I started playing BE a few months ago. It all worked as expected, but lately I experienced some annoying layout bugs, so that some windows are messed up and are unplayable. The most irritating is the artifacts window: the artifacts I found seem to be displayed behind the window itself, so I can't access them to gain new technology.
Next is the window to update military: normally I see four pictures in a row, but when the bug occures there's just one line of pictures exiting the screen to the right. And finally there's the personal properties screen: they all are alligned horizontally now instead of fitting the window. That's pretty irritating!

I found out that checking the files in Steam fixes it for a while, but unfortunately the issue returns a few days later. I also deleted BE completely and reinstalled, but without any success.

I'm playing on a MacBook Pro mid 2013 and macOS latest version.