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    Nfl 2k

    Why did 2k sports, stop making NFL games? Real answer please.

    2K PLEASE make another football game Madden is so trash, EA sports needs to stop with this bulls@^& .

    Whoever reads this please post threads asking 2K to make a NFL game, I honestly think this topic isn't discussed enough, I honestly think we dont ask for a NFL game from 2K enough.

    2k please make a football game
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    Personally I'd love to see them expand their titles. Their name is as big as it's ever been, 2k basketball is the premier sports title. I would like to see them make an NFL or NHL game because they would destroy EA esp with the same archetype build they have in 2k. I don't like basketball at all and I find some enjoyment in the 2k installment. I'd say start with a college football game before NFL. There would be no competition and a very very high demand.

    Open the rosters so they can be shared (the community will make rosters so no lawsuit)

    Have a very deep Dynasty mode. Deep recruiting, include maps (you'll pay to drive, fly and stay in hotels. When you call players there are many different responses. Coaching moves from old players to graduate assistant to coords to HC! multiple people should be able to coach/ play on the same team, player and coach archetypes, etc. Who hasn't wanted to play side by side a friend on NCAA or madden in a dynasty. Allow for anything!

    Deep playbook! Madden has a lot of formations but the same few plays are ran in every formation.. boring! I wanna see a college pb hb direct runs, lots of downfield blocking, statue of liberty, weird 3 line formations, hook and ladder, fake spike, fumblerooskie. Open the game up more with qb direct for wr's durring plays and other offensive tools. I wanna see a big difference between defenses like with TCU's 4-2-5.

    Campus connection- a mode similar to 2k.. create a player, choose position and archetype. play in a short series and choose a school, play a story and take that player to team up with other guys to form teams. There would also be a separate rout (campus connection coach mode) this mode could have HC, DC and OC the HC gets x-amount of plays to choose a play (the coord would still select and be a recommendation on the side)

    aspiring athletes (guys that have not been picked up by a team or who left their team can play in HS all-american games and coaches can spectate and offer scholarships. The players can look at the HC record as well as stats on both sides of the ball and decide if and when to take a scholarship. Similar to EA's NHL games the players who are not human will be AI on w/e seems most fair in terms of talent.

    A kick starter campaign could allow people to get into the game by paying x amount depending on what school, position, and string you would like to be placed in.

    Once decent gameplay is created people would buy in so quickly, the demand for this game s getting higher and higher.

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    I'd love to see them make another NFL 2k title. They could have matches with legendary teams from the 60s to present as you unlock them in a hall of fame type mode with matches from Superbowls, playoffs and pro bowls so that you'd end up with several versions of teams from over the past 50 or so years with video packages like you see on tv introducing games. Also the over the top NfL street style trash talking and crazy exaggerated celebrations could be seen whenever a great play is made and a separate arcade style mode like NFL Blitz could exist for players looking for a no holds arcade style match with smaller teams.

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