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    Platinum Swords Universe

    (This was the original layout for my Universe. Below is a general overtake of years 1 through 14. The idea was for it to be one giant roster with shades of boxing rankings in regards to championships. What’s written below takes place in year seven of my universe as I wanted to involve more intrigue. It remained this way up until year 15 where after WrestleMania/Starrcade, I reintroduced promotions to use more of the roster that was in game. Due to the multiple files I have (some corrupted and lost) Posting timelines consistently will be an issue. So what I'll do instead is start posting from the beginning of year 16 where I think my universe mode was the most interesting.)

    Original Layout of Shows from Year 1-14 in Universe Mode

    Monday: Main Event roster. Titles used are WWF & NWA World & WWF/NWA Tag Team Championships.
    Tuesday: Upper Mid Card roster. Titles used are Intercontinental, United States & WWF/NWA Tag Team.
    Wednesday: Mid Card roster. Titles used are Television, National & National Tag Team
    Thursday: 2nd Mid Card Roster which consists of regional titles & US Tag Team.
    Friday: UWF Roster. Titles used are UWF World, Television & US Tag Team.

    General consensus dictates that the NWA & WWF World Heavyweight Championships are the most prestigious titles in the world of professional wrestling. Due to the importance of the championships, these two titles are only defended during Pay Per Views. It is hard to consider one over the other as far as prestige goes. The NWA & WWF titles were merged at one point to make only a single undisputed champion when the Undertaker defeated Magnum TA for his NWA crown and defended the undisputed title for well over a year. The lineage split when Randy Savage defeated Michael Hayes for the WWF version of the undisputed championship to split off the titles. For a shirt time due to this, the WWF title was considered to be the true undisputed championship. However, a non title match between then WWF champion Bad News Brown & then NWA champion Magnum TA put the moniker of undisputed into dispute when Magnum pinned Brown during a live event. The win by Magnum raised the question of weather the championship makes an individual the undisputed champion, or does simply winning grant you the name of undisputed champion.

    Being that both the WWF & NWA did not want their championships to be merged into one title, they came upon an agreement that every year at Wrestlemania, the two champions would meet in a non title match to decide for that year what organization would be donned the moniker of true undisputed champion. However, this caused problems from day one as a month before Wrestlemania, Jake Roberts defeated Andre the Giant for the WWF championship. The issue was that Jake Roberts was already signed to take on Sting for the NWA United States Championship at Wrestlemania, however, winning the WWF crown meant that Roberts was also obligated to take on the NWA World Champion Sid Vicious. Sting’s original contract to take on Roberts was delayed for three months, since October, until it was decided that it would take place at Mania. Due to the delay of the match, the contractual match between Sting and Roberts was updated from ‘Open Date’ to ‘Mandatory’ as Roberts had held true to his rank at number one with not a single title match granted. The dilemma came as due to the rules, failing to make any mandatory match would mean a significant fine and a drop of 20 spots on all title rankings. Sting, usually silent, came fourth and stated that he wanted the match and would not back out of it. The World Wrestling Federation was furious as this was seen as the NWA making Sting force the match so that Sid Vicious would face a more tired opponent, and thus, have an easier time defeating Roberts compared to if he was fresh.

    The writing was on the wall. The NWA was forcing the Roberts/Sting match thinking Sid would have an easier time winning the undisputed moniker against Jake Roberts for the NWA. The one that stood the most to lose was Jake Roberts. Roberts however, stated that he would take on both opponents, but only if the NWA championship was on the line as he would not put up the WWF title being he would be involved in an earlier match. The WWF released a statement stating that they did not approve of Jake Roberts ultimatum, however, they would be willing to make it a double championship match as long as Roberts received a manditory rematch the following pay per view. The NWA agreed and it appeared as if the world was against ‘The Snake’, but Jake Roberts had other plans as during his match against Sting, he walked out of the match, taking a count out loss with out throwing a punch or taking any punishment. The Champion vs Champion match still took place, but the end results changed wrestling as we know it.

    The NWA board of directors were so furious with Jake Roberts actions that (as it was later revealed) they paid Michael Hayes and NWA National Heavyweight Champion Terry Gordy, who were two signed NWA talents, to interfere in the championship match with Sid Vicious, not only costing Roberts his chance to win the NWA World Title, but it also cost Sid Vicious his shot to become an undisputed champion as well.

