So I've been playing 2K17 for a little while now and I think there might be a glitch within my game. I haven't seen a single injury and have played now probably over 30 games. I posted earlier today on other forums (I don't want to accidently break rules by naming places if I'm not supposed to) to try and figure this out and so far no one's been able to help. But here's what's going on.

As I've mentioned I haven't seen an injury at all playing and I'm now wondering if my game might be glitched. I've been paying attention to the Wear and Tear, and now I'm wondering if it's acting the way it's supposed to. See when I look at it in my roster, the guys are gaining wear and tear like they're supposed to (I think). They're gaining red spots and developing injuries when I sim. After I play any game, all the wear and tear is gone and the players are fresh as a daisy.

Here's an example of what I mean.

The top is the players when I look at the roster, the second is when I look at them the following game. The wear and tear is all gone. Then following the game the players refresh. I've deleted all my saves and user stuff outside the cloud (my account is still active with the VC) and tried again, and so far there's nothing that's worked. Any advice for this would be great! Thanks!