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Thread: Hangar 13 should make a DLC on the Marcanos

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    Hangar 13 should make a DLC on the Marcanos

    I personaly preferred the Marcanos to a lot of the good guys expect Vito & Donovan. Even though they were underdeveloped they stole the show in the time we saw them. Olivia was bat☺☺☺☺ crazy which I loved. Even Micheal Grecco had some hilarious moments like when he was running in his boxers with palisades park playing in the background or getting tortured. We could even have a DLC on Vito revolving around the Marcanos, which would take place when he first got sent down to Sals. This would allow us to see much more of underdeveloped characters like Tommy Marcano,Enzo Conti etc or a DLC With Giorgi Marcano set before the heist you could feature Danny & Eliis heavily in his DLC as I really enjoyed there chemistry during the opening of the game and it's shame we didn't see more of them. Personaly feel it's sucks that they are not including any mobsters in the DLC's but maybe it's just me.

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    After you kill Marcano and if you betray Burke and Cassandra you could pretend you're apart of Vito's crew as he offers you a hitsquad if you give him most the city.

    but yeah that would have been different to play as the Marcanos, have to wonder who they had to kill, cheat and steal from to become the top mob family in New Bordeaux, before meeting Sammy and the Black Mob. They grew to be a feared dynasty like the Borgias but then like an assassin, Lincoln Clay came along and murdered all of them.

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    Yeh I gave all the districts To Vito & agree, would have been pretty interesting indeed.
    Sal did build a strong family who were properly past their prime by the late 60s. The likes of Roman the Butcher & Tony Derazio were ruthless but others like Frank Pagani you felt some sympathy for. Maybe we could have seen how Sal Marcano put the hit on his own father.

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