    The unsatisfactory results of the match caused a major backlash against not only the NWA for doing what they did, but also the WWF for forcing Jake Roberts to defend his championship when it was obviously to his disadvantage. The WWF and NWA threatened legal action against one another, however, while all of this was happening on the surface, a ground swell of unhappiness started to rise with contracted wrestlers in not only the World Wrestling Federation and the National Wrestling Alliance, but also within the AWA, WCCW and the Universal Wrestling Federation. The general feeling was that if these two giant promotions would do this to a major name in the world of professional wrestling, then anyone can be a target. This mindset caused the wrestlers to unionize for the first time in history to protect themselves against something like this ever happening in the future again. Due to the newly formed wrestling union, the WWF & NWA board of directors lost most of their power.

    As a result, all championship matches and rankings would be controlled by the new Championship Committee which consisted of retired wrestlers such as Harley Race, Ken Patera, Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura among others. This caused a major re-alignment of how the championships were tiered. The new rules and re-tiering was a follows:

    ‘’The NWA, WWF & UWF World Singles & Tag Team Championships would be seen as equal to each other and will only be defended during Pay-Per-Views. Before trying to claim another world title, said champion would have to have at least three successful title defenses before fighting for a second world championship. This process must be repeated in order to claim the third world title before anyone can claim to be the undisputed world champion. The only exception to this rule is if one individual already holds two world titles and the opponent holds the third, this will be the only time that all three world titles will be defended at the same time. Any other wrestler trying to become undisputed champion must be ranked number one in all three divisions, otherwise, only one championship will be defended at a time.

    The WWF Intercontinental, NWA National & NWA National Tag Team Championships will be considered to be the second rung to the top of the ladder as far as championships are concerned. Said titles can be defended in concert with other single or tag championships unless said person or persons win the world title moniker, then the championship must be vacated within 15 days.

    The Television, United States & United States Tag Team Championships will be considered to be the third rung to the top of the ladder as far as championships are concerned. Said titles can be defended in concert with other single or tag championships unless said person or persons win the world title moniker, then the championship must be vacated within 15 days.

    All other current or future championships will be considered regional unless otherwise amended by the championship committee.’’
    The best part about the 2K forums is that people here never let common sense or reasoning get in the way of a good argument.

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    (This tournament took place in Year 16, the tournament started in week 1 of January and concluded in week 4 of April of the same year. The tournament was christened “Tournament of Champions” and consisted of every champion in every wrestling promotion going at that time. The singles and tag tournament was to crown a true undisputed world champion as fans (myself) were clamoring for this for years. After this tournament I started to consolidate the titles more like I was doing with my NXT/ROH promotion as the amount of cut scenes I was getting were coming at a consistent rate and becoming more interesting to me than championship matches. Started to incorporate more of the clone characters like Diesel & Razor Ramon actively alongside Hall & Nash. And they do meet in my universe eventually.)

    Original Layout of Shows from Year 15 onward in Universe Mode

    Monday: WWF
    Tuesday: AWF/ECW (Attitude Wrestling Federation instead of having 2 WWF's)
    Wednesday: New Gen Era Roster NXT/ROH
    Thursday: NWA/WCW
    Friday: AWA Old School wrestlers only

    The tournament rules were as follows:

    1. All champions were invited into the tournament.

    2. All champions entering the tournament were exempt from the ‘30 Day’ title defense rule while still participating in the tournament.

    3. Final inclusion into the tournament would end week 3 of December. However, should a title holder lose their championship any time after they are selected into the tournament, they will still be allowed to enter into the tournament and the new champion would be allowed to participate as well and assigned a spot accordingly.

    4. Rankings will be announced on Monday, week 4 of December at 10 AM. Simply holding a higher tier championship does not guarantee a higher seating in the tournament.

    5. The final cut off date for inclusion of the tournament will be Friday, week 4 of December at 11:59 PM. Any champion that has entered the tournament that loses their title after said cut off date will not be allowed into the tournament. The individual that wins a championship after said cut off date will not be allowed into the tournament either.

    6. All matches will have a maximum time of 15 minutes except for in the semi finals (20 minutes) and finals (No limit). All matches are for one fall under standard rules. Should time expire or a double disqualification happen, all participating parties in the match will be eliminated from the tournament.

    7. The winner will be awarded a new championship belt and will be crowned the undisputed world champion. This championship is in control of the Championship Committee and the champion MUST DEFEND when called upon to do so, but can be defended in concert with other championships.

    Rankings were based off of number of weeks as champion, the prestige of the championship & win/loss rating in an eight month span. The participating members and rankings in the singles tournament are:

    1. WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Bad News Brown. He has held on to the championship for the past six months. Each time coming up the victor in the match. Due to the wrestling Union Rules of only wrestling during pay-per-views as world champion, Bad News’ Win/loss record is 6 to 0 in that time span. His full eight month record is 12 – 1.

