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Thread: Leonardo's Workshop question

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    Leonardo's Workshop question

    My strategy is this:

    Be the first to Invention so I can unlock the Leonardo's Workshop. Start it immediately.

    Simultaneously research all technologies that lead me to modern infantry. Complete the workshop just in time to upgrade all of my archer armies to modern infantry armies.

    Finally pulled it off last night. Completed the research of modern infantry 1 turn before the LW finished. Unfortunately, all my archer units upgraded to pikemen instead.

    Am I doing something wrong? The rules state that all units will be upgraded to the units of that "era". Do I need to have communism or something else in order to get the troops to upgrade to modern infantry?

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    You need to have all techs researched that capture the full step-by-step evolution of the unit type. For archers -> modern inf, it is:

    Archers -> Pikemen -> Riflemen -> Modern Inf.

    Looks like you did not research gunpowder.

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    That's one of the game's idiosyncrasies. You can learn mettalurgy and build cannons before you learn gunpowder. What are those things firing on? Kerosene?

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    Does a similar tech path apply for Leo tanks? I.e. HBR, Feud, (???), Combustn? And can you same-turn Leos with Combstn, or wait a turn?

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