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Thread: Need a little help. Just lost in June on Commander Ironman

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    Need a little help. Just lost in June on Commander Ironman

    So I had a full squad wipe of my best soldiers and had to take down the Avatar timer so I didn't bother with one lieutenant and 3 rookies (couldn't afford a recruit). By June I had predator armor, magnetic shards and rifles but couldn't afford the rest because I lacked alien alloys (the only two failed missions were both supply runs). My main problems on the tactical map were when I ended up for some reason in an extended firefight. Mutons behind full unbreakable cover and shieldbearers helping everyone. Since I couldn't take out all three enemies in one turn, by bringing up troops to take out one, I risked being flanked on the enemy turn. The other problem was pulling two pods. I thought I was pretty careful but I'd have pods run into a current fight or sometimes reinforcements drop on me. Sure I got out of a bunch of scrapes including aborting the two supply raids but in june I just got overwhelmed with the quality of the enemy troops. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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    I am also playing at commander level and at a similar point to you on my first play through. my campaign is going okay, but is still challenging. In my case i succeeded on 3 supply missions which of course makes resources easier. Tips i would give you
    -build exo suits if you have the resources, their rockets can fire any distance with line of sight, these solve a lot of problems. In a 5 or 6 squad i have 3 exo suits.
    -suppress the enemy if you cannot kill, using either gas grenades, or flash grenades. My squad has 3 flash and 1 gas grenade.
    -make sure you have engineers clearing sections on the avenger, to get the alien materials, and supplies.

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    The convoy attacks are the rare situation where you can take your time.

    I've been experimenting with a ranger with the phantom training, having the ranger remain hidden to spot for a sharpshooter. The aliens do react to the shot and rush towards the sharpshooter so the full tactic needs more planning.

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