    2. NXT/ROH Heavyweight Champion: Keiji Mutoh. NXT/ROH is not part of the Wrestling Union and does not have their own dedicated Pay Per View. However, Keiji has been defending his championship on nearly a weekly basis. Due to this & the fact that he’s been champion for over two years, as well as his record, he has attained the number two spot in the tournament. His full eight month record is 24 – 0.

    3. NWA & UWF World Television Champion: Big Bubba Rogers. Despite recently losing the UWF World Championship, Big Bubba’s dominance shows in his rank in this tournament. He has held both NWA & UWF TV Championships for almost a full year now and had held the UWF World Title for almost the same amount of time. His full eight month record is 20 – 1.

    4. ECW Heavyweight Champion: Sid Vicious. Of all the singles champions in the tournament, Vicious has held on to his championship the second longest at 61 weeks. However, his win/loss record during that time is spotty at best. His time as champion alone pushed him above everyone else left. His full eight month record is 16 – 4.

    5. WWF Intercontinental Champion: Macho Man Randy Savage. Although being a former WWF World Champion within the past eight months, his recent losses by disqualification and via count out hurt Savage’s ranking. His full eight month record is 12 – 6.

    6. NWA National Champion: Michael P.S. Hayes. Despite his early losses and losing the NWA World title, Hayes has done enough to be ranked where he is currently. His full eight month record is 10 – 10.

    7. NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. His recent win & defense of the NWA World Championship has shot Roberts up the rankings. This is his first championship in over two years. His full eight month record is 20 – 2.

    8. AWF Heavyweight Champion: The Undertaker. Even though Taker has regained the AWF Championship, trading the belt back and fourth to Steve Austin hurt his ranking in the process. His full eight month record is 11 – 4.

    9. NXT/ROH Television Champion: CM Punk. Punk has held on to the Television championship longer than anyone else in NXT/ROH. Despite not losing the championship, his losses to Mutoh caused him to slip in the rankings. He has yet to lose to anyone else in NXT/ROH and is noted in the rankings. His full eight month record is 17 – 5.

    10. NWA United States Champion: King Kong Bundy. Since regaining the US title, Bundy has decided to keep it by any means necessary. His losses by disqualification & count out hurt his ranking. His full eight month record is 14 – 5.

    11. Former AWF Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin. Needless to say, Austin recently losing the AWF Championship again hurt his ranking. His full eight month record is 8 – 5.

    12. AWF Intercontinental Champion: Kurt Angle. He has held the championship for well over a year, however, his losses in non title matches hurt his rankings. His full eight month record is 6 – 7.

    13. Texas Heavyweight Champion: Terry Gordy. Before Gordy won the Texas title, the championship was not coveted. Since winning it over three years ago, he has single-handedly made the championship mean something. Even losing the title twice to Dusty Rhodes did not hurt him in our rankings. His full eight month record is 17 – 6.

    14. WCW Heavyweight Champion: Scott Hall. Hall is in this tournament by the luck of the stars aligning perfectly. His win/loss record is the worst of anyone in the tournament. However his length of reign has pushed him ahead of the remaining champions. His full eight month record is 2 – 6.

    15. AWA Heavyweight Champion: Super Star Billy Graham. Since defeating Harley Race a few months ago, Super Star has been as he promised, a fighting champion as he has defended the AWA title every week since winning it. His full eight month record is 13 – 8.

    16. ECW Television Champion: Gangrel. Since leaving NXT/ROH and joining ECW, Gangrel has been undefeated and has since won the ECW TV title. His win/loss record before joining however is something left to be desired. His full eight month record is 14 – 14.

    Western States Champion: Terry Funk & former champion Ricky Steamboat.
    WCW United States Champion: The Rock & former champion Chris Jericho.
    UWF World Heavyweight Champion: Kerry Von Erich, former champion Big Bubba Rogers still included in the tournament due to still possessing a separate championship.

    Their rankings if they made the tournament:
    Terry Funk - 13
    Ricky Steamboat – 16
    The Rock - 7
    Chris Jericho – 5
    Kerry Von Erich - 3

    The Participating members in the tag tournament are:

    1. NXT/ROH Tag Team Champions: The Synnics (Bane & Riot). They have only lost five times in seven years and are half way in to their fifth year as tag champions. Many believe they are the uncrowned undisputed champions. Their full eight month record is 24 – 0

    2. WCW & AWF Tag Team Champions: Team 3-D (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley). Holding the WCW & AWF Tag Championships for the past three months is an impressive feat in a heavy tag scene. Their full eight month record is 7 – 2.

    3. WWF World Tag Team Champions: Damned Nation (Kane & Abyss). Tied for second in points with Team 3-D, however Team 3-D holding two tag championships simultaneously gave them the nudge. Their full eight month record is 7 – 1.

