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Thread: 360 users Unite! Public Modes suck..leave your Gamer Tag!

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    360 users Unite! Public Modes suck..leave your Gamer Tag!

    just got this game and enjoy it quite a bit but unfortunately I can't figure out how to have fun Online.

    I had to create a new myCareer because I realized that being a PG didn't even allow me to be a Playmaker in BlackTop mode....instead of having my hands on the ball to do what I do I'd be expected to do nothing but defend a SF that is 6 inches taller than m....nearly every PG on my team refuses to pass even when Triple teamed.

    If you are going to be a ball hog, at least amuse me once in a while by taking advantage of the screens I'm constantly setting for you! lol

    I've played B-Ball vids since the 80's but wouldn't consider myself a Vet even when it comes to the Last-gen versions of 2k...I still haven't gotten Rebounding & Low Post D down but I decided to start myCareer over again so that I could play as a Center.

    I'm a team player so I figured the best way to help a random Blacktop team would be to provide some Height and Strength.....people still don't want to take advantage of it....even once I make it obvious that there is a very good chance they'll get the ball back if they pass it to me.

    People online would rather try to dribble circles around 2 other players while I stand under the hoop with a player 6 inches shorter than me trying to defend me, more than willing to pass up an easy basket to try and get an assist by kicking it back out to the ball hog who would have a WIDE OPEN 3 Point Attempt.

    anyway...I'm going to stop ranting and get to the point....

    I enjoy this game but would enjoy it a lot more if we could weed out 95% of the players that I come up against.
    Even when I do come across someone that I'd like to add to my Friend List, 2K makes it very difficult to access the user you may have just played with in BlackTop

    I'd like to start a Crew. Or Join a Crew.

    Those that have a Crew but don't have room in it, we want to know who you are so leave your GT like everyone else reading this thread.

    my GT: DaPackWillReign

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    I don't have a crew. Gt is zayyyfye

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