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Thread: NBA 2k14 on pc with controller- Help

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    NBA 2k14 on pc with controller- Help

    Hey i just bought nba on pc because its much cheaper than on ps3 and i can use controller on pc.
    Now that im new i wonder how my controller settings should be. I use the default motionjoy stuff. Like button 1 - Triangle Button 2 - Circle and so on. Its really confusing and i've never tried or owned any nba game before so i would be really happy if you guys could help.
    I want to know like what is the best settings, its really confusing when they're called button 1, 2, 3 and not x, triangle and circle.
    I suck at English and i have formulated myself bad, but if you understood please answer, i really wanna start playing this game and no guides on youtube or anything have helped me at all and im getting tired and mad. So thanks a lot for answers

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    I suggest you use an Xbox 360 Controller. I know you may not be familiar with the 360 controls like you would for the PS3. However, the good thing is that the PC version has fully supported 360 control button scheme. So you will easily be able to configure your own control system with the buttons. Plus it's fully supported, while I'm not sure if the PS3 controller would work for PC without some other additional configuration.

    But the 360 Controller will work on PC straight away. You will then be able to configure your own button settings just like you would for your controller on the PS3. For example for me I assign RB for sprinting instead of RT, A for passing, X for shooting, Y for jumping, B for screening, LB for Icon Passing, etc. That's my preference, but your preference may be different. If you found your preference settings for the PS3 control scheme which you like, you can try to reassign the same control settings for the PC.

    If however you do find that the PS3 Controller is working fine for you, it's just the case of trying to translate the same button layouts to the 360 buttons. I know that's confusing as the PC version doesn't offer PS3 button layout. That's why I recommend you get a 360 Controller as there's full button layout with the 360 controller on PC.

    Other than that, there's really no best setting. At the end of the day, it's down to the individual to decide what configuration they find most comfortable!

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