    4. AWA Tag Team Champions: The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal). They have held multiple titles in the past fifteen years, however, the rankings only go back eight months and not being champion in six of those months hurt them. Their full eight month record is 12 – 5.

    5. NWA World Tag Team Champions: New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn). If they would’ve won the NWA tag titles eight months ago, they would’ve been ranked number one. Being they are only two month into their reign since joining the NWA hurts them. Their full eight month record is 12 – 0.

    6. National Tag Team Champions: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard. Legendary tag team. Held multiple world tag titles. Un-legendary eight month record. Their full eight month record is 6 – 7.

    7. United States Tag Team Champions: Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray). They just beat out The Harris Twins a few weeks ago to win the tag belts to join the tournament. If hindsight is 20/20, they are not the same team they used to be. Their full eight month record is 10 – 10.

    Due to the odd number pairing in the tag team division, the number 1 ranked team will get a bye in the first round.
    The best part about the 2K forums is that people here never let common sense or reasoning get in the way of a good argument.

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    Found some old match sheets. Don't remember the order of events for timeline continuity. Just posting it on here in case any more of my files become corrupted.

    1. ** Greg Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart vs Pacific Champion: Ron Simmons

    This was a non- title match for Valentine, however, a win by Valentine would guarantee him a title shot for Simmons Pacific championship. Jimmy Hart played his role as manager to perfection as he helped his man get the win over Simmons and solidified Valentine's chance to win the Pacific Championship at a later date.

    2. Bruiser Brody vs **Butch Reed w/ Slick

    The crowd was solidly behind Brody from the start in spirit but Butch Reed and Slick had other ideas. Both men has near falls but it was Reed that picked up the win with the help of Slick as Slick distracted Brody and Reed came from behind for a roll up pin while grabbing the tights. After the match, Brody grabbed a chair to inflict damage to both Reed and Slick but both men high tailed it out of ringside before Brody could do any damage. Brody has since asked for a no disqualification match against Reed, but the board of directors has not agreed to signing off on the match as of yet.

    3. Bam Bam Bigelow vs **Big Van Vader

    This match was a rarity as it featured two of the wrestling worlds best agile big men. Vader had a small strength advantage, but Bigelow had the bigger gas tank of the two. Bam Bam looked to come out the victor as he was going to land his finisher on Vader, but Vader's leg caught the referee by the back of the head, knocking the ref out. Terry Gordy took advantage of the situation as he came down to ringside and slid a chair to Vader when the ref was still knocked out. Vader capitalized on the advantage and laid out Bigelow with the chair as Gordy went to revive the ref. 1-2-3 and Vader is your winner. After the match, Gordy landed a few extra bows in on the downed Bigelow. It's unknown at this time weather Gordy is striking out on his own away from the Freebirds or just has a personal grudge with Bam Bam. Afterwards, it was revealed the win pushed Vader into title contention for both of the UWF championships as well as the NWA World title. The loss knocked Bigelow a few rankings back in the NWA TV title rankings as well as the Pacific title.

    4. INJURY RETURN MATCH **Sid Vicious vs Ivan Putski

    Ivan Putsky, after an injury at the hands of Sid put him on the shelf for 11 months, made his return at this event to extract his revenge on the man who put him out. When Putski and Vicious originally met, Sid powerbombed Putski 5 times after their match in which Putski suffered a severe neck injury. In this encounter, after a fast start by Putsky, Sid Vicious ultimately took control of the match by attacking Putski's neck. Both men ended up outside the ring where Sid Power Bombed Putsky through the outside table, Putsky laid motionless and was not able to beat the referees count of ten. Sid Vicious not only won the match in convincing, yet disturbing fashion, but re-injured Ivan Putsky's neck in the process. Thankfully this time the injury was not as serious as last time.

    5. Hart Foundation vs **US Tag Champions: Midnight Express w/ Jim Cornette:

    There was considerable hype for this match as this marked the first time in history that these two teams would meet in competition and the match did not let down. This also marked the first time that the Hart Foundation would be in competition without their now former manager Jimmy Hart. Even though this was a non title match, both teams fought like the US Tag Titles were on the line. There were a few close calls for both teams as both sides had very near falls and one questionable near fall that appeared as if Neidhart did pin Lane for a three count. An interesting moment in the match happened after Jim Cornette was barred from ringside as Cornette re-appeared and ran down to the ring and pulled Bobby Eaton away from the match. Basically leaving Stan Lane alone with both members of the Hart Foundation. It is still unknown what happened and why Jim Cornette did what he did, what is known is that after Stan Lane won the match, however Bret Hart attacked Stan Lane by kicking his head onto the outside corner post after the bell. Paramedics were called and Cornette looked like he had great concern for Lane as he was being escorted out to the ambulance.

