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Thread: Is 2k Football Possible?

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    Is 2k Football Possible?

    I know that EA has hogged the license for NFL and there's no end in sight, but I was wondering if 2k has any intention of trying to break back into it. If they do, do they have a game that they upkeep from year to year, so they don't have to make a game from scratch?

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    From what we can tell, 2k is 100% out of the football gaming business and there has been no indication that they've been keeping a game on the backburner waiting for whatever. Even with the newer generation of consoles and the fact there's currently no other football game out there (e.g. NCAA) 2k has steadfastly refused to enter back into the football video game arena.
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    I have some ideas for NFL 2K football, but I'm not sharing them until NFL 2K returns.

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    Yes, it is possible if only the bosses would think outside of the box and just do it. I am almost certain that there is someone at 2k games that has been working on some sort of football game. If they took the 2k8 engine and cleaned it up a little bit, added the franchise template from 2k5 with a few tweaks, gave us generic team names just like the football games of old (Think High Impact or Walter Payton Football) with customization, sold it exclusively as a digital download, it would sell millions. Don't even waste money on advertising. Just release it into the ps or xbox store with no advertising, I can guarantee that within a week, The word would get around and before you know it, the servers would become jammed with people trying to load the game. I understand that 2k might be a little gunshy about releasing a football game but they are missing a golden opportunity. 2k8 is still the best game of football minus the ability to play a franchise nor the tried and true method of player creation. The took uncalculated and unnecessary risks with 2k8's release but one would only hope that they would have learned from their errors- not just quit altogether. Its very disappointing to see this amount of time go by with no one stepping up to the plate to dethrone EA's football game.

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