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Thread: NBA2K18 Historic Teams Wishlist (Classic Teams Discussion)

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    NBA2K18 Historic Teams Wishlist (Classic Teams Discussion)

    I would like for these teams to be added.

    1. Kobe, Pau 2009 or 2010 Lakers
    2. Shaq, Kobe, Payton, Malone 2004 Lakers
    3. Hardaway, Mourning 1990's Miami Heat
    4. Webber Bibby 2002 Sacramento Kings
    5. Ewing, Sprewell, Houston 1999 New York Knicks
    6. Olujawon, Sampson 1980's Houston Rockets
    7. Charles Barkley 1993 Phoenix Suns
    8. Olujawon, Drexler, Barkley 1997 Houston Rockets
    9. Kidd, 2002 New Jersey Nets
    10. Marbury, Garnett 1990's Timberwolves
    11. Carmelo, Billups 2009 Denver Nuggets
    12. Williams, Boozer 2008 Utah Jazz

  2. Exclamation

    82 Teams, spanning 60 years.

    1950s (2 Teams)
    '54 Lakers (NBA's first dynasty, George Mikan, Jim Pollard, Vern Mikkelsen, Slater Martin, Clyde Lovellette)
    '58 Hawks (Led by Bob Petit, one of only two teams to ever beat Bill Russell in the playoffs)

    1960s (5 Teams)
    '62 Royals (Oscar's triple double season)
    '62 Warriors (Wilt averaged 50 PPG, including a 100 point game)
    '63 Celtics (Russell, Cousy, Havlicek, middle of the greatest dynasty in NBA history)
    '66 Lakers (Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, the cool blue uniforms)
    '67 76ers (The only Wilt team to ever beat a Russell team)

    1970s (5 Teams)
    '71 Bucks (Kareem and Oscar, first championship for Kareem, only one for Oscar)
    '72 Lakers (Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West, West's only championship)
    '76 Nets [ABA] (Dr. J in his prime, ABA champions)
    '77 Lakers (Kareem in his prime before Magic joined the team)
    '77 76ers (Dr. J in his prime before Mosses Malone joined the team)

    1980s (12 Teams)
    '81 Celtics (Larry Bird, McHale, Parish, Tiny Archibald, Cedric Maxwell)
    '81 Rockets (Prime Moses, western conference champions)
    '82 Lakers (Magic, Kareem, Michael Cooper, Bob McAdoo, Jamaal Wilkes)
    '83 Sixers (Dr. J, Moses Malone, "Fo, Fo, Fo")
    '85 Bulls (Rookie Jordan, the cursive "Chicago" script on the Uniforms)
    '86 Celtics (Bird, McHale, Parish, Dennis Johnson, Bill Walton, Danny Ainge)
    '86 Rockets (Twin Towers - Hakeem and Ralph Sampson)
    '87 Lakers (Magic, Kareem, Cooper, James Worthy, AC Green, Kurt Rambis, Byron Scott)
    '88 Hawks (Dominique Wilkins, Doc Rivers, Spud Webb, Kevin Willis)
    '89 Cavs (Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, Larry Nance, Ron Harper, Hot Rod Williams, poor Craig Ehlo)
    '89 Pistons (Bad Boys - Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Dennis Rodman, Bill Laimbeer)
    '89 Knicks (young Patrick Ewing, Mark Jackson, Charles Oakley)

