Turtle Rock has stopped working on Evolve Stage 2, and now 2K is taking care of the game internaly. Since February the community have increased by 20%. I feel there is two easy ways 2K could continue to improve the experience very easily and would be cheap to implement.

1. Add the "the Dam" to the map rotation, which is now only available in Custom. Even though the map lacks elite wildlife buff, it is still very playable and another map would be a welcome addition for little to no work on 2K's part.

2. One of the main reason beginners and veteran players are not sticking to the game is the matchmaking system. Having even one beginner hunter playing in the team against even an average monster is an automatic loss. Same goes with having a beginner monster playing against a team of veteran players. Writting a new matchmaking system is costly but a simple way would be to fragment players of different levels accross the different modes available.

COOP vs AI : Available to everyone from the start.

ARCADE : To unlock arcade mode, you have to complete every training of each classes.

HUNT BETA : To unlock Hunt Beta, you need to have one character from every class at level 10 and one monster at level 10. Once it is unlocked, you can only use your hunters/monsters that are level 10 and above in it.

The main reason would be to seperate new players from veteran players, and give everyone a chance to learn the game and characters at your own pace without disrupting the experience for the rest of the team. I'm not a developper but i feel those steps would be very easily implemented and would benefit everyone in the long term by having more balanced matches.

And don't have any hopes that this suggestion will be heard by the people in charge of evolve since they seems to have given up on the game, but it never hurts to try.