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Thread: How to delete a promo on Universe Mode?

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    How to delete a promo on Universe Mode?

    So I am at the extreme rules ppv on Universe mode and it automatically has Seth Rollins doing a promo, I want to delete it but cannot find any way. Any help?

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    If you haven't already gone to play the ppv, you can edit ppv and press x over the promo.

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    if you stated the ppv already you can simulate the promo

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    He's not asking if you have to play the promo, he's asking how to remove the promo. WWE PPVs don't generally end with a promo, they end with the Main Event (and aftermath), so, when a WWE 2K18 Universe mode PPV has a promo to close the show, how do you remove the promo (or change it to a match)?

    What is the answer to this question?

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    If the person in the promo is in a rivalry, try deleting their rivalry and then their promo should go away. Hope it helps

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