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Thread: How bad do I suck?

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    How bad do I suck?

    So I'm playing on deity (naturally) and after a few runs where I made some really stupid mistake or another, I got an okay start (By okay I mean, I didn't do anything stupid)

    So I start out with the horserush, get it as late as you can possibly get it with the Aztecs (3000 BC, first village I believe gave me bronze working) and proceed to delete ghandi in 2700 BC to my southwest and then do a complete 180, taking out tokugawa to my northeast in 1700 BC. I rush to take out the Arabs but reach them around 1300 BC, by which time I'm sure they have archer armies, so then I decide it's time to call it quits on the horses and expand with an eye for feudalism. I have 9 cities and am producing close to 50ish science a turn by 0 AD and have democracy by 300 AD (Sometime shortly before). I switch over and am making 90 science a turn (by this time I have nearly doubled my city count from earlier). Soon after I get feudalism and proceed to build start building knights and after getting a couple other techs to help out I get religion so I can go fundy mode. I do that and my horses take German city of Munich (they were to the west of the Arabs, who were northwestish) And they're farming up for battle at Berlin. Lost both horse armies in the ensuing series of battles but it didn't matter, because I'd just gotten banking (100 gold, think this was around 700-800 AD) and rushed some knights. So then I proceed to get vet status on those knights and then I suddenly get general. At which point Germany gets deleted in 3 turns. Both the cities they had left. Poof. All this time I'd had Arabs pinned off to their one city and taking settlers whenever they popped out, then getting peace out of him. But I got another Knight army by the time I was ready to wipe out Arabs (they were still using archers) I was feeling rather aggressive. So I pushed for a kill, won a 15v15 and instant vetted them, then a couple turns and I win. Time? Well, cry for me, because it's really late, 1075 AD.

    At time of victory I was close to getting tanks, industrialization, and corporation. So can someone tell me whether this is okay time for Aztec win after horserushing through 1500 BC? How can I improve my time? Besides getting a better horserushing start or using another civ. (China or America, anyone?)
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