    No Disqualification Texas Championship Match: Terry Gordy (c) vs Kerry Von Erich:

    Kerry, after a month of trying to get even with Gordy for injuring his brother Kevin, was finally able to get Terry into the ring to try and get some measure of revenge for his brother. At the beginning of the match, Gordy jumped all over Kerry when he was not looking and the surprise attack gave Gordy the upper hand for the majority of the match. At one point Gordy punched Kerry repeatedly in the forhead and busted Kerry wide open. Then Kerry started to gain the upper hand and was able to put the claw on Gordy. Sensing trouble, Buddy Roberts ran to the ring but was cut off by the surprise return of Kevin Von Erich who shot out from the crowd to stop Roberts. All four men went at it in and out of the ring, there were multiple near falls for both Gordy and Kerry as all four men were busted open at the end of the match. The bell suddenly rang out of nowhere to the confusion of all the fans, but it was due to time expiring. Terry Gordy grabbed his belt along with Buddy Roberts and still walked out with the Texas Title in tow. Both Kerry and Kevin hugged each other after the match in the center of the ring as the brother reunited once more to the roar of the crowd. Kevin addressed the crowd and stated to Kerry not to worry about the Texas title as he was going to win it back not only for Texas, but for the Von Erich family as well. As Gordy walked with Roberts in the back halls, Bigelow hit Gordy with a chairshot that sounded like a gun going off. Buddy Roberts hesitated in going after Bigelow as he saw Brody on the floor knocked out. Both men yelled at each other as referees tried to take control of the situation.

    Round Robin Tie Breaker UWF Championship Match: Buzz Sawyer (c) vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan:

    This match marks the end of the round robin tournament which involved Jim Duggan, Buzz Sawyer, Big Bubba Rogers & Dr Death Steve Williams, as Duggan and Sawyer are tied with 9 points each. This match was set as the tie breaker. Hacksaw, who actually pinned Buzz Sawyer during the tournament, could muster next to no offense during this match. Duggan was able to land a few punches and kicks in, but with the title on the line, it was Sawyer who completely squashed Duggan and got the 1-2-3 at the end to retain his title. Based on how the other world title matches go, Buzz Sawyer quite possibly might get a shot at adding either the WWF or NWA titles to his trophy case as his tournament wins propelled him in the rankings for both championships.

    Grudge Match: Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth:

    A few months ago, Steamboat, who was Savage's tag partner during the Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup, attacked Savage after their match in which they beat the Steiner Brothers. Randy Savage was looking to get some measure of payback against Steamboat this time around. Both men kept it a very technical match considering the bad blood between them. Ms. Elizabeth interveined a few times to save Savage from losing the match. Ultimately, she was banned from ringside. At around the 13 minute mark, Savage unloaded on Steamboat in an exibition of offensive fury. Seizing the moment, Savage climbed to the top rope and was able to land the flying elbow drop to Steamboat & get the 3 count. After the match, Steamboat extended his hand to Savage in a sign of respect, after a few tense moments Savage shook Steamboat's hands in a sign of respect as both men seemed to bury the hatchet.

    2 out of 3 Falls Pacific Championship Match: Ron Simmons (c) vs Greg Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart:

    Greg Valentine has been on a tear the past two months as he's been climbing the rankings. His win a few months ago against Ron Simmons ensured this shot at the Pacific Title against Simmons. Jimmy Hart ended up being a non factor as he was barred from ringside by the referee before the match started. The first fall was clear cut Simmons as he pummeled Valentine from pillar to post. The fast start saw a power slam from Simmons and a easy three count. Simmons, in his hysteria, forgot it was a three fall match and started celebrating with fans as if the match was over, this gave Valentine's an openning and attacked Simmons while he was still off guard. As the second fall began, Valentine continued to assault Simmons, but Simmons, still with adrenaline flowing, regained the upper hand again. As Simmons went for a clothesline, he accidentally knocked down the referee. This misfortune saw Earthquake come down to ringside and attack Simmons while the ref was still down. Two splashes by Earhtquake was enough to keep Simmons down as the ref came to and counted to three to give Valentines the win in the second fall. The third fall was going Valentines was as well until surprisingly Butch Reed came down to ringside. It was an odd site to watch the bad guy Butch Reed help out the babyface Simmons as Reed attacked Earthquake and at times, Valentine as well when the referee was admonishing Earthquake. Simmons capitalized on the situation as Valentines was yelling at Reed to pick up Valentines for a power slam and get the win, picking up the third fall to retain his Pacific Championship. The end saw Slick, the manager of Butch Reed clapping his hands at the entry way in approval of Simmons victory. Simmons looked unclear as what to make of all of it. Butch Reed simply exited the ring and walked up the ramp way with an assured smile on his face.

