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Thread: Save game crashing

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    Save game crashing

    So basically in XCOM: Enemy Within my save game crashes whenever I load it. I can no longer save my game any longer resulting in a crash. I can however load my previous saves.
    I posted on Steam and got no results, I scoured the web and found an apparent fix which was about moving your save files and stuff which didn't work either...

    Can anyone help me out here? I love the game and would love to continue instead of starting all over..

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    was this on a pc?
    do you have any mods installed?
    if on pc/steam re-verify the game files which will uninstall any mods
    then try again
    if it still doesn't work then you'll have to restart the campaign

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    Yes on PC.
    I didn't have any mods installed and I verified the cache as well but it still didn't work.
    For better or worse I just lowered the difficulty and somehow managed to finish the mission then the whole campaign.
    I have uninstalled the game now but damn that is a horrible bug. Restarting the campaign is the last thing I would do lol.

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