks a different Ideology. As long as you keep that in mind and plan accordingly, you´ll soon have not much more problems with happiness than you´re supposed to naturally have in order to limit growth.
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