    Billy Jack Haynes vs UNKNOWN:

    As Billy Jack waitied in the ring, all of a sudden, loud chanting came on over the PA system. Being led to the ring by his new manager Mr. Fuji, Standing at 6'7", weighing 420lbs, from the wilds of Uganda, the Ugandan Giant, Kamala! This wasn't even a close match as Kamala simply stomped Billy Jack into the mat over and over again. Haynes put up next to no fight what-so-ever. Big Splash, 1-2-3 and the match was over in less than five minutes. An impressive outing for Kamala as Mr. Fuji adds another monster to his stable that already contains the Powers of Pain & Yokozuna. Mr. Fuji has not as of yet signed Kamala to any major organization which leaves Kamala out of any world title contention. Kamala is however allowed to rank for other regional titles.

    Non Title Match: Rick Steiner vs National Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard w/ James J Dillon:

    The stipulation coming into the match was if Steiner could pin Blanchard within the ten-minute time limit, he would get a shot at the National Heavyweight Title. From the start, Rick Steiner would not let Tully get the upper hand. Clothesline after clothesline, suplex after suplex, Steiner kept up the pressure against the National Heavyweight Champion. Landing high impact moves one after the other. Tully could not get any offense going. But no matter what Rick could do, he could not keep Tullys shoulders down for a three count. Even after James J Dillon was kicked out of ringside for blatant interferance, Tully just kept gettin back up for more. Finally, the match was over for Blanchard as the ten minute mark passed. Rick Steiner could not get the win and the match ended in a time limit draw. As Blanchard grabbed his championship, he could be heard yelling at Steiner stating he didn't have what it took to be champion and calling him a dummy.


    NWA Tag Team Champions The Road Warriors & The Ultimate Warrior vs The Natural Disasters & Ravishing Rick Rude:

    This match featured individuals that will be competing against each other in the next pay per view when Rick Rude will take on The Ultimate Warrior and The Road Warriors, who will put up their tag team titles on the line against The Natural Disasters. Hawk and Typhoon started the match as Hawk wasted no time in trying to injure Typhoon as he repeatedly threw him against the steel cage. Earthquake entered next as he and Typhoon started double teaming Hawk. They tried to eliminate hawk before the Ultimate Warrior entered the match but the count stopped at two as Hawk kicked out. Rude entered the match and made a B-line for Warrior, catching him off guard. While Rude pummeled Warrior, Hawk was eliminated by Earthquake. Finally, Animal made it in the ring. He threw Rude against the steel cage and was able to eliminate Rude, but at the same time, Warrior was being pinned by Earthquake. Animal could not make it in time to help Warrior and saw himself against both Natural Disasters. It was a forgone conclusion after that as Typhoon got the final pin fall to win WarGames for his team.

    Summer Slam PPV

    Last nights pay per view will go down as one of the greatest Summer Slams in history. It was the first Summer Slam to have six championship matches and it featured three titles changing hands. It was also a first as two announce teams would call matches as Jim Ross and Bob Caudle called matches for the NWA championship matches and Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura called matches for the WWF championship matches.

    Our first match was the Steiner Bros. attempting to win the NWA United States Tag Team titles away from the Fabulous Freebirds team of Buddy Roberts and Jimmy Garvin. The match started and it was Rick Steiner opening up fast against Jimmy Garvin. Rick Steiner clothes lined Garvin and Roberts a combined eight times and that was within the first 2 minutes of the match. It looked like it was gonna be an easy win for the Steiners until Rick appeared to run out of gas and Garvin was able to tag in Roberts to begin a flurry of double team moves. Scott Steiner was able to tag in halfway into the match and held his own. Roberts nailed Scott Steiner with a steel chair outside and causing people to think that the match would be over by DQ being the ref saw it, but amazingly, let the match continue. All four men were in the ring slugging it out when Garvin got hit from behind with Rick Steiners top rope bulldog finisher, 1-2-3 and we have new U.S. Tag Team champions! What wasn't noticed at the time was that Rick Steiner was not the legal man in the ring but was allowed to pin Jimmy Garvin to win the titles. As of this writing, the Championship Committee has neither released a statement about the incident nor reversed the referee's decision since the Freebirds lodged a complaint about how the match ended.