    1990s (24 Teams)
    '90 76ers (Prime Charles Barkley)
    '90 Suns (KJ, Thunder Dan, Tom Chambers, Jeff Hornacek)
    '91 Bulls (Jordan's first title, Pippen, Paxson, Grant, Armstrong)
    '91 Warriors (Run TMC - Mullin, Hardaway, Richmond, Marciulionis)
    '91 Lakers (Dream Team era Magic, Western Conference Champs)
    '91 Blazers (Clyde Drexler, Terry Porter, Kevin Duckworth)
    '92 Celtics (Dream Team era Bird, plus Reggie Lewis before he died)
    '92 Jazz (Better Utah team than what made the finals in '97 and '98, Malone, Stockton, Jeff Malone, Mark Eaton, Blue Edwards)
    '93 Hornets (Morning, Grandmama, Muggsy, Kendall Gill, Steph's dad)
    '93 Suns (Western champs, Barkley, KJ, Majerle)
    '93 Supersonics (Kemp, Payton, Sam Perkins, Ricky Pierce)
    '94 Nuggets (Mutombo lying on the floor)
    '94 Rockets (NBA Champs, Hakeem, Cassell, Horry, Mad Maxwell, Kenny Smith, MVP season for Hakeem)
    '94 Heat (Glen Rice, Rony Seilkaly, Steve Smith)
    '94 Knicks (Eastern Champs, Ewing, Mason, Oakley, Starks)
    '95 Pacers (Reggie Miller, Rik Smits, Antonio and Dale Davis, Mark Jackson, Miller's clutch craziness vs. the Knicks)
    '95 Magic (Shaq, Penny, last team to beat Jordan's Bulls in the playoffs)
    '95 Spurs (Robinson's MVP season, Sean Elliot, Avery Johnson, Dennis Rodman)
    '96 Bulls (72 Wins, Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, Kukoc, Harper)
    '96 Sonics (Payton, Kemp, Western champions)
    '97 Pistons (Prime Grant Hill before injuries)
    '97 Rockets (Hakeem, Barkely, Drexler)
    '97 Heat (Mourning, Hardaway, Majerle)
    '97 Jazz (Malone's MVP season, Stockton, Ostertag, Russell, Hornacek)

    2000s (29 Teams)
    '00 Lakers (Shaq's MVP season, Kobe, Glen Rice, AC Green, Ron Harper)
    '00 Trail Blazers ("Jail Blazers" Rasheed Wallace, Steve Smith, Damin Stoudamire, Scottie Pippen)
    '01 Bucks (Ray Allen, Sam Cassell, Glenn Robinson)
    '01 76ers (MVP Iverson, eastern champions)
    '01 Raptors (Prime Vince Carter)
    '02 Celtics (Prime Pierce)
    '02 Lakers (Shaq, Kobe, other starters now include Horry, Fox, & Fisher)
    '02 Nets (Eastern Champs, Kidd, Jefferson, K-Mart)
    '02 Kings (Webber, Bibby, Peja, Divac)
    '03 Mavs (Dirk, Nash, Michael Finley)
    '03 Rockets (Steve Francis, Cuttino Mobley, young Yao Ming)
    '03 Magic (Prime T-Mac, it's a video game so healthy Grant Hill)
    '03 Spurs (Tim Duncan, Stephen Jackson, Steve Kerr, David Robinson, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker)
    '03 Wizards (Jordan's final season)
    '04 Pistons (Billups, Rasheed, Ben Wallace, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince)
    '04 Pacers (Jermaine O'Neal, Ron Artest, Al Harrington, Reggie Miller)
    '04 Timberwolves (KG's MVP year, Cassell, Sprewell, Wally)
    '05 Suns (MVP Steve Nash, Amare, Marion, Joe Johnson, Barbosa, Quentin)
    '05 Sonics (Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis)
    '05 Wizards (Gilbert Arenas, Antwan Jamison, Larry Hughes)
    '06 Heat (Wade, Shaq, NBA Champs)
    '07 Cavs (Lebron's first Finals team)
    '07 Warriors ("We Believe" Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Stephen Jackson)
    '07 Rockets (T-Mac, Yao, Mutombo)
    '07 Spurs (boring but great, Duncan, Ginobili, Horry, Parker, Bowen, Barry, Finley)
    '08 Celtics (Pierce, Garnett, Ray Allen, Tony Allen, Rondo, NBA Champs)
    '08 Hornets (Prime CP3, Tyson Chandler, David West, Peja)
    '09 Nuggets (Carmello, Chauncey, Birdman, K-Mart, JR Smith)
    '09 Magic (Dwight, Rashard Lewis, Eastern champs)

    2010s (5 Teams)
    '10 Lakers (Kobe, Pau, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom)
    '11 Bulls (Derrick Rose's MVP year)
    '11 Mavericks (NBA Champs, Dirk, Jet, Kidd)
    '12 Thunder (Durant, Westbrook, Harden)
    '13 Heat (LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen)

    You could go deeper into the 2010s, but I feel like those teams are too recent/similar to current teams. You could also go deeper into the '60s and '70s, but I feel like most people want teams from the '80s through the 2000s.
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    Teams from the ABA would be fun to recreate.

