i.e. it is way too high and I'm not sure if it's affecting the gameplay or just the game displaying an incorrect number. (since usually I try to prevent the aliens from shooting at me at all).

The issue is that when I hit L3 to view my soldier stats, from the beginning of the game it has said that I have 40 defense even if my soldier is out of cover WITH NO BUFFS OR DEBUFFS whatsoever. Now I am in the mid-game and some of my soldiers have 65 defense even in half cover.

Now, if this is purely a visual glitch and my actual defense stat is whatever it should be, then it's fine but if I actually have that amount of defense then I have no reason to be playing the game since it will be very difficult for most enemies to hit me.

Now, in the early game, I have been hit in full cover and half cover but the aliens have missed a good amount of shots now (mostly in full cover, this is on Commander btw) so I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this or if it's a known bug or what, since I am having tons of fun with the game now (since my PC couldn't handle it very well) and would be really annoyed if this whole time I've had a huge advantage against the aliens.

I will post a screenshot if need be, thanks in advance to any responses and again, this is on PS4. (I would have done some testing but right now I'm on Ironman and I haven't started any new saves to test this out).

TL;DR - Defense stat being displayed during missions is incorrect (far too high) and I want to know if this is a known issue and if it's affecting gameplay or simply a visual glitch of some sort.