    Our second match was for the NWA World Tag Team Titles as the Road Warriors, with their manager Paul Ellering, defended against the Minnesota Wrecking Crew with James J. Dillon. A bit of intrigue in this match as originally, the Arn and Ole were scheduled to face Demolition for the WWF Tag Titles, however, J J Dillon was attacked by Paul Ellering during an interview in Atlanta. This prompted the Wrecking Crew to change opponents on the eleventh hour as they had first say over opponents due to their world ranking status. Once the bell rang, it was clear from the start that the tag titles were not going to be in any danger as Hawk and Animal had control over the vast majority of the match-up. There were minimal times that Arn and Ole had control during the match, but not to the point of actually winning the titles. The distraction from Ellering chasing James J Dillon throughout most of the match was enough to throw off the Minnesota Wrecking Crew's game. The end came when Animal had Arn Anderson in a modified Camel Clutch as Arn submitted. The loss will no doubt hurt the Minnesota Wrecking Crew's ranking within both tag divisions due to how easily they were defeated. The win will solidify the Road Warriors ranking as they will be the #1 contenders for the WWF Tag Team Titles barring Demolition losing their titles later on in the night. It was stated by the Road Warriors and their manager that they are on a mission to become undisputed tag team champions once again.

    Our third match of the night was Dusty Rhodes facing NWA United States Champion King Kong Bundy with Bobby Heenan at ringside. Heenan has had everyone in the Heenan Family on fire recently as every member has jumped up in ranking ever since Bundy won the title. Even going so far as having Big John Studd winning the NWA and UWF Television Title. A win tonight by Bundy would put him in title contention for Jake Robert's NWA World Championship barring a Ric Flair win tonight. Dusty on the other hand, had something different in mind. Dusty started off fast, even hitting Bundy with a back body drop! Dusty was showing he was not intimidated by Bundy's size or strength advantage. Dusty landed a flurry of elbows, then landed a cross body splash for a near three count. The crowd was going wild! Dusty was close to winning the NWA U.S. title for a second time and they knew it. Even Heenan knew it, to the point of nearly getting barred from ringside. The crowd felt this was Dusty's time as the roof was about to blow off the building! Dusty measured Bundy up for the bionic elbow drop, but Bundy rolled out of the way at the very last moment. Then Bundy, with Heenan yelling at him to finish it off, landed a Big Splash out of nowhere to silence the crowd to a hush. Bundy went for the pin and Dusty barely kicked out at two and a half. Heenan yelled to Bundy 'Hit it again!" as Bundy, running on instincts as he was nearly out on his feet, followed up with a second Big Slash, Dusty did not kick out this time. The crowd fell dead silent as they looked on quietly as Bundy celebrated the win with his manager.

    Our next match was a last second change as the Midnight Express took the place of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew, who challenged the Road Warriors instead of facing Demolition, for the WWF Tag Team Titles. Which is strange being that the Express was supposed to wrestle the Freebirds in a re-match to attempt to reclaim the NWA U.S. Tag Titles, but lost to the Steiner Brothers in a #1 contenders match. However, they did defeat former WWF tag champs Natural Disasters to earn a #1 contenders spot for the WWF Tag Titles at a later date. Nobody knew the date would be so soon. With momentum not on their side and looking like this was a mismatch on paper, the Midnight Express looked to dethrown Demolition off their now 73 week streak, which seemed a near impossible task.

    And that's just how the match looked. Demolition had their way with the Express and Jim Cornette looked like a mad man at ringside. Every time either member of the Midnight Express looked like they were gaining momentum, they would be thrown outside. Demolition hit their patented finisher on Bobby Eaton and it looked to be over except Cornette broke up the count. The ref had enough and kicked Cornette out of ringside. As Cornette was leaving, Smash... smashed Cornette in the head while leaving ringside. This allowed Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane to double team Ax in the ring and finally gain the upper hand they needed. With Cornette gone, it seemed like a different Midnight Express as they double teamed Ax over and over again. With quick tags keeping the fresh guy in, they looked more focused now. Ax was in trouble. Finally in what seemed like forever, Ax was able to make the hot tag to Smash, Smash comes in and Stan Lane ducks his fist and went right back on the upper hand. Stan slams Smash and tags Bobby who goes for the top rope. Stan runs over and knocks Ax off of the edge of the ring while Eaton lands a top rope leg drop on Smash. This is how the Midnight Express won for the first time the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championships. Jim Cornette came back down to ringside to celebrate with Beautiful Bobby and Sweet Stan. It was an ending that nobody expected. A team that lost their US Tag Titles just over a month ago would go on to win the World WWF Tag Team Championships in a match they were not supposed to be in.

