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Thread: Caw and universe mode problem

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    Caw and universe mode problem

    Does anyone else have problems with universe mode rarely booking your created wrestlers? I only have 3 created wrestlers added to universe mode, and the game rarely books them. One of my caw finally became the US champ, and the game still rarely books him. How do you get the game to start booking created wrestlers more? Also, I found out having and winning a #1 contenders match, and manually adding people to your rivals list does absolutely nothing when it comes to created wrestlers.

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    Get in the habit of booking matches yourself. This game is terrible at booking. If your caw is the Us champion, then it should be booked. I know on my game, the caws that are champs are booked every week. The #1 contender matches are bugged. They never book the winners to a championship match.

    Another way other than booking matches yourself is edit the rankings. Don't rely on the universe to book matches for you. It gets old and stupid real quick. Have fun with triple threat matches for days, lol.

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    how do you edit rankings?

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    Go to the rankings screen and press square (I don't know the button for Xbox, it will tell you at the bottom left of the screen).

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