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Thread: Noob 2k player here. Please help.

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    Noob 2k player here. Please help.

    Hi. This is my first time to play an NBA2k (2k16) game and the last time I played a basketball game was NBA Live 2000 in PS1. I'm an average player or maybe above average. I could say it because I have platinum trophies of extreme games like Metal Gear Solid 2 HD, etc.

    But for this game, it's just really hard for me to win in MyCareer (All-star difficulty). I don't know what I'm doing wrong but before I decided to post this, I'd searched tips and guides about how to play and those tips have made me what I am now in game - I average min. 30 points per game, assists and steals min. 4 per game. Mostly I get double-doubles and sometimes triple-doubles. I play as SG in Spurs and I'm in my first season few games before playoffs, a candidate for MVP/ROTY/DPOTY. With that playing capability, I still don't get wins. What I noticed was opponent AI's always make shots, mostly when before shot clock expires no matter who they are and how contested the shot is. If they couldn't make the shot, most of the time they would get the offensive rebound which leads to making the shot. But for my team mates it's the exact opposite, they always miss wide open shots. That's the main reason why I always lose my games.

    I'm posting this because this is my first time to be highly frustrated. I know this game has ended it's time but to all 2k PRO's out there who happen to read this, can you give me tips or perhaps a "sure-way" on how to surely win a game? It doesn't matter if it's a cheap way of winning and repetitive way to score surely, as long as I win, I would enjoy the game and avoid frustrations. Or maybe some good defense and team work tips? Thank you.
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