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Thread: Chances for Mafia II remaster of current gen consoles? (Feedback to 2K)

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    Chances for Mafia II remaster of current gen consoles? (Feedback to 2K)

    So, right now I have nothing left to do but by a new graphics card for my PC because currently I can run Mafia II in benchmark mode with 16-13 FPS. And I'm having a mess with the graphics card buying (don't know if it's compatible etc.) and I was thinking what would be your thoughts on a Mafia II remaster for Playstation 4 and Xbox One? I think there would be many buyers as after the launch of Mafia III, the prequel has gotten even more praise than before. I'm not sure about subscribing to Playstation Now. If it is possible, could someone send a screenshot of Mafia II on Playstation Now, would appreciate it. I would be very happy and would save 150$ if I could buy a remaster for PS4 instead of a new GPU for my PC. Please give it a thought, maybe suggest it to a superior worker?

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    If we spam our demands, they might do it.

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    Spam is never a good idea in these situations... Please don't encourage it.
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    Good Day, I would definitely welcome the Remasterated version of Mafia II and I definitely voted for yes I would also like to welcome a free ride where it would be played for Vito because she missed me in Mafia II

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    Good day to you. I enjoy Mafia II (not really) and I would like to see it updated (don't care). Good day to you.

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    It would be awesome. I would buy it for PS4 if the price is right. Also I hope they wouldn't just port the PC version and call it a day. They should add something.

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    I would love to see this. So much better than 3.

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    I voted No.

    the first Mafia (2002) game is clearly in more need of a 'remaster' as Mafia II does not look dated enough yet visually to make it worth their time. but going back to Mafia vs Mafia III there is a pretty big gap visually. like i would say there is more of a gap between the 1st and 2nd games than there was from the 2nd game to the 3rd game from a visual standpoint. with that said... i realize there is 8 years between the 1st and 2nd games where as there is only 6 years between the 2nd and 3rd games but i doubt graphics would change much in a year from now which would make them comparable at 8 year gap each between each game.

    but sadly, i doubt this will ever happen. probably not enough $$$ in it for them to even consider doing it.

    p.s. i would not even mind seeing Mafia (2002) with Mafia II (2010) graphics.

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    Mafia II still looks amazing. Hasn't aged a day. So I don't think it does need remastering. If they did what Rockstar are doing with LA Noire, would it even look that much better? IMO Mafia II already has better graphics than Mafia III. There's really not much you can do, except max graphics with 4k on consoles since the PS3 version has the graphics turned down compared to PC.

    I'd prefer seeing Mafia 1 rebuilt in the current engine. But that'll basically be a brand new game since they'd likely rebuild the whole city, the cars, textures, etc. So they wouldn't do that.
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    IMO Mafia II already has better graphics than Mafia III.
    That's not true overall. do you really think Mafia II's general textures look better than Mafia III's? ; while Mafia II still looks modern enough, you can tell Mafia III has more modern graphics than Mafia II in it's overall look as you can tell core textures are visually better in Mafia III overall. just the overall image is superior than Mafia II. maybe you just prefer the overall style/world of Mafia II over Mafia III?

    but with that said there is more of a gap between Mafia to Mafia II than there is from Mafia II to Mafia III, visually.

    I'd prefer seeing Mafia 1 rebuilt in the current engine.
    Yeah, between Mafia (2002) and Mafia II (2010) being remastered it's obvious Mafia (2002) would benefit the most simply because, as you already know, Mafia II's graphics are not that far behind modern standards so it would be a waste of time to remaster Mafia II at this point.

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