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Thread: Card Pull Watercooler: April 2K17

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    Just before I went to sleep, I pulled WM33 Cedric Alexander for a Pro on my 10th Piece on Bayley, woke up today and 8 Resets later, I pull WM33 Triple H. A single, but amazing card and amazing luck.
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    Pulled Ultimate Nikki last night and then got the Bailey card which took me to WM33, tier pull was Neville, just happy too finally be in WM33
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    Finally hit WM33, I spent only 2 weeks on Ultimate.

    My freebie like myself, likes to play the game:

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    finished rd and got my wm33 pull not a pro but a nice card

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    Elite Paige! I really needed a diva card.

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    Usually get tier pulls quickly... this last one took ages, definitely a pity pull.

    After RD played one RR match and got... Elite Second Wind. I was disappointed at first until I decided to add it to ranked mode. +260 to all stats on a card is actually pretty useful.
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    Pulled two Elite Erick Rowans during RD (yeah, both from the board), which make my first Elite pro. Is the RNG broken or am I just lucky?
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    Diva God's be praised. Last weekend after the Hardy RTG, I pulled mania Becky for my first mania diva card. Then 2 days ago on Friday, I finish Bayley for my 2nd mania diva and get Nia shortly after as my 70k ladder. Just now, my first reset after finishing up hardened Slater in RD(yeah I did 5 cards for training and picks), I get the gorgeous Thicky Bella. Yes!!!!

    Still have yet to get an ult pro diva. Lol
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    Can anyone match this? I now have 9 out of my last 11 pulls as support cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hack73 View Post
    Usually get tier pulls quickly... this last one took ages, definitely a pity pull.
    How do you know? How many resets did it take?
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    I took a break after finishing Wm33 Kendrick on during the RD & pulled Wm33 Cena then 136 resets after the event while i was training cards (Kendrick, Bayley & Cena) i pulled Wm33 Cena again

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