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    '99 knicks
    '94 4knicks
    '92 knicks
    '11 mavericks
    '10 lakers
    '93 suns
    '95 pacers
    '08 celtics

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    I'd like to see the 1995/2000/2004 Pacer teams!!! Or the ABA Pacers team with Roger Brown, MGinnis, Keller, Daniels... You need Reggie Miller on this game!!! Even if you have to pay him for the rights of him being on this game, hes the best player in our teams history!!! Us Pacer fans dont want to play with Paul George anymore so we need a good team from our past to play with! It suck that the best pacer teams of the past arent in you recent 2k games!!!

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    Michael Jordan

    Just one thing!

    Put back Michael Jordan from 2k11! You start messing around with to many changes and signature moves that in 2k17 Michael Jordan it`s not recognizable. The look and style of his game is almost unrecognizable! Jumpshoot, fadeaways, tongue out when he drives to basket.
    Make a new one from the beginning or upgrade the old from 2k11 Michael Jordan version.
    The look and style every year in the game you make him start losing part to part that you don`t recognize it today that this is MJ, only by his name!
    Best ever MJ from 2k11, hope you will do something about it?
    With every new version of nba 2k game I`m start to be disapointed when I realize that Michael Jordan in the game is worse than year before. You are going backwards not forward with improvment that you make every year. Very sad!
    When the license has not been properly used!
    I'm curious what will Mr. Jordan say to seeing himself in the game and figuring out what kind of circus you made of him in the game?! Everything is wrong, but it has been a great hit in the 2k11 game and style.

    Thanks 2k

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    I want Grant Hill, Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley. Chris Webber and Jason Kidd teams in the game badly. Not to mention ability to use them in All Star team up.

  8. Have they announced anything about which teams or how many teams will be in this year?

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    2009-10 Los Angeles Lakers Prime / Prime Kobe
    2008-09 Orlando Magic Magic / Prime Dwight
    2002-03 San Antonio Spurs / Prime Tim Duncan
2001-02 Sacramento Kings / Prime Chris and Peja
    2002-03 New Jersey Nets / Prime Kidd and Richardson
    2007-08 Charlotte Hornets / Prime Chris Paul
    2015-16 Oklahoma City Thunder / Kevin and Westbrook before breakup
    1992-1993 Phoenix Suns / Prime Charles Barkley
    2015-16 Golden State Warriors / Best season ever
    2010-11 Chicago Bulls / Prime Derrick Rose
    2006-07 San Antonio Spurs / Championship DNA
    2012-13 San Antonio Spurs / Krazy Kawhi
    2009-10 Cleveland Cavaliers / Pre Miami Prime LeBron
    2011-12 Oklahoma City Thunder / THE OG 3
    2005-06 Los Angeles Lakers / Kobe scoring 35 a game
    2006-07 Dallas Mavericks / Prime Dirk

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    Quote Originally Posted by @NBA2K
    In addition to the brand new All-Time Teams, we've added 16 new Classic Teams! Which Classic Teams are you hoping to see added to #NBA2K18?
    Do they generally change all the teams every year or add onto what was there the year before?
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    77 portland blazers (walton)
    83 philadelphia 76ers (erving, malone)
    93 phoenix suns (barkley, johnson, majerle)
    97 houston rockets (olajuwon, barkley, drexler)
    02 sacramento kings (webber, stojakovic, bibby, divac)
    02 new jersey nets (kidd, martin, jefferson)
    10 los angeles lakers (bryant, gasol)
    11 dallas mavericks (nowitzki, kidd, chandler, marion)
    12 okc thunder (durant, westbrook, harden)
    a reggie miller pacers team (95, 98 or 00 i like the 95 uniforms best)
    a spurs team (03, 05 etc)