    Our fifth match was a grudge match between Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. A win by Hogan would bring him back into the top ten in ranking for all three world titles. A loss would mean Hogan would drop to the bottom of the rankings which would mean years of working his way back to the top. The outcome would not effect the Undertaker much, but a win would keep him in title contention and nobody wanted that. The last time The Undertaker had a title, he did not lose for over almost two years as he became the second wrestler to claim both NWA & WWF World Titles simultaneously, but the first to win all three major world championships. As the match started, it was obvious not having Paul Bearer at ringside hampered Taker. He looked lost at times and slower in his offensive output. The cage was never a factor as both athletes kept it in the ring. You could feel that crowd was confused on who to cheer for. Hogan stayed on top of Taker for the majority of the match, then he hit the leg drop for the 1-2-3. Hulk Hogan won in almost a near squash match. The crowd cheered finally, but again, it felt like a divided crowd. It felt very odd.

    Match six and one half of our Co-Main Event. Jake The Snake Roberts, defended his NWA World Heavyweight Championship against the one time former WWF & five time former NWA World Champion Ric Flair. This would be the fourth match between Flair and Roberts. Due to stipulations, if Flair lost, he would not be able to get a world title match of any kind for a full callender year. As the match started, it was clear that both men were as even as they ever been as far as ring skill were concerned. Both men jostled back and fourth. Neither having a clear advantage. Finally, a break halfway through the match as Ric Flair started to gain the upper hand as he focused on Jake's left leg. Jake started to limp noticably. Jake would try to reverse and fight back, but Flair gained the advantage he was looking for. After a few more shots to the leg of Roberts, Flair saw his opportunity to apply the Figure Four. Jake Roberts was able to reach the ropes within a short amount of time, limiting the damage. As Flair picked up Roberts, Jake hit Flair with a DDT. Roberts went for the pin but Dillon jumped onto the apron to stop the count. Roberts stayed focused on Flair through out as he kept punishing the Nature Boy. Out of nowhere, Flair gets Jake in a small package, 1---2--
    Kickout at 2 and three quarters! Jake gets up and delivers a short arm clothes line and goes for the pin, Dillon interferes again, but the refs had enough. He kicks James J Dillon from ringside. While the ref was distracted with Dillon, Flair hits Jake with a forearm clip of the leg and goes for the pin, but the refs back is turned. As Flair gets up, Jake gets Flair in a Schoolboy but puts his foot on the ropes, the hand came down three times and Jake Roberts successfully defended the NWA World Title!

    Our second main event was the Title vs Title Match between WWF Intercontinental Champion, Macho Man Randy Savage and WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Michael P.S. Hayes. In this match, Elizabeth was ordered to stay in the back by Savage as he knew the Freebirds might distract Savage by going after her. This match marked the second ever encounter between the two men with Hayes taking the win in their first match. However this match held much more meaning as it was for both championships. It felt like it was a guarantee that someone was going to lose a title in this match. Hayes, upset that the Freebirds lost a championship earlier in the night, came out aggressive. So much so that it caught Savage off guard. Hayes hit Savage with everything he had. Lefts, rights, back body drops, a suplex, Hayes did not want to lose the championship. Hayes appeared to be more focused than he ever has been in his wrestling career. Hayes applied a sleeper hold on Savage and it looked like Hayes was gonna have the match wrapped up, but somehow Savge fought out of the sleeper. Once it looked like Savage was going to lose everything is when he started to fight back. Savage started to beat Hayes inside and outside the ring. Dragging him from pillar to post. Savage, nearly losing track of the referees count due to his anger was going to get counted out, however he barely beat the count at 9. He continued his beating inside the ring. Hayes tried everything he could to slow down Savage, but with every move Hayes reversed, Savage would counter with a reverse of his own and regain the upper hand. The momentum was fully in Savage's corner now and he knew it. With a body slam Savage set up Hayes for the elbow drop from the top rope. As Savage raised his arms up, Terry Gordy started running to ringside, as if having a sixth sense and knowing Gordy was coming, Savage took off. As Gordy was midway to the ring, Savage was hooking Hayes' leg in the center of the ring. Once Gordy reached ringside the ref was done counting one. Gordy slid inside the ring and got up to land a blow to Savage as the ref counted three, Gordy knew it was too late and he landed on his knees next to Savage with Gordy pounding on the mat with both hands after the three count. And for the second time in history, the World Wrestling Federation had a Undisputed Champion. The place erupted as Randy was given both the Intercontinental and World Championship belts. Elizabeth came down to ringside to celebrate the win with her man while Gordy apologized purfusly to Hayes over and over again. Hayes was heard telling Gordy to not worry about it as it was a matter of time before the Freebirds get the belt back. But for now, it was Randy Savage's night to be called undisputed WWF champion.
    The best part about the 2K forums is that people here never let common sense or reasoning get in the way of a good argument.

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