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Thread: DX UK Army

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    DX UK Army

    I am looking for SS17 players who are grinders to join my newly created team.

    Search for DX UK Army in game or message me on here.

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    Sep 2017
    Hello, I am Elite ++ but it is necessary to me one wm33 for up wm33, I have Dolph Ziggler ultimate golden pro, ultimate Sinsuke Nakamura, ultimate TJ Perkins, vents(blowholes) of the last week, what proves that I am very active. I can make twenty see thirty brightness easy in TRD, 450 in easy TRTG, and tbg max, if the team is active.
    I returned on the game he it in two weeks, I was legendary. I need one wm33 to cross(spend) wm33 it deck team, and I have 9000 battle points approximately, thus I can have him(it) with a tbg.

    I'm french, I translate for speak english.

    TRTG of this week, I stop in 350 because the team is not active.

    The last TRD.

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    Sorry. Your deck isn't strong enough for my team requirements

    Thanks for the interest

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    London, England
    'ALOT' is NOT A WORD!
    There's a space between the 'a' and the 'lot'. Similarly with the 'words' below...

    abit, atleast, eachother, afew, aswell, apart of, incase, inbetween, infact, ofcourse

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    Looking for new SS17 players who are active. Need to kick some deadwood once our TBG is over.

    Message me if you are interested in joining.

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    Sep 2017
    Im wm33 now.

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    One open spot for a SS17 grinder.

    Message me

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    We have 4 open spaces in our team (DX UK Army) due to members being kicked for inactivity.

    Message me here or send an in game request.

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    2 open spots in our team for active players, must be SS17+.

    Message me here or send an in game request.

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    Apr 2017
    Hi..I'm wm33++
    Active grinder...
    Have wm33
    Rollins event pro
    Cena pro
    And bliss ...
    Left the game at wm33...restarting today
    Do 20 shrads and
    400 pts

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    Got some room in the team again after yet another week of having freeloaders. 3 spaces available.

    Send me a message or in game request if you are interested.

    Must be very active.

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