    i think some teams should be changed or removed like the 86 bulls should be the 85 rookie jordan bulls with the cursive jerseys and remove the 71 lakers and keep the 72 one etc. and it would be great if some of the other classic teams already in the game they could add alternate uniforms for, like the 96 bulls black pinstripe jerseys, 95 magic blue alternate, 71 hawks lime green etc. since the 04 twolves, 05 suns & 06 heat have their alternates. and give the 03 mavericks their correct away uniforms not the current ones.
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    96-97 heat and 98-99 knicks confirmed to be in the game

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    Do you have a link to an official source?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeokage View Post
    Do you have a link to an official source?

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    Thanks for the link. It's always better to give the links to confirmations.
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    I'm hoping at least 2 of the following 3 make it. 08-09 Cavs/Lakers/Magic. That year was supposed to be a potential all time finals with LeBron and Kobe in their primes, along with the 2 best records in the league. They also had those great Muppet commercials! Lol The '08 cavs with MVP Bron would be a muuuch more popular pick than the '06 Cavs that got swept! And you can't forget the Magic with prime Dwight Howard along with Rashard Lewis, Hedo, Nelson, Pietrus, gortat, etc.

    *Honorable mentions: '08 or '09 Jazz teams that had D Williams, Boozer, Millsap, Korver, Kirelinko, Brewer, Okur and company. Also the '09-'10 Hawks that had Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Bibby, Jamal Crawford, Marvin Williams, Al Horford, Zaza. Both would be fun to use.

    WHY ARE THE 05'-06 GRIZZ IN THE GAME?? EVEN GRIZZ FANS WONT USE THEM OVER THE '12 GRIZZ. Waste of a coveted historic spot to me.
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    *93-94 Warriors (Webber,Mullin,Sprewell)
    *94-95 Warriors (Hardaway,Mullin,Sprewell)

    *95-96 Bullets (Webber,Juan Howard, Rasheed Wallace)
    *96-97 Bullets (Webber, Juan Howard, ROD STRICKLAND)


    *01-02 Wizards (Michael Jordan,Rip Hamilton,Tyronne Lue)
    *08-09 Wizards (Gilbert Arenas,Antwan Jamison,Caron Butler)

    *07-08 NJ Nets (Vince Carter,Jason Kid, Richard Jefferson)

    *09-10 Lakers (Kobe, Odom,Gasal,Artest)

    *09-10 Magic (Dwight Howard, Vince Carter, Turkoglu, Lewis)

    *09-10 Utah Jazz (Deron Williams,Kyle Korver, Carlos Boozer)

    *09-10 Atlanta Hawks (Mike Bibby, Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford, Josh Smith, Al Horford)

    *09-10 Blazers (Brandon Roy, Lamarcus Aldridge, Greg Oden)

    *09-10 Charlotte Bobcats (Dj Augustin, Stephen Jackson, Gerald Wallace, Boris Diaw, Tuyrus Thomas)

    *98-99 Rockets (Hakeem, Barkley, Pippen)

    *99-00 Charlotte Hornets (Baron Davis, EDDIE JONES, Ricky Davis)

    *00-01 Suns (Jason Kidd, Penny Hardaway, Shawn Marion)

    *01-02 Orlando Magic (Tracy McGrady, Grant Hill, Mike Miller, Patrick Ewing, Horace Grant)

    *08-09 Knicks (Nate Robinson, Jamal Crawford, Quentin Richardson, Zack Randolph, Jared Jefferies)

    *03-04 Chicago Bulls (Jamal Crawford, Tyson Chandler, Eddie Curry, Scottie Pippen, Kirk Hinrich)

    *13-14 Brooklyn Nets (Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett)

