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Thread: Card Pull Watercooler: May 2017

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    Dec 2014
    BG and TRD have been good to me... In the last 2 weeks I got the cards to pro WM33 Nia, Charlotte, Corbin, KO and Finn, plus UL Fusion Lana

    Once all are finished my Ranked deck will be completely WM33 pro (with Cedric Alexander being kicked from the line-up), and in RTG my female line-up will be 2 WM33 pro and, MITB Charlotte and fusion Lana

    The only down side is no event pros, but that's purely cos I don't have time to dedicate to RTG, so I don't bother with RD past the regular WM33
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    Ranked Deck- WM33 Cedric*, WM33 Ambrose*, WM33 Corbin*, RD UL Jericho*, WM33 Nia Jax*, MITB UL Charlotte*

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    Sep 2015
    WM33 Dean Ambrose a pro

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    Before finishing Jinder I went to play a match in wild and pulled a WM33 Lana. Which is my first actual pull in wm33, not counting my freebie.

    What a crappy start.

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    Great day for me atm , prod Styles and got Jinder. First reset after RD I pull this for a PRO !!!!!!!!!

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    Pulled WM Lana support not long after completing RD AJ Styles.

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    Vale of Shadows
    Pulled a 33 Paul Bearer for a much needed 2nd support
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    pulled a rich swann wm 33 ��
    hardened tier ultimate cesaro elite jimmy uso elite r truth ss chris jericho ss carmella hardened sasha banks

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    Just pulled mania Sasha for another single.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tec87 View Post
    Just pulled mania Sasha for another single.
    Just pulled her as well. Sadly she's a single for me as well.
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    Pulled WM33 Cena during the RR. Now my chances of having a WM33 pro is getting bigger.
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  11. What a morning! I was just a sliver away from Ultimate this morning and I decided to play out the matches on my Elite Cesaro pro, first reset got Elite Ziggler, a few games later, I noticed on the board that I had reached Ultimate by playing Cesaro's matches up. Ultimate pull only Jimmy, No Jey...... Doesn't matter Uso, my 2nd Ultimate. and I'm only a couple hundred matches from my 6500 ladder reward female.

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    Finished Jinder, first reset in Wild after was WM33 Tye. PROOOOOO

    Claimed TBG rewards. Got WM33 Tye !
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    I just got my first tier pull in WM33 and is no other than Seth Rollins. Not bad at all!
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