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Thread: WM33+ (very very close to WM33++) team looking to recruit 3 members ASAP

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    ARE YOU ADDICTED TO WINNING? WM33++ team looking to recruit 2 members ASAP



    WM33++ team need TWO more grinders for a team who WIN RELENTLESSLY to replace two members who have had to take a break from the game at short notice. Will consider Ultimate ranked players.

    Very simply, we're a grinding team who get 2 cards on TRD, 350-400 points each on TRTG, and always play 2 BG's per week which align with the team and solo event timeslots.
    We need one more grinder - if you join us then you will win relentlessly.

    Team name is .THE LADS. PM me on here or reply directly to this thread with your username and deck so I can accept you. Thanks!

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    Bumping this for visability
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    applying to join

    hey i would love to join your team my in game name is robbrs2016 few links below to show im active and was helping out a lower level team and a pic of my team deck

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    Very Active SS17 Team (THE LADS.) - Requires One New Recruit w/ At Least 1 SS17 Pro

    SS17 team (search for: .THE LADS.) looking for a 10th member who can participate in each event and contribute the following:

    • Around 15 shards in TRD
    • 350 points in TRTG
    • Charge 5 of 6 cards minimum in TRD (played twice a week to align with solo and team events)
    • Have Discord to chat on there for TBG tactics

    If you're cool with the above and your deck is fairly decent (looking for at least an event pro/SS17 pro in there somehwere), we'll accept you right now.

    The team has been together since March - had some new additions to replace burnt out originals in July, and they've been brilliant. Everyone is a hard worker and very much part of the team.

    We're pretty laid back, all we expect is that you follow the TBG tactics laid out and communicate clearly if you will have trouble playing any week. Drop me your IG name and a request - thanks!

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