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Thread: I need some terminologies explanation. And a question about playbooks.

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    I need some terminologies explanation. And a question about playbooks.

    1. P&R point
    2. P&R ball handler
    3. P&R Wing
    4. Handoff
    5. In MyTeam offline mode, do my changes to playbooks really applied in CPU VS CPU games?


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    P&R in all of them is Pick & Roll. Its a tactic in which a teammate (on your team) sets a screen (stand next to a opponent and blocks his way) in order to make room for the one currently having the ball in his possession on your team (AKA The ball handler).

    Im not sure how to translate the specicif tactic names, like P&R Wing, but each of them involve using a screen to free up the ball handler, and sometimes he either A)rushes to the basket or shoots once free/without a opponent to block him, or B) He passes the ball back to the screen setter, once that player gets off the screen and into free space without a opponent to block him.


    As for Handoff, it is basicly the act of giving the ball to a teammate, especialy if that teamate passes by you, thus confusing the opponent due to them not seeing right away who has the ball.

    This can force a opponent to make a vital decision wether to move and block the teammate you handed the ball off too, potentionaly freeing you up to take the shot, or to stick to the original ball handler (potentionaly letting your teammate past him with the ball and into a free run towards the basket.


    As for the playbook question, i think that yes it does aply, but unless you set playcalling in the coach options to automatic, you still need to call the intended play yourself during the game. During Simcast i think it always is automatic, but this i am unsure of.

    Hope this helps.

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