    *94-95 Pacers

    *99-00 NBA FINALS Pacers

    *03-04 Pacers (Reggie Miller, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson)

    please 2k can you add these additional classic teams or perhaps as a dlc!!!
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    So far, so good with the trailers of 2k18 and Michael Jordan, looks promising. 2k PLEASE, don`t forget to add sticking tongue out when he drives to basket, like last year! Hope that he`s moves and movement in the game it`s finally accurate! Position of he`s hands (left hand) on release and fade aways was not correct, very disappointed in 2k17! He look so accurate in 2k11, also fakes with one hand, dunks! Why you remove all he`s recognizable moves, when you got it right already?!
    Looking forward, hope not to be disappointed again! I'm waiting for the whole year hoping that in 2k18 you will correct those mistakes, and that I can enjoy playing with him like I enjoy 7 years ago, when you got it right!

    Thanks 2k

    In the trailer all time team, when Michael Jordan do the behind dunk, why he`s tongue it`s not visible? Please 2k don`t do the same mistake like last year!! Please, before it`s too late and game it`s release! Correct the mistake if you have not already?! I beg you!

    Thanks 2k
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by CapitalOne View Post
    Looks good! Still no Charles Barkley or Reggie Miller. And wasn't Moses Malone in the game before? But otherwise, no major complaints.
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    Where Are Al The Great Classic Teams?

    No 90's Bulls? No 80's Celtics? No Bad boy Pistons? No Showtime lakers? What gives? These classic teams you have are all trash. I'm not paying full price for this crap. The All time team thing is cute but it's not as good as classic teams. Looks like I'm getting this game off ebay used for $20.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by mjallday View Post
    No 90's Bulls? No 80's Celtics? No Bad boy Pistons? No Showtime lakers? What gives? These classic teams you have are all trash. I'm not paying full price for this crap. The All time team thing is cute but it's not as good as classic teams. Looks like I'm getting this game off ebay used for $20.
    What list are you looking at? Literally all of the teams you mentioned are in the game.

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    Lazy with Classic teams yet again... C'mon 2k!!!

    Okay, first of all I want to congratulate the 2k sports dev team on once again putting out a great basketball game. Seriously, the gameplay is special. Hell of a Job fellas.

    That said, I want to address 2k about classic teams. It's understandable that 2k couldn't get the rights to every player but, it's a bit annoying using certain classic teams when they only have like 6 or 7 active players. It doesn't help that the CAP has been downgraded but, that's different story. I can somewhat deal with some bench players missing but, if this is the case then the star players MUST be at least look right.

    Look at this...

    I understand that hasn't changed in looks much over the years but, you guys really coudn't just add some hair or get the tattoo right? It's obvious you guys just used the 2k16 model of Kobe. He's a huge part of the classic teams, it's a shame you couldn't get that right.

    2008 Chris Paul is just current the current model. Monta Ellis has full sleeves(he didn't in 07). Tracy McGrady didn't have his tattoos on the Raptors.

    This reminds of how NBA 2k14 and 15 (X1 and PS4) featured Allen Iverson with no tattos on his arms. It wasn't fixed till 2k16. Trust me, I know I'm knit picking but, I find it annoying since these are minor issues that could be resolved with just some attention to detail. I look forward to classic teams every year and I find it annoying that 2k gets lazy with classic team models.

    I see PC modders do a much a better job with details than the 2k dev team and that's embarrassing. Using the 03-04 Lakers just feels like user created team on 2k share with how the 2k16 Kobe model was used. I know 2k can do better if they just put in the effort. All of my friends notice the same things but, just never get on forums.

    I hope 2k can look at this and make some changes. Just know that the fans pay attention to detail 2k. While getting the rights to certain players like Rasheed is out 2k's control, fixing something like a hairstyle or tattoo isn't.

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    I was disappointed after not seeing a Lakers team from the 2008-2010 era with Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, and Pau Gasol. Thats when Kobe was at the top of his game and it should've already been part of 2k17 with Kobe on the cover of the gold version.

    I was hoping for it on this year's version but still a gap between 2007 and 2011 for classic teams.
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