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Thread: Black screen on fullscreen mode since nvidia update

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    Black screen on fullscreen mode since nvidia update


    I recently updated my nVidia drivers. Since then, when I start Civ 5 I get the intro movie, but then the screen goes black. It shows up properly when previewing it by scrolling over the bottom bar on the desktop view, but when I switch to it it's only a black screen.

    I managed to get it to be visible either by going into windowed mode, or by choosing a lower screen refresh rate (60Hz, anything above will give a black screen). It was working fine at 144 Hz before. I tried to uninstall and re-install it, but no change. I'd be grateful for any help!

    I might add that since that update I have also had problems with Far Cry 4, which also can't be run in full screen mode.

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    Might be something interfering with an integrated GPU.
    Or the installation somehow didn't went 100% ok.

    Reinstalling it, using a clean install might help.
    Otherwise you always have the option to go back a version.
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    Thank you! I did try to reinstall and I always install with a clean install...

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